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Bigg Boss 12 18th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 18th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Special
On stage, Salman says Shiv broke the rules and was expeled. Salman says one will be eliminated today. Salman welcoms Farah Khan. Salman asks what she likes about contestants? Farah says lets talk about them, let me show you?
Dipika: She is like a cry baby. She truly thinks of Sreesanth as her brother but he only takes advantage of it and never returns the emotions.
Megha: Clip shows Megha trying to help Sree without any reason. Her fights and getting upset.
Deepak: Farah says his hand is in sling but he fights the most in tasks. Clip shows him fighting with inmates and his hand out of sling. Is like Katappa (of Bahubali), his hand is in a sling but whenever there is an active task, he is the one who gets most physical
Sreesanth: Everything that happens

in this house revolves around Sreesanth. Two specialties: 1. He always says he will not go to jail, but later he eats food and then goes to jail. 2. He always changes what he says – insults someone else and then claims that he is insulting himself.
Farah says to Salman top three are Sree, Deepak and Dipika. Salman dances with her and takes slefie. Salman says she will go in house, she leaves.

Farah Khan enters the house. She greets everyone. Farah sits with them. Farah says Surbhi you look good today. She tells Dipika never to stop Sreesanth again when he gets angry. Let the audience see what happens, she tells Dipika. Farah says we will mimic Gerua. Deepak and Somi try to dance to Gerua
The two can’t stop giggling even as Deepak does a good job of lip syncing to the song. But Farah is not impressed with their no cordination. She pushes Rohit to replace Somi and to dance with Deepak instead. The results are hilarious and the contestants can’t stop laughing even as Farah yells instructions at them from the sidelines. Rohit romances with Deepak who is uncomfortable. Rohit hugs him and kisses his head. All clap for Rohit.
Farah says we will have a talk show of Sristy and Romil. Romil does a fake chat show as the person who interviews Srishty who mimics Dipika. Sristy says I was sad in house. Romil asks you like saiyan (husband) or bhaiya (brother)? Sristy says saiyan is in my heart and bhaiya is for money. Dipika is not impressed. Srishty then imitates Megha Dhade and the way she yells and takes off her shoe as if she will hit him with it – something Megha had done earlier. Next, Srishty imitates Sreesanth. She climbs on to her chair and pretends how he always tries to get out of the house, but Sreesanth doesn’t find it funny. Farah says to Romil that you host nicely.
Fara announces a task were tree have some allegations. Farah gets the contestants to match one contestant with one sin. The contestant is then given a punishment.
Laziness: Vote goes to Romil. He has to shine shoes.
Anger: Vote goes to Sreesanth. He has to stand there with a tape across his mouth as everyone else comes by and tells him what they want to say. Surbhi says he should use mind. Deepak says you keep bragging about money, dont do that. Farah says to Sree that you should be sportsman and we like when you do tasks.
Hunger: Jasleen. She has to drink bitter gourd juice. All clap as she drinks it.
Greed: Deepak. Farah gives Deepak a chance to take a briefcase of Rs 5 lakh, even though it will be cut from the final winner’s prize money. Deepak says I have confidence that I will win this show and its my prize money to take, its not about money here, but what is in it is actually a mirchi ka laddoo. He has to eat it. Dipika says we are all here for money but we have to be sensible.
Lust: Surbhi votes for KV but others vote goes for Rohit. Surbhi says he flirts with all the women. Farah says you flirted with him in start. He gets a face full of black smoke.
Proud of their looks: They vote for Jasleen. Farah says she didnt give up her items and now she has to sacrifice 5 kg of her personal items.
Jealousy: Vote again goes for Jasleen. KV says se gets jealous of Sristy. She is dunked in a bucket full of water.
Farah gifts Sreesanth the ‘key’ to the main door, all laugh. Farah asks people to wake up, she greets everyone and leaves. Dipika says to Romil that I will talk to you later.
Dipika says to Sree that they can say anything to me in house but I wont bear comments about my husband, I was supporting Sristy against Rohit even if she sits with him. Sristy says Romil wrote it but I know it will be blamed on me. Romil says it was wrong comment? Deepak says it looked bad calling it like saiyan and bhaiya.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. He says we will do a task. Salman plays fill in the blanks with the contestants. During the task, the contestants have to point at any other contestant and wonder what they are doing on the show. “If they had then why did enter the show.” KV points at himself that if I am so great then why did I come in show? Megha points at Romil and says he thinks celebrities dont care about show, if you dont want to be famous and is commoner then why did you come in show? Somi points at Sreesanth and says if you have so much money then why did you come to show? Dipika points at Romil too and says you are not involved in house. Sreesanth points at KV, repeats what KV had said about himself. Rohit points at Megha and says she keeps bragging about marathi BB winner,if she has ego then why did she come in show? Srishty also points at Sreesanth and says if you had to go out soon then why did you come in show? Sree says thats my strategy, Sristy says let me speak. Salman adjudges KV the winner and says he will return the gym equipment that had been confiscated from him. Salman ends call.

