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Bepanah Pyaar: An unsurprisingly tale of love and longing (Chapter 1)

First episode start in a village in Haryana.


Outside the house,

A lad is shown wearing three piece suit and is scraping the ground using his toe. He had a well built up body. A perfectly chiseled jaw line. His black hair was perfectly gelled. All the Malhotra family members is sitting together and staring at him. After a long pause.



Aditi Malhotra (doubtful): Raghu, this time the exam was good, yet you failed.

Raghbir Malhotra: Ma, I think they don’t want to give me marks.

Devraj Malhotra (angerily): Absolutely right. Hey crazy boy! You are fail in all subjects, not in one or two.

Raghbir Malhotra: They all together play hostility to me. I was telling you from last 2 years, to send me to Delhi. If not passed in first year, then you can scold me.

Devraj Malhotra (angerily): Why not London? (To everyone) Look, how he is dressed, as if he has got a DC position.

Harshit Malhotra: Let him go, Dad. We don’t need to teach him any more. Next year, we will get him married.

Raghbir stares into the gallery of the house. A sweet, innocent girl enters in the gallery with Tina Harshit Malhotra.


Kunti Malhotra: No, no Dev. Let him finish his studies. Marriage can be postpone for two more years. (To Raghbir) We will send you to Delhi for study. Come son, check my T.V. cable.

Devraj Malhotra: Yes, of course. Set the TV on cartoon channel. (To Harshit) And you, can’t you get me a cup of tea.

Harshit Malhotra: Yes, please wait for a minute. (To Tina) Bring fritters along with tea.

Inside the kitchen,

Tina is pouring tea in cups and Raghbir is standing beside her.

Tina: Brother-in-law, you will go to Delhi for studies. Then, what will happen to my sister?

Raghbir: Bhabhi don’t worry, I am going to Delhi, only to look girls. I will definitely marry your sister. We were smiling a lot at your wedding.

Raghbir take the tray of tea cups and turns to go out. Just then Tina’s younger sister, Baani enter in the kitchen. Raghbir forward the tray towards Baani without saying anything.

Baani: No, thanks. You can give tea outside. I will take from Di.

Tina: Take it, Baani. He is giving it with much love.

Baani take the tea from the tray. Raghbir happily move outside the kitchen singing the song.

Baani and Tina smiles listening to Raghbir’s song.

The next scene shift to Delhi,


On the road, a auto rickshaw is shown. ‘BADNAAM’ rap song is played in loud volume in the auto rickshaw.



As auto rickshaw passes by any girl, either on scooty or pedestrian, Raghbir take out his neck to look at that girl. Auto rickshaw’s driver get irritated by this action of Raghbir.

Driver: Bhai sahab, control your emotions. I know all the India’s beauty is present in this state but please for me, stop all this, otherwise anyone can definitely sue us.

Raghbir didn’t pay any heed to his saying. Auto enter in a society. As auto stop in front of an apartment, a scooty passes from front and stop at the apartment.

A girl was riding on it. She was wearing a red coloured kurta along with a denim jeans. As soon as she get off from scooty, she climbs upstairs.



But suddenly stop, she get remember something. She came back to her scooty and pick a lunch box. Raghbir get out of auto rickshaw and stare at her.

Raghbir (to girl): Excuse me, 11/47, upper one or lower one?

Now that girl look at Raghbir. Her eyes were clearly stating that she knew the intention of Raghbir, but she was the wrong girl to be mess with. But with those emotions, there were more emotions in her eyes i.e. dejected and agitated. But she didn’t say a single word.

Driver: Bhai sahab, it is written in front of you on the wall.

Girl run upstairs without wasting time. Raghbir irritated walk towards the driver.

Raghbir: You think seriously, I didn’t saw that. (Gives money to driver) Take this.

Driver (takes the money): extent is yours too.

Raghbir take his bags and move towards the apartment.

That is all for chapter 1. Please do comments.

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