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Vivah – Ek Vaibhav with SSK and Swaragini ( A beginning!!!)

Hello All!!!!
Thanks for your support jasminerahul!!!!
This is the first episode!!!!
Scene 1
A Voiceover!!!!
Voice: Baby, look at this. It is your Mumma and papa’s wedding album. Everyone tells that, babies after first trimester develop the ability to hear. So, listen to the sweet and cutest love story of your papa and Mumma.
Nirmala comes there!!!

She looks at Simar who is speaking to the baby. She is 7 months pregnant.

Nirmala: Simar beta…
Simar: Mataji!!!
Nirmala: What are you doing?
Simar: I’m telling our marriage to the baby.
Nirmala smiles and kisses simar’s tummy.
Nirmala: Baby, I have a condition for you. If you are a boy, be like prem and if you are a girl, be like simar.

Simar smiles!!!
A girl comes and calls simar di!!!
Its swara!!!

Swara: Di, did you start telling story without us.
Simar: No, I didn’t start. How will I tell the story without the baby’s pyaari chachis? Where are the others?
Swara: They are down. They will come now.
Sujatha and Annapurna come there.

Sujatha: Thank god. Our business got shifted here. So that everyone can spend time together.
Annapurna: Yes didi!!!
Simar: Let’s go down.
Simar and other ladies go down!!!
There Ragini is seen doing pooja and serving prasad to Rajendra and Durgaprasad.

Nirmala: I must admit one thing. Four daughters of Diwedi family are gems. We are blessed to have them as our bahus.

Annapurna and sujatha nods yes.
Sujatha: Where is Roli?

Roli: Breakfast is ready.
All smile seeing her.
Simar: Where are the betas of this house?
Ragini: They didn’t come yet from exercise.
Simar: Let’s go and see them.
Nirmala: You rest simar. Let them come.
Simar: No mataji. I feel good while walking. So only.
Mataji: Go and come soon. We have to talk about godh bharai too.
Roli: Mataji, shall we sisters also go with didi to our house? Please?
Sujatha: How can we separate you four. All of you go and come.
Swara, Ragini and Roli gets excited!!!
Scene 2
The girls talk while going to see boys.
Swara: Simar didi, there might occurred many changes in Udaipur nah?
Simar nods yes.
Roli: Our toys, our plants everything will be missing us, right?
Simar again nods yes.
Ragini: Didi, why are you just nodding yes? Are you not excited to go there?
Simar: I’m excited but I feel sad leaving this house.
Roli: Didi, don’t worry. We will come here within 4-5 months.
The sisters console simar.

They come to the exercise area.
They see Prem, Sid, Laksh and Sanskar doing ancient workouts and yoga.
Ragini: Are your exercises done?
Laksh: You all… here?
Swara: Yes, didi started to tell our story to baby without us.
Prem: Simar, this is cheating.
Simar: Arey, I didn’t start. I was just telling baby that I’m going to start.
Sid: We completed our exercise. Come, let’s go to our common room and start telling the story.
Roli: Wait. First go, bath and have breakfast. We’ll start telling after that.
Prem: Ok. We can’t disobey Roli’s order. Come let’s go.
Roli: Jeju!!!!
All laughs and goes!!!
Scene 3
All boys and girls have breakfast and assemble in common room.
Swara: Baby, first we are going to tell you the story of four happy princesses.
Sanskar: No, we have to tell about princes.
Ragini: No, not possible.
Laksh: Yes, it is possible.
Simar: Everyone stop!!! I will decide.
Sanskar: Bhabi, who will disobey your decision? It’s your wish to tell any story.
Simar: I’m going to tell both princes and princesses story in this baby’s mumma’s view.
Prem: That’s good. Simar you start!!!!

Simar starts to tell the story!!! Others listen in eager!!!
Simar: Baby, there is a beautiful land called India. It is divided by many cultures, languages, caste and religion. But there prevails unity in integrity. We will unite during every crisis. It is going to be your birthplace. In this beautiful land, there is a place called Udaipur. There lived a man called Jamanlal Diwedi with his brother Shekar Diwedi. They were successors of ancient king of Udaipur. They lived in a big palace in a village of Udaipur. They had wives. Jamanlal was married to Meena Shekar was married to Sharmishta.
(FB starts- From here, this ff will be of FB.)
Meena looks worried. Jamanlal consoles her.
Meena: We are married for 5 years. But still I couldn’t produce an heir. Even sharmishta couldn’t. This is a Raja Family. How can it end with our generation? Please marry some other girl who is capable for producing an heir.

Jamanlal: Why are you talking like this. Have trust on our Maa Ambe. She will guide us.

On the other side, sharmishta also says the same to shekar.
Sharmishta: Even didi decided this.
Shekar: Sharmishta, bhai and me won’t agree to this. Have faith on god.
Sharmishta and Meena prays that some good should should happen.
After few days!!!
A servant comes…
Servant: Jamanlal ji, there is no rain in our village for past 3 years. The land has become barren. So, we decided to sell the lands and move to town.
Sharmishta and Meena look at each other.
Jamanlal: Please wait for some more time. There will be some remedy for this. This is our place. We should not leave this.
Shekar: Yes. Bhai, I have an idea. Shall we do some pooja and see.
Jamanlal agrees. He arranges for a pooja.
They do pooja and havan. Meena hear a baby’s cry somewhere. She goes out and see a baby lying in a ground with a snake protecting her. She shouts for everyone. Pandit comes and sprinkles ganga jal on the baby. The snake leaves. They take the baby and come in.
Pandit: Jamanlal ji, consider this baby as a blessing by god. Have this baby as your own. Nurture her as your own daughter. She is born to make destiny. She is the daughter of this Udaipur.
Meena gets happy.
Meena: Pandit jii…She is my daughter. I’m not going to give her to anyone.
Pandit: It’s good. Even in future, if you have children, don’t leave her.
Jamanlal: We won’t.
Pandit: We consider her as a blessing and she is blessed by gods. So, her will be simar.
Suddenly heavy thunder occurs and it rains!!!
All the people get happy…
People: It’s simar’s luck has brought us rain. She is our daughter.
Shekar: We have a kind request. Please don’t tell her about her birth to her at any time.

All agrees!!!
Suddenly sharmishta faints!!!
An old lady checks her pulse and tells everyone that she is pregnant!!!
The Diwedi family gets happy.
Pandit: It’s simar’s luck…
Sharmishta wakes up and thanks god!!!

She too kiss simar!!!
After months, Sharmishta delivers a girl. Pandit name her Swara.
Meena too becomes pregnant. She delivers a girl. Pandit name her as Roli.
After 2 years, Sharmishta becomes pregnant again. She delivers a girl again. Pandit name her as Ragini.
Pandit: These four kids are destined to be together. None can separate them. Even they will stay away from their parents but not without each other.
After some years!!!
The small girls play and grow!!!
PS: As I told, it will be modern people living in an ancient era, the time period happening is now. But their thinking and culture is like olden days people. So, they even do not use mobile phones much. They use only for any emergency and not often. They believe in old traditions a lot. You will understand as the story progress!!!!
Sorry guys, couldn’t post many pictures. Dont worry, in coming episodes, more pics will be there.

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