Sristy says to Sree that why do you take every comment negatively. Dipika tells him to stay quiet and corrects his pronunciation of a Hindi word.

On stage, Salman says we talked to Deepak’s family and now we will talk to Somi’s family. Somi’s family from Jaipur jokes about Deepak’s interest in Somi. Somi’s mother says its a joke and we feel bad about Deepak. Saba says she had noticed the interest when she was in the house. Somi’s mother finds the interest very funny. Somi’s mother says that Deepak has won the hearts of everyone in Rajasthan just as Somi has won the hearts of the people of Bihar (Deepak’s home state). Somi’s mother says our family used to not talk to us but now they are calling and are proud of daughters, thanks to you. Salman says you have given them nice upbringing, God bless them.

On stage, Salman connects call to house and says we talked to Deepak’s inlaws, I mean Somi’s family, all laugh. Salman lies to Deepak and says she is very angry. He asks Somo to bring some gift from store room. Somi’s mother’s message plays in the loudspeaker and Somi gives him the gift she has sent for him – a Rajasthani turban and a box of sweets. Somi says love you mom. Somi makes him wear it. Salman says my family is against me by supporting him, all laugh.
Salman asks Sristy and Jasleen to come to Sultani ring. Sristy says I have to change clothes? Salman jokes to wear KV’s clothes.

In Sultani ring, in first round they have to prove why they are good against other one. Srishty says Jasleen is too loud. Jasleen says Srishty is not able to put forth her point of view, she is not strong, I was strong after Anup left. Sristy says I was strong as a single from start. Jasleen says Srishty is moody. Srishty says she is not moody, but even if she is, she is fine with it. Rohit and Sree whistles for her. Srishty says she starts fire a lot. Eight contestants vote for Srishty. The first round goes to her.
In the second round, the two get into Sumo suits and they have to push the other out of the designated area. They both start fighting. Jasleen throws her out easily. In second round, Srishty puts up a fight but Jasleen throws her easily. Jasleen manages to push Srishty out twice so she emerges the winner of the wrestling round and the Sultani Akhada. Salman gifts her a medal.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says its time for elimination. Salman says whom do you think is going? Romil says I feel Jasleen is going as Anup met her too. Salman says Jasleen is eliminated. Rohit is relieved. Jasleen gives coffee to Dipika. Salman connects call again and says we were wrong, its Srishty who is going out. Salman then reveals that there is no elimination today.

In house, Srishty hugs Dipika and asks her to listen to her. Dipika says its not done, there is no explanation for this.
Dipika says to Romil and Srishty what gave you the right to get personal, Dipika asks Romil and Srishty. ‘Did you not have enough aspects about me on the show to make fun of?,’ she asks both of them. ‘And how can you, Srishty, do this to me?’. Srishty says it was not that bad, calm down. Dipika says you cannot go beyond this house, it was bad. Romil says it was a funny statement. Dipika says I dont find it funny? ‘How can you talk about who is more important for me, my husband or Sreesanth?’ she yells at Romil. ‘My husband is my life!’

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