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ATBA: A different type of story (KiVi and RanVeer) – Epi 1

Hiii, wanted to write a fan fiction for ATBA a long time ago and finally I found the time to write it. So the episode is going to start after their separation track when Rani comes back to Rajawat house after Veer’s accident (in my story, the accident was not too serious and resulted in Veer having a knock on his head) . 

Episode starts..

Veer comes into the house with his family and noticed that everything was out of place. The dining chairs were misplaced and the sofa was moved to the other corner of the house.

Rajeshwari: Who dared moved everything in my house?

A voice came from behind the house

Voice 1: I did

Rajeshwari: And why is it so dark?

Rajmata: Its dark because you choose to see it that way.

Rajeshwari: Rajmata ji?

Rajmata: Patience, everything will be revealed.

She pointed towards a figure coming towards them when the lights suddently came back on. RaniSa was shocked as she saw Rani standing in the middle of the hallway next to Rajmata.

Veer immediately looked at Rani and smiled.

Rajeshwari walked up to Rajmata and Rani.

Rajeshwari: How dare you came back in here?

Rani: Na na, not this time. Ee is my house too.

Rajeshwari: I never accepted you as my bahu, now get out

Rajmata: Rajeshwari! She is staying and that is under my command.

Rajeshwari: But –

Rajmata: End of discussion.

She raised her hand to stop her from talking and then turned to Rani.

Rajmata: You can handle it from here?

Rani nods as Rajmata walks inside the house.

Rani walked up to Veer and extended her hand.

Rani: Come, you need to rest.

Veer took her hand as she led him inside leaving a shocked RaniSa, Vikram and Kiara in the middle of the hallway. She walked away inside after a while. Vikram looked at Kiara.

Vikram: Do you want to come in?

Kiara: I don’t think thats a good idea.

Vikram: Why? Believe it or not, you are also the bahu of this family.

Kiara: I know that Vikram, but RaniSa will never agree. Its best for me to just leave.

Kiara was about to leave when Vikram grabbed her arm.

Vikram: If you leave, I will come with you too.

Kiara: No Vikram, this is your house.

Vikram: I can’t stay where my wife will not be with me.

Kiara was speechless as she turned to face Vikram again.

Vikram: Come on, we will go inside. You will live here from now. I will deal with mom

Kiara: Okay if you are sure.

Vikram while holding her arm took her inside.

In RanVeer’s room..

Rani led Veer to the bed as he sat down.

Veer: I didn’t injure myself much Rani, don’t worry, it was only a knock on the head.

Rani half crying: What if something happened to you?

Veer gently looked towards Rani and lifted her chin to make her face him. He wiped the tears that were now flowing down her face.

Veer: These tears do not suit a beautiful face like yours.

Rani blushed as he continued wiping the tears off her face.

Veer: Please stop crying..for me?

Rani nods and held his hand.

Rani: I am sorry I was angry on you. I should have forgave you.

Veer: I am the one who should say sorry, I hurt you a lot. Your anger was justifiable. If it was my last day –

Rani placed a finger on his lips

Rani: Don’t say that, nothing will happen to you as long as I am with you.

Veer smiled and lowered her finger.

Veer: Sooo you are not angry on me anymore?

Rani: No, in fact I wanted to tell you something important.

Veer: And what’s that?

Rani: I..i

Veer: I?

Rani mumbled: I love you

Veer: What?? I can’t hear you

Rani took a deep breathe and then couldn’t controlled the words

Rani: I love you (she smiled and looked at him)

Veer was looking right at her lost and completely speechless.

Rani: Dacter saab, kuch bolo na (say something)

Veer: …

Rani: Sorry sorry I –

This time Veer placed a finger on her lips.

Veer: Shush..and listen to me. Bohot bolti ho tum (you talk too much)

Rani laughed.

Veer: I love you too Rani, you are only mine and will always be mine.

Rani was waiting for those words and then went over to hug him tightly.

Veer hugged her back while the song ‘Rangrez Piya’ played in the background.

Precap: Rani’s first day at college while back at home RaniSa tries to throw Kiara out the house

I know its not that good, but it was my first time and I got tired of the directors not writing RanVeer scenes in the actual episodes so thought to entertain you all with my story. Hope you enjoyed it and please keep reading for more. 🙂

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