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Destined to be yours, Raglak part 6

Next day:

Laksh was at office and Ragini was busy with household.

Sanskar was getting bored, then he remembered Raglak’s childish challenge. He went to Ragini.

San: Dosth, I want to see that white board.

Ragini was startled.

Rag: shh Sanskar, slowly, I told you na it is a secret, no one should know.

He nodes his head.

San: (in mind) yeah, no one should know, other wise they bang their head on the wall, seeing these grown up kiddos.

He chuckles.

Rag: What happened??

San: Nothing, but the board, I want to see it.

Rag: Sanskar, see na, I am working now, after finishing this we will see it.

San: No no I want to see it now.

Rag: Sanskar, don’t be stubborn, I am saying na I will show you, for now, play with this.

She handed him a toy car and continued her work.

He loked at the car irritated, and then at her, seeing her face, he relaxed.

San: (in mind) Even though, I am upset with this acting of mine, the good thing that happened is a friend like you. I wish I could enjoy with you like a normal person, still it is ok, even like this, I am enjoying your friendship.

He smiles and then started to play that car.

Ragini was happy seeing him smiling, innocently playing with car, but felt bad that instead of driving a real one, he is playing with a toy car. She wishes he turns normal soon.

Later they went to Raglak’s room.
Ragini showed him the board.

San: (in mind) as expected a tie, but just three, you both disappointed me, I expected more.

San: Dosth, why only three come we  will stick others too.

Rag: yeah we will, but only on this side.

She pointed at Laksh’s side and smiles mischievously. He too smiled. And the stick all the remaining smileys on his side.

Ragini became so happy seeing it, she was jumping like a kid, Sanskar was happy seeing her.

Rag: I wish it will come out like this only….this is so perfect.. laksh the kiddo.

San: ( in mind, to Ragini) Sorry kiddo, you are showing the potential of winning this title.

She took the photo of the board and grinned widely seeing it, then removed all the newly stick ones.

Later she played with Sanskar.

Like the previous day, today too after dinner Raglak sat in front of the board.

Ragini placed a smiley on her side.

Rag: (happily) Laksh, I did something really childish today, wanna see.

She showed him the pic of the board. He frowns.

Lak: Hey, you can’t do that.

Rag: Sorry, but I did it.

She winks at him, he fumes and then he too did the same, stick a the remaining smileys on her side. And showed her his tongue.

Like, tit for tat.

But then pouts, and then after removing all the smileys he stick one more on his side.

Lak: This is because of you.

Rag: No way, you can’t blame me here, I was just showing you my childish act, I didn’t tell you to do it.

Lak: but that was do tempting that I did by myself. So from now, don’t do such tempting acts.

She looked at him for a moment then both stared to laugh.

Their relationship was progressing….

Sixth day:


Laksh was roaming in his room irriated, he was impatiently waiting for Ragini to come.

Why is she taking this much time, she is almost twenty minutes late, 1200 seconds.

After dinner she used to give medicine to Sanskar and then they share thier day’s activities with each other. It was a routine for the past five days and now he gets do used to it that he was impatient. Just in five days, he was getting addicted to her, but he was not realizing it.

He then looked at the board. She had one extra Smiley than him. He thought of the reason and smiles.


Fifth day:

Laksh came back from office late than usual, he had a tiring day and sat on the edge of the bed, without even removing his shoes.

Then somehow he sleeps laying down such that his feet were touching the floor.

Ragini, who came in smiled seeing him sleeping. She removed his shoes. He looked so innocent while sleeping, she caressed his head. Then something struck her. She smirked.

(Imagine his trim look.)

She drew a big moustache for him with her kajal.

Then drew a big raindrop bindi too, such that it started from the gap of eye bros and reached till his hair.

Then she drew big lines around his eyes with the kajal such that they end at the point where his hair starts.


Later, she applied lipstick on his lips and also his cheeks.

She closed her mouth with her hands tightly so that she won’t laugh loudly.

Then lay besides him and took a selfie in her phone.

