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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu gets an idea to stop his transfer

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kat telling Malaika if she shall go with father or not. Malaika says it is upto you. Kat says she is thinking to stay back and concentrate on studies. Malaika says you didn’t do this before. Kamlesh comes there and tells that two dogs were barking. Malaika scolds him. Kat says he is my friend. She tells that my father got transferred. Kamlesh gets happy and says your house will never get away with lights. Malaika says she is saying transfer, not transformer. Kamlesh gets shocked and falls on bed. He tells that he will go. Malaika asks why did you fall like coconut. Kamlesh says my mind rotated and I fell. Kat asks him to wait. He goes. Malaika asks her to let him go. Kat cries and says she don’t want to go.

Next day, Hritik asks Rajjo to pack his stuff. Ranbir asks why you will take guitar, it is mine. Hritik says let me take guitar, you can play harmonium. Happu scolds him. Amma asks did you decide who is going to Babrala. Ranbir says I will stay with my friend Bunty and will study here, also play harmonium. Happu asks Kat? Kat tells that she will not go, as Kamlesh and her home is here. Malaika says I told that day itself that my karate class is here. Rajjo and hritik tell that they will go. Amma says she will stay here with kids. Happu asks what will I do there? Rajjo says when the transferred happened, then everyone shall come, why partition is happening. Amma insists that she will stay back. He says it is a trouble. Rajjo says I like Babrale, but will not leave my kids and Amma here. The kids get happy. Happu says but I have to go. Rajjo and Amma ask him to talk to Commissioner. Happu tells that Beni is very troubled with his transfer. He says I will go to him. Amma tells that if we go from here then his marriage will not happen with Vimlesh. Happu comes to Beni and tells that he has to leave in 1 week or so. He says Rajjo is only packing. Beni says I knew that nobody will be happy. Happu tells that only Rajjo is happy. Beni asks what do you want? Happu says I will stop the transfer if I can. He says she is thinking that she will go to Badayu as it is near Babrale. Beni asks if Commissioner has any weakness. Happu says Resham Pal doesn’t love his family. He tells that he told that he was found in the basket in the river. Beni asks how you came to know? Happu says Resham Pal was telling Makwana and told that he has a mark on his chest also. Beni asks did you see the mark on his body. Happu says I didn’t see, just heard. Beni says I got an idea to stop your transfer and whispers something in his ears. Happu says I will make plan.

He comes to the PS. Manohar asks him to go and says Babrala is your PS. Happu asks him to be quiet. Resham Pal says you can’t talk to my constable like this. Happu asks him to get tea for him and Resham Pal. Manohar taunts him and goes. Resham Pal says if you want your transfer to stop then nothing can be done. Happu asks him to hear him and tells that he came to invite him. Makwana says 10th baby is coming. Happu scolds him. Resham Pal tells that Amma has kept special surya puja and wants you to do it. Resham Pal says I am happy that Maa ji thought me for this. Makwana goes. Happu makes the file falls down. Resham Pal bends down to take the file. Happu sprinkles itching powder on his neck. He then tells Resham Pal that Amma asked him to come in kurta pyjama. Resham Pal tells that he is feeling itching in his body. Happu asks him to take off his shirt and helps him. He manages to see the mark on his chest and asks him to take bath. Kat tells that we shall kidnap Commissioner’s wife. Rajjo says Makwana would have agreed with haldi milk. Amma says Resham pal will not agree. Kamlesh shouts and says I have an idea. Amma slaps him for shouting and asks him to say. Kamlesh says if we lose the transfer papers, then Happu don’t need to transfer. Malaika tells everyone. Rajjo asks if he is mad and tells that Happu will come in sometime. Happu returns home and tells Amma that their work is done. Amma thanks God. Happu says I got an idea to stop the transfer. Kat says I know that father will relieve our tension. Rajjo asks what is the idea? Happu tells her something. Amma says she will call. Rajjo appreciates his idea. Malaika says sometimes I couldn’t believe that I am his father, all such bad ideas come to him. Kamlesh claps.

Everyone is seated for the puja. Pandit ji asks for the biscuit and then asks for Gangajal. Happu asks why Resham Pal haven’t come. Amma says don’t know how you invited him. Resham Pal comes there and greets Pandit ji and Amma. Amma blesses him. Pandit ji asks Amma to present the first son ahead. Amma asks why did you get up Happu and tells that Commissioner is her eldest son. Resham Pal gets shocked. Golmaal song plays…..

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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