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Hello dear readers my FF I’ll try to post by tomorrow, but this is my first ever OS, and the plot is asked by my lil sis @Ayesha.N! Hope I reach your expectations

In this OS Vansh is a student of 11th Science, whereas Riddhima is a student of 8th standard. Vansh doesn’t know Riddhima but Riddhima knows him as Vansh is the Deputy Head Boy of the School and extremely good in studies, so as Riddhima is. So the story begins when there was the announcement of Annual School play and Riddhima was the best actor of the School, so she went for the auditions and got selected as ‘CALPURNIA’ in the Play JULIUS CAESAR’.


I got really excited about hearing about the annual play, I told My BFF Shreya but as usual she wasn’t interested and I went for the auditions and got selected as the female Lead, Caesar’s Wife! I saw many boys and I was the only girl and boys all of class 11th. I was sitting quietly reading my script when Ma’am said..

Ma’am: So boys we have selected only one student as usual Riddhima and that too from class 8th as only she can do the role of female lead. And moreover no other female character is there and she’s youngest among you all, treat her lovingly as you all are elder. Now come with your scripts, and give audition for Male lead CAESAR. King of Rome!


Eveyone started auditioning, and finally Kartik Bhaiya got selected for my Hero. While Vansh Bhaiya (that’s what I called him 🤭) got another very important character of Mark. Antony, CAESAR’S Best friend. At first I was uncomfortable with all of them, only boys around that too elder than me but with time Kartik Bhaiya became my closest as we have number of scenes to practice daily, romantic, emotional, all, then eveyone started treating me like a small glass doll, Pampered me the most, Aakash Bhaiya, Kartik Bhaiya, Ujjwal bhaiya, and so many more around 15 bhaiyas including Vansh bhaiya. In complete 2 months of Rehersal we became a family, whole day together, on Holidays meeting in School for practice, eating together, laughing, they all making me their lil daughter and Vansh Bhaiya being the Genius among them taught me Maths. Now finally it was the Day of our Play. And those 15 boys hovered upon the entire changing room and I went to a classroom to get ready, I got ready, my makeup and hair was done, in just 25mins. And past one hour I was standing at the door of changing room, knocking the door and finally the door opened and they all saw me with their Jaws dropped, Kartik bhaiya held me up from my legs and said..

Kartik Bhaiya: Shout!

Eveyone: Beautiful ❤️❤️

They all screamed, and took me in their embraces, blessing their lil glass doll, we clicked pictures with teachers and together. All my father like bhaiyas had a single photo with me too, it was time to perform and we did. We received the best play award. I was awarded as Best actress, Kartik Bhaiya as Best actor, Aakash Bhaiya and Vansh Bhaiya as best supporting actors. And the audience left with tears as well we due to the tragic end of Julius Caesar. We got back to our changing room, without changing, we all formed a group hug and promised the friendship we formed in 2months to stay forever. We all departed and kept meeting eachother daily, now during December we all Requested to perform a Christmas play as the last play our team had put up was wondering and super hit. We all agreed as none wanted to leave a chance to perform together once again. We practiced and performed. But during this play. I heard some weird rumours around Like Vansh Bhaiya Likes me! What 😲😱 I was hell shocked. Still I Ignored and went with the flow, not expecting what’s coming ahead. Finally now we entered the next academic session I in 9th and they all in 12th. As daily we met on the first new academic session day near the staircase of my class. (Our meeting spot) I saw everyone but not Vansh bhaiya, I asked..

Riddhima: Where’s Vansh Bhaiya?

Akash Bhaiya: He’ll not come.

Riddhima: Why?

Ujjawal Bhaiya: Because of you.

Riddhima: Maine kya Kiya? I respect Bhaiya a lot.

Kartik Bhaiya: This is the problem. He loves you yrr and you just respect him and call him Bhaiya.

Riddhima: What? Mazak mat kro.

Akash Bhaiya: Yrr baccha (as all of them referred her this way) tujhe kbhi nhi dikha how much he likes you.

Ujjawal Bhaiya: Woh teri kitni care krta hai.

Kartik Bhaiya: Yhi problem hai na, ki care toh iski hum sab bhi unti hi krte hain toh isse Vansh ki care dikhayi nhi di. Samajh na Baccha!

