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Agnifera 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update:

Agnifera 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar forcefully makes Shristi wear garland and starts pheras with her. Anurag calls and asks him where is he Shekhar says he is not Vishu, Ragini must hav informed him already. Anurag ass him to come home with Shristi, they can will get him married to Shristi. Shekhar says he is not a fool to come there and is marrying Shristi here itself. Baiju warns to spare Shristi, else he will not spare him. Shekhar asks to come and dare touch him then. Police tries to track his location. Shekhar realizes it and asks them to catch him if they can and breaks mobile. Inspector says they traced area, but not exact location, they should reach there soon before janmastami celebrations start there. Brij and police rescue Vikral and bring him home.

Shekhar forcefully takes 4 pheras with Shristi and asks her to take rest 3 pheras coming in front. She comes in front and collapses. He carries her and leaves in car. Anurag with Ragini and Baiju follows police jeep. Ragini panics and shouts save Shristi. She sees Shristi in opposite car and shouts it is Shristi. Anurag reverses car and follows. Shekhar gets out on bridge. Anurag and Shristi walk out of car and threaten Anurag and Baiju to stay away. He shoots Baiju’s leg and warns he will shoot Ragini. They stand far away. He then says if not alive, they can die and unite and falls from bridg with Shristi. Baiju runs an dholds Shristi’s hand. Shekhar holds Shristi’s legs. Shristi kicks him. He falls down the bridge. Baiju pulls Shristi up. Ragini hugs her emotionally. They all leave for home.

After 5 months, Shristi and Ragini now 9 weeks pregnant come down with Baiju and Anurag. Revathi says they lost their wealth. Vidhvan says they dont have money now, but is happy they are getting 2 grandchildren. Daadi performs Ragini and Shristi’s rasam. Vikral enters and gifts them necklaces. Ragini thinks it is her father’s blessing.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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