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Bigg Boss 12 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Day 1
Sourabh says to Shiv that you can say sorry to Saba and end this matter, Shiv says why would I say sorry? Roshmi says please end it. Shiv and Saba laugh, they say we were joking. Urvashi says this is madness. Shiv says to Roshmi that we were joking. Deepak says it was a good drama. Jasleen says to Deepika that they had weird joke. Deepika says its normal for them so its okay. Urvashi says to Shiv that your language was bad. Shiv says sorry. Urvashi says you said to Saba that us phatt rahi hai(she is scared). Saba hugs her and says its a joke. Urvashi cries and says to Karan that I dont like this kind of joke.
Saba says to Shiv that we said sorry about it, cant do much. Shiv hugs Sree and says it was a joke. Sree says have fun, God bless you.


says to Sree that they were pranking. Sree says its not good. Romil says you are fighting with everyone, calm down. Sree says dont talk to me.
Saba says to Somi that Sree has not tried to interact, he might think he is too big of a star, I respect him but that doesnt mean he wont mingle.

Somi comes to Sree who is in lounge, she says to him that you should come to bedroom, lights are on because of you, its wastage, you can just sit on bed if you dont want to sleep. She asks if he is coming? he says no. Somi asks if he wants him to save bed for him? Sree says no, please let it be.

Day 2
Inmates wake up to song hum dono alag alag.. mei khilari, They all dance. Neha thanks Bigg boss.
Deepak says to Urvashi that song suggests that pair might breakup. Romil says you caught the song right, you will get a prize.

Saba has eye swelling. Somi says you slept.
Sree asys to Anup that they should respect atleast age, tey have started saying sorry in less than 24 hours, game is game. He says Somi came to me and said that why I am not sleeping in bedroom? lights are on because of me, why she has an issue.

Sourabh and Jasleen are in kitchen. Karan says please have a difference wet and dry garbage, please keep eg garbage separate. Roshmi says we understand.
Karan asks Sristy if she put egg garbage in trash with dry garbage? Sristy says there is no system here, Karan says there is a system here.

Sristy and Somi are in washroom. Sristy asks Somi to let her complete her brushing, you are coming in my way, are you trying to do it deliberately? you made Karan go back too, you are coming inbetween others when they are trying to do morning routine. Somi says you do it. Somi says I was cleaning mirror but you do it.

In kitchen, Jasleen is singing tana tana tan while Anup is practising his classical.

Deepak says to Shiv that you cant trust Saba and Somi like you did for fight.

Saba says to Somi that you cant trust all here, some are pretending a lot.
Deepak says to Shiv that people might not trust you if you keep this drama up.
Saba says to Somi that be stubborn, Somi says if we feel bad then we will back down.

Kriti and Shiv are kitchen, Somi says there is no captain, I am suggesting to call everyone and divide work. Deepika says everything is going on peacefully, when captain is chosen then we can divide work, we dont have authority, no one has authority, if you think to suggest then do it, when I gave work to anyone, all have done it. Saba says to Deepika that fine, then who is doing should do it. Saba says Sristy stopped Somi from cleaning in kitchen, right now all are excited to work but soon all will back down.

All sit together, Somi says we should all decide who should and who shouldnt, some people are not working at all. Krtiti says we asked you to decide who is leader. Somi asks who did what work since morning? Deepika says I am not bound to answer you. Somi says you are behaving like a captain, Deepika says no, I have requested everyone here, I didnt command anyone here, Somi says let it be, I wont work till captain is decided. Deepika says I didnt throw work at anyone. Somi says to Sristy that dont show attitude to me again. Sristy laughs and says why are they making an issue? Kriti asks Somi to calm down. Somi says Sristy is showing her big teeth.
Sristy says to Sourabh that I am doing my work, I can say no to others work. Sourabh says they dont have authority.
Jasleen says to Saba that everyone is doing work, Saba says I will talk with respect who give respect.
Saba says to Somi that I didnt even know who this Sristy was before this show. Romil says to Sristy that you will work from now on, he says to Deepika that you make me captain. Deepika says if I have natural quality to handle things then what can I do?

