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Loved or obsessed : a Riansh fan fiction (Characters Sketch)

Vansh Raisinghania : India’s most famous business tycoon, and also ruthless, cold hearted mafia who do illegal businesses. But for him family is everything,love his sisters the most. Son of Late Ajay and Uma raisinghania,lives in Mumbai in his mansion with his family.

Riddhima Sharma : A bubbly, chirpy and kind hearted girl who believe in true love. A doctor. Daughter of Arjun and Aradhya Sharma.Belongs to a middle class family. Had a sister named Sejal

Late Ajay Raisinghania :  Father of Vansh,Siya Iahani ,husband of Uma and also a successful businessman

Late Uma Raisinghania : Mother of Vansh,siya and Ishani,wife of Ajay and very kind person

Anupriya Raisinghania : Step mother of Vansh,siya and Ishani ,real mother of Kabir .very cunning and always behind vansh’s property

Ishani and Siya Raisinghania : Sisters of Vansh..love him very much…both are kind hearted (i always want to see ishani in a positive character)

Chanchal Raisinghania : Aunt of Vansh,Siya and Ishani, and Wife of Rudra, mother of Aryan

Rudra Raisinghania : Uncle of Vansh,siya and Ishani, husband of Chanchal and father of Aryan

Aryan Raisinghania : Cousin of Vansh, siya and Ishani, son of Chanchal and Rudra, a flirty type boy but good in nature

Arjun Sharma : Father of Riddhima,a school teacher but retired, husband of Aaradhya,loves his daughter a lot

Aaradhya Sharma : Mother of Riddhima, a house wife, Arjun’s wife.also loves Riddhu a lot

Kabir Mathur: A CBI officer, real son of Anupriya. Obsessed with Riddhima. Own her by hook or Crook. Want to arrest Vansh for his enmity

Sejal : Best friend of Riddhima, a party planner and do a part time job in a cafe.


So guys here is the characters of My new story loved or Obsessed… I choose this plot because many people are interested in this plot… But some people also demanded other plots.. Sorry guys I will write this ff at first and will write the remaining ones later…. So please bear with me

Lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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