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Mere Sai 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Ramdasi Bua Insults Sai

Mere Sai 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kashinath cries saying he finds himself alone fighting against his alcoholism. Sai with Baizamaa walks in and asks why don’t he take help then. Kashinath says he tried a lot, but failed; now it is impossible for him to change as his family is leaving him. Sai asks if his family will stay back, will he try to change. Renu says she will not stay with Kashinath. Sai says she wanted Kashinath to change, he will take Kashinath to Dwarkamayi and will not send him back until he becomes sober. Kashinath asks if Sai will really help him. Sai says yes. Renu says even then she cannot stay with Kashinath as he will never change and walks inside followed by Baizamaa. Sai says he will explain Renu and walks in next.

Ramdasi Bua returns to Dwarkamayi with Sonmukhi flowers and calls Sai. He asks Tatya where is Sai. Tatya says he has gone out. Bua gets angry seeing Shyama reading his holy scriptures and snatching it shouts how dare he is to touch his scriptures and spoil them.

Sai suggests Renu to support Kashinath in his fight against alcoholism, but Renu says Kashinath will never change as he promised each day and failed each day. Sai says this time Kashinath will be under his supervision. Baizamaa assures Renu that Kashinath will definitely change under Sai’s supervision. Sai continues convincing Renu. Renu finally agrees and says if he doesn’t change, she will leave Kashinath’s house permanently. Baizamaa says she and Bhola can stay with her till Kashinath returns. Renu says she doesn’t want to be a burden on her. Baizamaa says children are never a burden on parents. Renu emotionally agrees. Kashinath excitedly walks with Sai hoping to change soon.

Bua continues shouting at Shyama and calls him adharmi, etc. Shyama finally gives back warning him to mind his words as he just obeyed Sai’s order and can afford 100 books. Bua yells why would Sai say so. Sai walks in saying he ordered Shyama and asks Tatya to make arrangements for Kashinath’s stay. Bua yells at Sai that he has indisciplined disciplines, etc. Keshav walks in and warns him to behave with elders, Tatya backs him. Sai says he wanted to teach Bua that holy knowledge is free for everyone and not confined to a single person, etc. Bua continues yelling and says must have heard this line somewhere and insists him to recite Gayatri mantra. Shayama and others warn him to stop insulting Sai. Sai says just byhearting scriptures, one needs to know the actual meaning also. Bua yells that Sai doesn’t know anything and his knowledge is that of a simple farmer. Sai asks Tatya to give him water and pouring water on the stone he sits chants Gayatri mantra. The words get inscripted on the stone. Everyone are shocked to see this Sai leela/magic.

Precap: Bal Gangadhar Tilak comes to meet Sai hiding from British officers. Sai saves him and gifts him something.

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