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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 13 # won’t let you go

Hello peeepies aagyi me.. u must be wondering ki aj me jldi kese ajati hu.. actually i am jldi uthing from kuch dino se..

If u are going to start reading this chappy plz first pass a silent prayer for menna’s well being..

She has a very important place in my ❤️.. the very 1st person on TU i had interacted..

Let’s start…

Scene 1

Riddhima’s POV

I was chit chatting with mummy..okok angre’s mummy..when vansh appeared out of the blue yelling my name ..

Now what happened to him.. sometimes i feel he is bipolar..

I am feeling as if some mad dog bitted him but why on the earth vansh will bite himself 😂lmao for my rubbish..

He held my hand and drag me to the car..

I looked at aunty with pleading eyes but she gave me the signal to go with him..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

Even the mere thought of her leaving hitched my breath.

Angre pressed my wrong nerve..i dragged riddhima with me to the car..

Whole journey she was shouting like a mad women ..

Why she cares for me this much yr ..

She didn’t care of my anger she was asking me to calm down..

Kudos to my lady!!

Pov ends

Riddhima (concerned) – Vansh!! What happened tell me na..

Why are you so pissed off did i do anything wrong..

Riddhima’s POV

I am barking here like a doggy and he didn’t even bother to look at me..

He kept his driving continue untill we reached our home!!

I unbukuled my seatbelt and step out of the car for taking few steps towards him but he came to me like thunderstorm …as soon as i blurted out i am not gonna talk to you if you keep doing this..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

Now she also pressed my wrong nerve..

I didn’t wanted to hurt her in my anger but as soon as she utter that bullshit i lost my calm and marched towards her like a thunderstorm..

I pinned her to the car in anger holding her from shoulder..

A sudden fear crept in her eyes which didn’t go well with me ..and i  tighten my hold on her..

Pov ends

Vansh (angry) – You can’t go away from me..did you get that..

You are not going anywhere..i won’t let you..

If you want to go also..i am not gonna permitting you to leave..

Riddhima’s POV

A lone tear escaped from my eyes not because he is angry or shouting at me..

The way he is holding like i will vanish in air..the way he is commanding me not to go away from him..my heart flutter with utter happiness..

But why he thought that i will go..

His eyes is having an unknown fear..which I don’t like..

Pov ends..

Vansh’s POv

As soon as a tear slipped from her eyes i loosened my hold on her thinking i might have hurted her..

But this lady is beyond  my imagination..

She hugged me instantly..hugged me like their is no Tomorrow..

She kept rubbing my back until my breath become normal..

My all anger vanished just my her mere touch..

Pov ends

Riddhima (rubbing his back,) – Shhh!! Vansh relex..no one is going away from you..

Vansh (breaking the hug) – I don’t want no one i want you…

Riddhima’s POV

This man didn’t know what i am feeling right now .i am feeling as if i am the most lucky girl in the whole universe..

I holded his arm like a kid clinging to his mother and take him to the room

Making him sit on the bed i gave him a glass of water..

While drinking his adam apple is moving in a rhythm my heart badly wanted to lick his wet lips..but i controlled myself any how..

Bending to his knees i sat down holding his hand

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

She sat near my knees!! Silly women she deserves to be my queen she has whole right to sit on my head even..

I holded her from shoulder and make her sit beside me ..

Cupping my face..she stroked my hairs few times..

Pov ends

Riddhima – Vansh!! What happened..why are you angry..see i am here only..kahi nhi ja rhi hu me (i am not going anywhere) your baby panda is always with you..

Vansh (innocently like a kid) – Promise you won’t leave me ever..

Riddhima (smiling) – Promise..

Vansh – Sorry i did gussa on you!!

Riddhima (smiling) – Its ok!! Tumhe haq hai (you have right)

Now let’s sleep..

Riddhima’s POV

I lay him down on bed covering with duvet..

Stroking his hairs i snapped my palm in front of his eyes to close them..

He looks like a cute baby while sleeping having a angry pout on lips..

He is holding my hand like a scared kid..

I bend down to his face and kissed his forehead with all the affection i had for him..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POV

After my mother’s demise i never got this much peace in someone’s arm..

She is taking care of me like my mother used to do..

When i used to come home late nobody was there to ask me how am i..

But she takes care of my  every possible need..

She kissed my forehead and the moment her lips touched my skin i wished it would have my lips in place of my forehead..

I drifted into deep slumber.. thinking about her..

Pov ends

Scene 2

Next day..

In evening..

Vansh’s POV

I am driving back to home from office alone..

Sweetheart wasn’t feeling well she was having a little fever so i told her to stay at home..

I decided to make a hot chocolate for her after reaching home..

Without her the journey seems so long..but when i am with her the homes comes in the blink of eyes..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

I am making some light dinner for us as i know he won’t eat something special because i can’t have that now due to fever..

I was humming the songs inteha ho gyi intezar ki..ayi na kuch khbr mere yaar ki.. with a smile on my face..

Life seems beautiful with him..

Imagining a day without him is now impossible

This guy called me in almost after every half an hour to check whether i am ok or not

I went to his room to keep his clothes in  cupboard …

Pov ends

Vansh’s POV

I parked my car in haste as the eagerness to meet my sweetheart was on it’s peak..

Its been whole day i didn’t see her although we talked on a call but my heart can’t get peace without seeing her..

Opening the door of hall i cursed her under my breath to be so irresponsible..

How can she keep the door open..what if someone ..no no no!! The thought is itself so horrible..

Entering into my room the sight took my all the eagerness and excitement in a sec..

My blood boiled..and i shouted on top of my voice..

Pov ends

Vansh (angry) – riddhimaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!😡

Done done dana done ✅

Word count :1192

Comments tapka dena bs..

Guys see mennu mam replied to my comment.. khushi charam sima par hai meri🙈🙈 bs ab Rra sir krde to jiwan safal ho jaye

Lob u all…

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