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Anupama 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rakhi insults Anupama

Anupama 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vanraj and Anupama dancing on Radha kaise na jale…. Kavya looks on. Kinjal and Nandini dance along. Vanraj sees Anupama dancing. Everyone joins. Chogada….plays…. Kavya feels jealous. Rakhi comes there and sees Kinjal dancing with Paritosh. She stops the music and asks them to stop the drama. Rakhi scolds Kinjal. She asks where is your phone. She sees the phone kept aside. Pakhi gives the phone. Rakhi says I called you more than 50 times, you were so busy that you couldn’t answer my call. Kinjal says calm down, don’t create a scene, we will go out and talk.

Rakhi asks what, am I creating the scene, you didn’t inform me, you disappeared and I was worried, you are busy playing Dandiya here. Kinjal says its not a big issue. Rakhi says don’t you dare argue with me. Nandini asks what’s their problem. Kavya says its their family matter, stay out of it. Dolly sends Meenu away. Rakhi says come home, then we will talk. Anupama comes in between. She says I don’t know what mistake Kinjal did, mum should get angry on them in private. Vanraj looks on. Rakhi asks don’t you know her mistake. Anupama says no, she has come for puja. Rakhi says she is here without informing me, sorry, you won’t understand it, let me translate it for you, she didn’t ask my permission before coming here. Kinjal cries.

Anupama asks Kinjal to say sorry to her mum. Kinjal says sorry mom, I came without informing you, else you would have not let me come, Anupama invited you as well, you would have not come. Mama ji asks who is she. Baa stops him. Anupama says Kinjal said sorry, don’t be angry now, we will explain her later, its good you have come, we both will do Garba together, do the aarti and take prasad, its Kinjal’s first janmashtami in her Sasural. Rakhi shouts on her.

Samar asks Anupama is she fine. Rakhi says how did you think Kinjal will become bahu of this house, Kinjal won’t become your bahu, stop this nonsense. Vanraj gets angry. Kinjal asks Rakhi to stop it. Rakhi says we had come to see your son and family, we didn’t fix the alliance, how did Kinjal become your bahu. Kinjal says its my mistake, scold me, not her. Rakhi says this woman is saying this, not you, she has changed you by acting sweet, look at this heavy jewellery, tacky saree, this isn’t my daughter, did you get blind in love, they are trying to change your personality.

Anupama asks what wrong did I do to adorn her. Rakhi says you have trapped a rich girl, you made her against her mum, she lied and came here. Baa gets angry. Rakhi says you have dreamt to get rich by this alliance, isn’t it wrong. She insults Anupama. Baa shouts enough. She says you have told a lot, limit your tongue now, else you will see me, I will taunt you a lot, we don’t care for your richness, we eat anything we want, we wear what we want, due to Vanraj’s hard work, you think we want this alliance for money or dowry. Rakhi says of course. Baa says we are not beggars to take dowry, we have self esteem, Paritosh and Kinjal love each other, we have seen their happiness and agreed, you came here, your daughter lied, taunt her, not my bahu, go home and do the drama, learn this and teach your daughter.

Anupama asks her to let it be. Baa says you spoke well, what happened then, I will answer her. She asks Rakhi to leave. Anupama signs Mama ji. Mama ji asks Baa to come, matter will spoil. Baa says look at their attitude, Paritosh won’t be a bachelor without Kinjal. Rakhi says I m sorry, I told a lot in anger. Baa says she has come on line. Rakhi says I forgot educated bahu isn’t needed here, one who is career oriented, they want a maid like Anupama in this house on the name of Bahu. Vanraj and everyone look on shocked.

Rakhi says you want a bahu who cooks all the day. Vanraj shouts enough, how dare you speak to my wife like this. Nandini says this is true love, Vanraj is protective about Anupama. Kavya looks on.

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