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Nimki Mukhiya 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Annaro looks for a girl for Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Tettaar says I will shoot Sweeti too. Babbu says we wont need to. I will talk to Sweeti. She wont go out of hands. Ritu says think about Nimki.
Rekha says to Annaro everyone is in your hands. You have to kick this Nimki out. Annaro says I told them not to spoil this girl much. Now they will understand. She will remember what happened today. Rekha says think forward. Annaro says my son had to suffer so much. He still doesn’t have a wife. Who will give him a girl now. Rekha says there is a girl of mine. If you want i can talk. They are rich and she is pretty. Annaro says will your uncle agree? She says he knows it all. Her name is Bindya. Annaro says what if she is like you too. Rekha says she is a city girl. Annaro says call Bindya. I will show this Nimki what her worth


Sweeti is asleep. She recalls what happened. Sweeti says you are amazing. Sleeping after all this too. Nimki says did you praise me. Sweeti says you didn’t sleep. She says I slept for a while and saw a dream too. That Tettar and Babbu are beaten in panchayat. Sweeti laughs. She says I can’t sleep. How can you. Nimki says we need beauty sleep. I don’t wanna get chubby. I will need a new marriage too. I dont’ leave my beauty sleep. Sweeti says what about this wound. Nimki says the wound on heart needs time to heal. Sweeti says I don’t get you sometimes. Nimki says these are all film dialogues. I dont’ understand myself either. people take comedy serious. Sweeti says what will you tell your dad about this wound. She says I will say chandan sent thugs and babbu saved me. Sweeti says you are amazing.

Scene 2
Dablo says I want sweets. Tettar says what is so good? He says my second tender is passed too. Annro says you slapped her. Its a good day. Dablo says don’t take her lightly.
Rekha says to Annaro Bindya has agreed to come. She will come soon. Annaro says great.
Parbatya says Nimki isn’t in her room. She has gone somewhere with Sweeti. Dablo should know. He went to ask about her. Dablo says just wanted to see if she is alive.

Abhi asks Nimki how it happened. Nimki says are you crazy. That didn’t happen. Mausi says it looks like babbu hit you. Moray lal says they will be in jail in that case. ABhi says sweeti please tell me. I know you wont lie. Nimki says dont’ pressurize him. Mausi says tell us what happened. Nimki says okay I will tell. I wanted to say that Chandan sent this thugs but can’t lie now. Truth is that.. I was taking shower. I started dancing. Mausi says what? Nimki says then I slipped and fell. i hit the wall. Elena says you don’t even know how to shower. Mausi says are you crazy? Nimki says we young people do that. Nimki says no such thing happened. I came here to meet Elena. And Mausi wont you ask us tea or food? Mausi says bringing. Moraylal leaves. Elena says Sweeti aunty I will show you my doll house. Abhi says why are girls so obsessed with dolls. Sweeti says so boys can hurt them.

Ritu says I hope she didn’t go to BDO’s place Babbu says if she is at BDO’s place I wont leave anyone.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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