(Riddhima was numb, she started remembering all the times Vansh specially cared for her, made her eat food with his hands, taught her, but she always took everything as a normal care because all her 15 bhaiyas did same, but now she could evaluate the love in Vansh’s eyes was different but she unnoticed it everytime. Tears started falling from her eyes, and she ran to her classroom, in Lunch break she told everything to Shreya and she said..)

Shreya: Don’t cry yrr. Please 🥺 it’s ok.

Riddhima: It’s not ok. He should have guts to say it to me. I’ll not talk to him.

(Days passed and Riddhima talked to eveyone but ignored Vansh completely, Vansh noticed this and one fine day, he asked his friends..)

Vansh: I don’t know why? But I feel Riddhima is ignoring me.

Kartik: Because we told her that you love her.

Akash: And she started crying.

Vansh: Are you all Mad! How could you do this. You all loved her like a daughter, she was a glass doll for all of us, you we ourselves broke her. I need to meet her.

(It was dispersal time and as now Vansh was promoted as the HEAD BOY of the school, he went to disperse all the students and saw Riddhima as always boarding her bus, he went near Riddhima and held her wrist, she said..)

Riddhima: way are you doing Bhaiya? Leave me.

Vansh: Come down just for a minute.

Riddhima: We’ll talk tomorrow.

Vansh: We have to talk now. Please Baccha..

(Riddhima couldn’t control more and said..)

Riddhima: Only 5 minutes. As after that my bus will depart and I don’t want to leave it..

Vansh: I love you!

Riddhima: (my worst fear cams true; I composed myself and said) Why? I don’t love you 🥺🥺

Vansh: kyu Baccha?

Riddhima: Pta ni, but I don’t. I’m Sorry.

Vansh: Fine Pyar nhi Krna mat kar, but please woh friendship dobara krle jo itne din se nhi dikha rhi. Please 🥺

Riddhima: Even I can’t loose you as a Friend. But promise me you won’t make things difficult for me.

Vansh: Aaj ke baat proposal ke baare mei poochunga bhi nhi par hnn pyar Krna bhi nhi chodoonga.

(Riddhima crying hugged Vansh tightly behind the bus and then departed home.. Now days passed with Akash, Kartik and other 12 boys teasing them lovingly, Shreya and Vansh did not bond well at the beginning,but later adapted 😂😂 Vansh took care of her especially and taught her Maths, he became extra possessive during her Periods being a Science student while their friends were Aww! Of them all the time)


Can’t believe yet another year passed but today I think it’s worst for me, the farewell of class 12th, my lil family will be going away was the only thing in my mind, with a heavy heart me and Shreya went to the campus, for their farewell, and it was done now, me and Shreya went towards the Washroom, o cried heavily hugging her, my family leaving was a pain but something other was also moving inside, which I couldn’t understand.., finally we departed to gi back home and in school ground near the bus I saw my small family of 15 boys running towards me and Shreya with pens in Their hands, they came we both took the pens and wrote best wishes for each of them on their shirts 😂❤️ and now Vansh bhaiya came (I still called him bhaiya 😂🥺) he took me behind the bus again, and said..

Vansh: I promised you ki I won’t ask this again but kya kroon, phir se bol rha hoon I love you ❤️ chahe aaj bhi tum chup rho ya mana krdo pehle ki tarah though aaj main yahan se chala jaaoon but I’ll always be with you.


And again I was just Numb! Tears were inconsolably falling from my eyes, I wanted to say but my mouth Froze, bus was about to leave and he just left from there, I wanted to stop him but I couldn’t, Shreya helped me boarding the bus and I kept on crying!!

And today I’m in 12th and he’s pursuing mechanical Engineering in the college 3rd year. He still talks to me everyday, I talk to him, he guides me, helps me everything but still i can sense one day he wants to hear mere three words from me “LOVE YOU TOO” because he at end of every call says I LOVE YOU! I don’t know what can I name this relationship more than Friendship, less than a couple one but still pure. And yesterday I, he and Shreya met physically after 1 year due to Covid and we had a blast, still I could see that longing in his eyes which is same since past 4 years. But that’s what it is.

I don’t know whether it was acceptable or not but yeah some love stories are ment to be left incomplete! Because agar har ke story “Rab ne Bana Di Jodi” ho gyi, then who will say ” Humari Adhuri Kahani” ?

Hope you all liked it. Ayesha I don’t know was it according to your expectations or not but I tried my best. Please tell how was it? Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

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