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Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh plans a night-out with Tejo

Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Jasmin angrily coming home. Mami stops her and makes her talk toGippy’s mum. Jasmin ends the call and scolds Mami. She says you went to Tejo, but she didn’t listen to you. Mami says she thinks you are her little innocent sister, she doesn’t know that you want to snatch her husband. Jasmin says I m not snatching anyone’s husband, you can do anything you want. She goes. Gippy gets pampered by Bebe, Satti and others. Everyone laughs. Harman copies his style and laughs. Tejo says you will get Jasmin here sometimes, right. Gippy says yes, I will get her, else I will call you all there. Bebe says Satti, you got good Jamais. Satti says yes, if Fateh is a diamond, then even Gippy is a diamond. Jasmin goes to her room and calls Sweety. She says I thought my idea to ignore Fateh will work, but it didn’t work, Tejo made him forget me, I have thought of something, mum wants to give some gift to Fateh. Sweety asks what did you do. Jasmin says just pray that this idea works, I will make Fateh realize that I still love him a lot. She sees Tejo at the door.

Fateh and Buzo are on the way. Buzo says you did it well, Jasmin will get senses now, better forget her, make her out of mind, put Tejo in. Fateh thinks of Jasmin. Jasmin asks when did you come. Tejo says just now, come with me. Jasmin says I m packing this gift for Gippy. Tejo says I m really happy for you, Gippy is a nice guy, everyone likes him, you will be going to Canada, show your smile. Jasmin smiles. She recalls Fateh’s words. Gippy takes the gifts. Rupy says we will come to your house soon to fix the alliance. Jasmin goes with him. Tejo says I will go, Fateh will be coming. Satti says fine, wait a min. She gets the gift for Fateh. Rupy asks Tejo to take it, its some clothes for Tejo and Fateh. Satti says also some sweets. Fateh comes home. He sees Gippy and Jasmin. He says I have come to pick my wife. Dilraj hugs him. Fateh asks him to go and call Tejo. Gippy says everything is fixed, whenever you and Tejo get time, come to Canada, we will go on a perfect couple vacation. Fateh sees him holding Jasmin. He says I will surely come with my wife. Jasmin makes a sad face and looks at Fateh.

She moves Gippy’s hand away. Gippy asks are you fine. Tejo comes. Fateh says my pretty wife has come. Tejo says so you are here. He holds her hand and smiles. Jasmin gets jealous. Fateh makes Tejo sit in the car. Fateh and Tejo leave. Gippy also leaves. Jasmin looks on. Fateh thinks of Jasmin. He recalls Buzo’s words. He says we will go out, I mean not for dinner, but for a night out, just you and me, we are husband and wife, we can go anywhere, don’t worry for Gurpreet, I will message her, it will be fun, done. Tejo says done and smiles. He says no college, no academy today. He holds her hand. He says I thought you will refuse for a night out, you think a lot before doing anything. She says you know me well, what else do you know. He says you are intelligent, beautiful, sensible. She asks and… He says you are my best friend. She says yes, if you knew me well, you would have known that I would not refuse for such trips, this trip will be exciting and good, because you are with me. He says we didn’t get any clothes or stuff. She says we will get stuff at the hotel. He says we won’t find any decent hotel here. She asks where will we sleep. He says we will sleep in the car, adventure, right. He asks are you tensed. She laughs. He says I caught you, I know you well.

They enjoy the long drive. Fateh stops the car. He sees the long traffic jam. He tells that to Fateh. Jasmin says I wish Fateh doesn’t check that gift in front of Tejo. Sweety says I m excited to know, what’s in that gift. Jasmin says I won’t tell you. She ends call and says I wish he opens the gift soon. Fateh says it will take 4 hours to get this cleared. Tejo asks where will we go now, I m feeling hungry. Fateh says there is no restaurant here. He sees a cottage there. He parks the car aside. He asks Tejo to come. They go to the cottage. Harman says we shall start Jasmin’s marriage preparations soon. Mami sees Jasmin and thinks she is planning something. Satti gets Tejo’s message. She says thank God, Tejo has messaged, Fateh and she won’t go home today, they are going out for a nightout. Jasmin gets shocked. Mami says oh, romantic trip. She laughs. Bebe says weather is also romantic today. Everyone laughs. Jasmin thinks to find out, where did they go.

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