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Shakti 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpati Event at the Hospital

Shakti 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was night. Shanno holds a spoon and rings the utensil pot like Preeto, boasting that she is now the owner of this house.
After the performance, Suomya appreciates Ankita’s performance. She shares with Ankita that she think hard to recall her memory and wish to meet her family. Ankita promises to pray for Khushi and takes a leave.
Veeran comes to Krishan Lal and asks what he wants. Krishan Lal asks what is he waiting for? Veeran calls them impatient, and says he has planned with Pandit already. Harak Singh is doing Pooja, and afterwards they would do the last rituals of Harman. Then Harak Singh’s family would be ruined.
Lameet comes to the changing room and ruins her dress. She thinks if Khushi wish to dance with her Jolly, now there would be a joke of her amongst the whole crowd.
There was another performance.
Ravi comes looking for Preeto. Preeta was lighting some candles in a temple and denies recognize her. Ravi asks what happened to her. Preeto says her son is missing, she is lighting 108 candles each of Gaptani’s name. This way Harman would find an enlightened path back home. She asks Ravi to light the candles with her. Harak Singh reach there along with the villagers. Harak Singh asks Preeto what she is doing here. Preeto says her son and daughter in law would come here, she will wait for them till morning. The villagers call her crazy.
Suomya joins her hands to Harman and request him to join well. Both were worried for hospital’s respect. Lameet comes to wish them luck. Suomya goes to change, while Lameet smirks.
In the makeup room, Harman comes to Suomya and says there is something missing. He offers to make her hair up. Suomya wasn’t ready to let him touch her hair as she didn’t trust him. Harman says she is dancing with him, he won’t ruin her look. Suomya allows him to apply the pins. Lameet watch them together. She hugs Jolly wishing him all the best. Harman smiles with a thankyou. Suomya goes outside to wait for him. Lameet wish her luck as well.
The performances in hospital event continue. Suomya and Harman await their turn.

PRECAP: Harman and Suomya perform together in the function. Agni throws a knife towards Harman’s back who fell on the floor. Everyone was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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