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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti requests Shani Dev to free Anjani from Shani Dosh

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Maruti looking at Pret lok. Arima appears before him and asks why did you come here and who are you? Maruti says I came to know from Yamraj that my mother is here. Arima says it is clear that you are not an ordinary boy else you wouldn’t have been alive infront of me. Maruti tells that his mother reached here by mistake, she didn’t have death in her kundali. Arima says this is sad to know. I am giving you a chance as no human came here before. He asks him to identify his mother and says if you can identify her then can take her along with you else even you have to stay here for forever. He makes the prêt ladies appear infront of Maruti. Maruti looks at the prêt ladies. Surili tells that Maruti is not in the Palace. Kesari gets worried. Matang Rishi says Maruti might be sitting alone and making himself understand. Kesari says Guru Dev…may be he went to the mountain Sumeru parvat. Surili says he goes there often. Kesari asks her to send someone to Sumeru parvat. Matang Rishi tells that they shall take Anjani’s body for last rites. They take the dead body. Tara breaks down and cries. Maruti says this is injustice, how to identify her. Arima asks him to close his eyes and remember his mother. Maruti sees his mother in every prêt. Mahadev says you are searching her and that’s why seeing her in everyone. Parvati says how he will search Anjani. Mahadev says if Maruti will be able to identify her. Maruti requests all prets and says whoever is my Mata, please call me. Pret tells that they don’t have soul or any memory. Maruti is shocked.

Shani Dev says Arima has put Maruti in a riddle and Maruti can never come out of this riddle. Arima knew that he won’t be successful, now he will know what will be the result of entering Pret lok. Kagvahan asks why you are so sure that Maruti can’t identify his mother. Shani Dev says Maruti’s divine powers is useless in this circumstances. Maruti closes his eyes and says Jai Shri Ram, only Ram can help him. He says Mata tells that where nothing can reach, but emotions reach there. He says I will make you remember what we are for each other. He sings song for his mother…..Mata Mata tujhko pukare…tere salona…He sits down and cries. He wipes his tears and looks at the prêts again. He says your Maruti is calling you, Mata. He asks her to call him once and identify him. He says why my pain is not reaching you and says Mata. He says what I will do in the earth where you are not there, I will stay in Pret lok, atleast you will be near me. He says I can’t go far away from you and cries again. Arima looks on. Maruti calls Mata…Anjani comes infront of him and calls him Maruti. She forwards her hands. Maruti runs to hug her, but a black smoke goes in her. He shouts Mata. Arima says if I let your Mata go from here then also she can’t go out of prêt lok. He says Shani Dev has put dangerous Shani Marag dosh on her. He asks him to go to Shani Dev and request him to release her from this dosh, before her body gets cremated else her soul will wander in prêt lok till Anant Kaal. Maruti asks Anjani not to worry as he will meet Shani Dev and will come to take her.

Everyone is standing and is about to do Anjani’s last rites. Surili thinks why Sainik haven’t brought Maruti. Matang Rishi asks Kesari to give fire to Anjani in this mahurat and says if you give her fire soon then she will get Moksh. He asks him to decide if he wants to wait for Maruti to give fire to her dead body or will you give the fire to make sure that she gets Moksh. Maruti comes to Shani Dev and calls him. Shani Dev appears before him. Maruti looks at him and greets him. Shani Dev asks did you see time rotation and says who wanted to destroy this earth sometime back, is folding his hands before me now. Maruti says there is no comparison between us and asks him to free his Mata from Shani dosh so that he can get his mother freed from Pret lok. Shani Dev says Asambhav and says he can’t take back his 7.5 dosh. Maruti asks what did my mother do that you sighted her with the dosh. Shani Dev shouts at him and tells that he is not answerable to him. Maruti warns Shani Dev.

Precap: Maruti tells Shani Dev that he is guilty of his Mata and him and says he will punish him this time. Kesari is about to give fire to Anjani’s body. Shani Dev attacks Maruti. Maruti fights back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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