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Pavitra Bhagya 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Mystery lady calls Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pranati looks at Jugnu’s wardrobe emotionally. She recalls how upset Jugnu was when she saw these clothes. She holds one dress close and thinks of their past moments. I know that you call me Panauti to make fun of me but all my prayers and wishes are for you today. I pray that you get whatever good is meant for me. Please forgive me. You are in problem today because of my carelessness. Please forgive me Jugnu. I will never do it again. She cries. It is my mistake. She hears Jugnu’s voice and turns around in shock. You are right. Pranati runs to hug her but Jugnu disappears. Pranati shouts her name in despair. Jugnu appears once again in her imagination. Jugnu says you are saying the right thing for once. You try to be a good mom but you are not a good mom. You are very careless. You only think you can be a good mother but there is no such quality inside you. I was raised in an orphanage yet I know the difference between a good and bad mother. No good mother leaves her kid alone the moment she was born. She does not start fighting with everyone the moment she gets her kid back. Does a mother always fight? You cannot even become my good friend, forget about good mother. I don’t want to be with you. I am not happy here at all. It is good that I got kidnapped. Pranati apologizes to her. I know I made a mistake but I request you to give me one chance. I wont disappoint you. Please come back to me. Jugnu disappears. Reyansh is watching her from the door. Pranati runs to every corner of the room crying for Jugnu. She breaks down. Reyansh feels bad for her.

Reyansh comes to his room. He recalls how rude he was with Pranati recently and how he saw her heartbroken today. This is where I wanted her but why am I bothered when she is in pain and is crying. He looks at himself in the mirror. It should not bother me. All this is happening because of Jugnu but what’s her fault in all this? I am emotional because of Jugnu. Pranati does not matter to me at all. He recalls the argument that had happened outside the other day between him and Archit. I am sure it is Archit who has kidnapped her. Why did kidnappers call Vardhan Bhaiya for random? They should have called Dadi. I must find out who is responsible for Jugnu’s kidnapping.

Jugnu struggles with the ropes but in vain. The mystery lady watches her from a distance.

Pranati wonders who would have kidnapped Jugnu. I don’t understand anything. Kesar gives her juice but Pranati refuses to drink it. Kesar convinces her to drink it. Pranati requests her to leave her alone for some time. Kesar nods. Please drink juice. Once outside, Kesar nods at Reyansh. Pranati keeps the glass on a side table. Reyansh peeks inside. He tells Pranati to have juice first. Pranati asks about the kidnappers. He assures her that he has put his sources to work. We will find Jugnu very soon. She will be with us soon. He offers juice to her. She takes a sip with tears in her eyes. Reyansh turns his back to her. We may be enemies but we wont let anything happen to Jugnu.

Pranati receives call from the mystery lady who asks her to meet her alone if she wants Jugnu. You wont be able to meet her if you don’t come alone. I am sending you the address where you should come to meet me. Come alone. Reyansh asks her about the caller. Pranati picks a bag and tries to leave but he asks her again. Who was that woman? Pranati shouts that she cannot tell him anything. I will handle it. You don’t have to bother. I am Jugnu’s mother. I will bring her back safely. He offers to come along but she warns him against it and leaves.

Pranati reaches the said location. She notices the ropes there and panics. Jugnu was kept here. She would have been in so much pain. Where is she now? Who is that woman? Where are they? She dials that lady’s number. The mystery lady is standing behind a window and looking at Pranati from far. Pranati hears a sound and looks around. I have come alone like you said. Please tell me where my daughter is. The mystery lady is headed towards Pranati and is holding a koyta in her hand. Pranati calls out to Jugnu loudly. Where are you? Pranati turns around and is taken aback to see someone.

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