Gong plays, Karan and Deepika runs to buzzer. Deepika presses buzzer and challenges Somi and Saba. Saba says I knew it, Saba says we got to know about everyone today, we dont care.

All contestants are in activity area. Shilpa Shinde and Karan Patel comes in house. All greet them. Press conference starts, Deepika says what happened today, Saba and Somi are impulsive, they should have patience in this game which they didnt show today, if people are following and working on my requests then its my quality. Karan asks why are they impulsive? Saba says we are not scared about people saying some stuff about us, Deepika works in group and try to play safe. Anup asks Somi who is she to ask others what work they did? you started this fight, Somi says we dont have right to ask you? Deepak says no you are not captain. Karan Patel says asking others is a different thing and trying to provoke is a different thing. Somi says its our strategy. Deepak says they are not as they show. Somi says thats my strong my point. Shilpa says what I heard, it is that they wanted to divide work, they are not wrong. Sristy says Deepika’s point is that no one has authority to give others work, we can just request. Nirmal says you both joked about fight with Shiv, what if you have a real fight, then will someone stand for you? Somi says you people are not mature, Sree says to Somi that if cameras are not ere then would you do all that? dont make stories for show, Sree says you are talking about maturity then why not listen to others? Sristy says you both think that you dont need support of others? Shilpa says I dont think you need support to survive in this house. Sristy says they both do things right and wrong together, they dont balance each other. Somi says you misbehaved with me. Karan says I was there, Sristy was brushing there already, Somi says she rudely talked to me. Sree says to Neha that what they did last night, after that they dont deserve. Shilpa says to Deepika that whole house is with you and against them so you think they are weak? Deepika says I thought they are strongest contenders but what happened today, I dont think they have patience, they joked but what if someone points to them? Shilpa says what if you are targeting them because they are strong? Deepika jokes that it might be my strategy, Karan Patel says like Shilpa did last season. Bigg boss ask to vote. Whole house votes as pair to be weak, Shilpa votes for Deepika to be weak, Karan Patel votes that Saba-Somi are weak. Karan says they got 9 votes, Bigg boss says Saba-Somi are chosen to be weak.

Romil says to Somi that you took our votes, you have nice thoughts.
Roshimi says to Sristy that they are doing unnecessary poking.
Karan says to Somi that I know you must talk like that in your house but dynamics are different here.
Sristy says to Neha that they were poking Sree too, they are not even respecting age of Anup, Neha says they were strong contenders, Sristy says they created filthy game today.

Gong plays, Karan runs and presses buzzer. He challenges Kriti and Roshmi. He hugs Kriti.

Press conference starts, Karan says I was noticing that unlike other pairs, they dont know each other from before, they came with other pair but their pair was made on stage, they dont have compatibility. Kriti says I feel Karan is bossy. Somi says what happened on stage happened, what you did in house to become strong pair in house? Kriti says we dont want to strong like you. Nirmal says they were chosen from two pairs, they were strong one from both couples so they are strong. Deepak says I feel that Roshmi knew about Shiv and Saba’s prank, Kriti didnt know about it, Roshmi saw Urvashi crying but she asked her to chill, she is making everyone chill. Karan and Shilpa laughs at his words. Roshmi says when Shiv treated Kriti badly, I told Shiv to not behave with Kriti like that, Kriti says I didnt know it was a prank but I didnt blame Roshimi for not telling me. Karan Patel says you both were not a pair so will it be difficult to bond? Roshimi says her personality is like mine, we are both strong. Bigg boss asks who they think is weak? Shilpa votes for single as weak, Karan votes for pair to be weak, inmates vote for Karan to be weak. Bigg boss says Karan is proven to be weak.

Sristy asys to Urvashi that girls made KV stop talking, it was a strong point.
Gong plays, Sree runs and challenges Sourabh and Shiv.

Sourabh and Shiv talks, Sourabh says Sree makes a mind and doesnt move from it, Sourabh says we have to look positive.

Press conference starts, Sree says I have to prove that Sourabh and Shiv look weak, its just 24 hours and I dont know much about them so I cant say anything. Bigg boss says you challenged them so you have to do the task.

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