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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun misunderstands Imarti

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Seema introducing Asha to Arjun and tells that she will help her with Nandu’s case. Arjun asks them to come inside. Asha and Arjun’s mother Revati are good friends. Revati asks her to sit. Asha says kitty party is waste without her. Sunny tells that he has a feeling that their band will be played. Pinky asks him to be quiet. Asha asks Sunny if he has any relation with Sunny as his face resembles him. She says Sunny messes with her son. Sunny gets angry and gets up. Imarti makes her sit. Asha tells Seema that she knows Arjun very well. She tells that Imarti and Arjun are not a couple. Imarti hears them and comes to Arjun. Revati says there is no chemistry between them. Imarti asks Arjun to tie flower in her hair. Arjun looks at Seema and ties hair in Imarti’s hair. Seema tells Asha that she has judge their relationship very soon. Arjun and Imarti bring the snacks. Sunny takes the samosa. Imarti asks him to keep it back. They see his wig about to come out and cover up. Revati tells Arjun that atleast they can make new memories and tells that if we can cut 9 cakes today and celebrate your 9 birthdays. Imarti says why not, and says Please to Arjun. She holds his hand and takes him to cut the cake. Revati gives him knife. Arjun asks Imarti to come for a minute.

Imarti comes with him. He asks have you gone mad? Why you are touching me again and again, it is not in the contract. Imarti is about to say. Revati says Arjun will give a gift to love of his life, Imarti. He asks Arjun to make Imarti wear this kamar band and asks him to tell what he wanted to tell to his better half. Imarti says let it be. Arjun takes the kamar band in his hand and ties around her waist. Seema looks at them. Imarti looks at him…tu nazm nazm sa plays…..He gets sad. Then he bend down on his knees, holds her hand and tells her that his dadu got it made for his dadi, it was the sign of their love. Now it is the sign of their love and he will be with her always, his happiness will be hers and her sorrows will be his. Revati thinks he did what I said. Arjun tells her that he knows her well. Revati says I came to know clearly that you have no feelings for Imarti. Arjun says Arjun one point and Mrs. Venkataram Zero.

Pinky thinks what happens to her. Arjun comes and asks her to come and have food. Ram tells Vikas that there is a good mahurat for engagement and asks him to tell if he is ready for engagement. Vikas asks him to ask Pinky. Ram calls Nalini and sees Asha coming out of Arjun’s house happily. Asha sees Ram and tells that she got work of an observer. Ram asks her to call Pinky. Sunny and Imarti come out of home. Imarti says you saved me today. She says she will leave. She looks at Ram standing outside.

Imarti greets Ram and introduces Sunny as her father. Ram says you are lucky to get her as your daughter. Sunny says he has to go from here and leaves. Imarti tells that her father is scared to meet new people and that’s why left. She thinks how to go inside. Revati comes and calls Imarti as meethi bondi and asks her to come for second surprise. She sanitizes her hand and asks her to come. She shows the room and says you both have got married without me, but I will make you both celebrate wedding night. She asks her to call Arjun. Imarti panics. Revati asks if she has any problems with marriage or wedding night. Imarti says her marriage is genuine and calls Arjun. Arjun sees the decorated room. Revati asks her to take Arjun to room. She asks Arjun if he has any problem to go with her. Arjun holds Imarti’s hand.

Precap: Arjun misunderstands Imarti and tells that he will send her home. Ram asks where are you sending her? Arjun says it is none of your business. Ram says I will make sure that you will stick to your marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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