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Which pairing in Silsila do you like the most?

Colors’ Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka has got interesting pairings, mostly because of the wonderful portrayals by the leads Shakti Arora‎, ‎Drashti Dhami‎, ‎Aditi Sharma and Abhinav Shukla. While Nandini and Rajdeep were paired in the beginning, their tormenting relation was meant to end some how. Nandini is seen getting paired with Kunal now. Kunal gets attracted towards Nandini. Mauli and Kunal’s sweet bonding takes a backseat. The show emphasized on Mauli and Kunal’s powerful and loving relation, which suffers because of Nandini. Even though Nandini has no feelings for Kunal, he gets falling for her. Nandini has clear intentions to stay with Mauli in her house.

Kunal gets doubting on himself when he faces the dilemma. Kunal realizes its wrong for him to love Nandini, since his love for Mauli is also true. JKunal’s emotional inclination will be seen getting a justification. After the amazing pairing of Kunal and Mauli, the viewers will be now seeing Kunal paired with Nandini. There is another interesting twist with Rajdeep’s return in Nandini’s life. Which pairing in Silsila do you like the most? Let us know your opinion.

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