Later at night, Laksh woke up. Ragini was waiting outside the room, waiting for his reaction. She had placed a mirror such that it would be the first thing he would see after waking up and it happened.

Shock was an understatement for Laksh’s feelings seeing his once handsome face, he screamed loudly.

Ragini ran in quickly and placed her hand on his mouth, but she was running so fast that she lost her balance and hit him, he lost his balance and fell on the bed along with her.

They were so close to each other and her hand was on his mouth. They fell in an eye lock.  They wee lost in each other.

Ragini gained sense first.

Rag: Laksh, don’t shout, if you shout others will come and then, (laughing) they will see you like this.

Saying this she got up from him.

Only then his present face struck him, he gave her a death glare, she ran.

He chased her all over the room,

Rag: Laksh, please, I am sorry,

Lak: I don’t need your sorry, let me catch you, I will do better than what you did now, on your face.


Lak: Yes..

They were running through out the room, but at last he caught her from behind by her waist and lifted her. She was trashing her legs in different directions.

Rag: Laksh, please, no…

Lak: Do you really expect me to stay quite after what you have done?

She pouts.

Rag: Laksh you won’t don’t it.

Lak: I will.

Rag: I am warning you, don’t

Lak: And do you think I will be scared of your warnings, no way.

Rag: You will, because I have taken your photo when you were sleeping, if you do something with my face, I promise you, I will upload that pic and don’t think of deleting the pic from my phone, because I have saved it in my drive too.

Laksh was shocked, he put her down.

Lak: You can do that, you ca, can’t put it in social media.

Rag: I will, if you try to do something with my face.

Lak: Ok then I accept defeat, I won’t do anything.

She smirks.

Rag: Good boy, now wash your face thoroughly and come for dinner.

She leaves, he fumes.

Lak: You wait Mrs Maheswari, I too  get a chance.

That was the one which made gain her an extra smiley, that night, she made him sleep, as she was afraid he might do something with her face while she is asleep and  will take a pic of it.

Fb ends.

He looks at that pic, he took it from her. He smiles seeing it.

But then again, he was again impatient, and  was thinking of the reason for her delay and she came in.

Lak: (impatiently) Where were you, why are you this late??

Rag: Laksh, calmly, why are you bejng impatient, I was with Sanskar.

Lak: (murmurs) Full day you spent with him only right, can’t you spent at least this time with me?

Rag: Laksh, did you say something?

Lak: No, I was thinking, why did you delay, I mean, bhai is fine right?

She smiles.

Rag: ha Laksh, he is fine, but accidentally I spoke about his appointment with the doc tomorrow and he became angry. He was adamant that he won’t have his medicines until I promise that I won’t take him to doc.

Lak: And,

Rag: I didn’t promise, and hence he made me run all over his room chasing him. At last I had to keep a balloon face to convince him, I told him I won’t talk to him and kept an angry face, of course fake. Like this,

She showed him a demo. She looked so cute like that he was again lost in her.

She shook him.

Rag: Laksh, you there,

Lak: ha, so did he take his medicine after seeing this face of yours?

Rag: (proudly) Yes, he did.

Lak: (murmurs) if it was me, I would not have taken the medicine, you look so cute like this, that I would keep watching you.

He said dreamly.

Rag: Laksh, again you are murmuring soemthing?

He shook his head in no. She smiles and then sticks a smiley on his side

Rag: This is for your impatience, you know that I am  here only, still you became impatient like a cute kid.

She pinches his nose, he frowns. Then they smile.

Rag: Good night Laksh.

Lak: good night.

Both lay down on their sides.

Ragini was happy with whatever is happening, this challenge of their’s is being them really close. She thought of their physical proximity of the previous day. The way she fell on him, thier eyes lock, him holding her by her waist. Today him being impatient on her coming late, she blushed hardly.

Laksh too was thinking of all these incidents. He too liked thier physical proximity, he likes to spent time with her, thier relaiton is progressing, and he is happy with this progress.  He feels like still he is not in love with her, but he knows that she gains a special place in his mind. He too sleeps with a happy mind.


How was it??

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