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Chandragupta Maurya 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Chandragupta Maurya 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

One side Chanakya challenges Dhananad to dethrone him and other side, Chandra beats up the giant wrestler saying he made a mistake by taking away his chain. Chanakya tells Dhananand that Bharat will be one and its ruler will be 1 as well. Who will mark a new beginning with Dhananad’s end. Chanakya leaves.

Dhananand tells Amatya to have Chanakya finished. Amatya says it won’t be easy to do that, he will have to go himself. Dhananad asks Brahmans to chant shloks that they use to protect someone’s life. They will chant for Chanakya and prove that he is greater than any God. Amatya goes behind Chanakya.

Chanakya tries to find a way out. He hears shloks and understands Dhananand gave orders to kill him. He manages to get out, but finds Amatya with sword. Amatya lets

him go. Bhairav asks why did Amatya let them go. Chanakya says Dhananand made mistake by challenging Brahman’s shloks. Amatya fulfilled his Brahman’s duty by letting him go this time, but he will fulfill his duty towards his king as well by trying to find Chanakya again. Bhairav asks how he will find new ruler while Dhananand’s men will be searching for him. Chanakya says they won’t be able to find him ever again.

Chandra distributes coins among his friends. Sugandha comes and says she just said to steal 2 coins, why he stole 10 coins from her father. Chandra says he needs to get paid for his work as well. She is furious. Chandra distributes coins among his friends and then gives remaining to Sugandha as she wanted to buy something. He doesn’t keep anything for himself. Chandra’s master comes and takes away all the coins. He asks Chandra how dare he to not give him anything from what he earned / stole. He had bought him and he deserves a share from everything that he earns. Chandra listens everything quietly. His master takes him to take punishment. Chandra tells him that he wants to be free now. Sugandha sees from distance and wonders what’s going on in Chandra’s mind. Master asks isn’t he dreaming too much? Chandra gets mad and says he will return 5 times coins that he used to buy him, but he wants to be free now. Master asks why he is getting mad in this. Chandra threatens him and makes him agree. Sugandha says Chandra himself doesn’t know his worth, someone will have to come and make him understand what he is worth.

Later, Sugandha asks Chandra why he is so attached to his chain’s locket/bangle. Why he gets so much energy from it that he was even able to destroy giant wrestler. Chandra reveals that bangle is his mother’s whom he hates a lot. Other side, his mother is shown as Magadha’s Dasi who used to be a queen of Piplivan. Dhananand is shown insulting her.

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