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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update :Kulfis gift to Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lovely says i have moved on,Tevar says but i havent and will get everything back that belongs to me, Lovely leaves. Tevar in tears. Sikander and Mahinder sing in tye party, Tevar joins them dance.Mahinder says Sikander cmon sing a song for Lovely, Sikander says sure and sings for Lovely. Tevar keeps drinking, Lovely hugs Sikander after he finishes.Tevar starts singing.Kulfi joins the party,Amyra and her friend’s stop her and ask where are you going,Kulfi says to sing for Lovely maam,Amyra says theres not just my dad but other singers too and if you make mistake dad will be very angry,Kulfi says i wont, Amyra says but you are unwell and we have to go look for your father too so we need you to be fit and fone,Kulfi says yes yes.

Amyra goes and sit near Lovely, Mahinder says Sikander

one more song, Sikander say you sing now, Mahinder says sure and sings,Tevar sings next, Sikander praises him, Lovely holds Sikanders hand and expresses her love through a song. Tevar feels bad. Sikander asks Tevar to simg, Tevar says cmon its your turn to express your love, Sikander says we keep doing that cmon sing, Tevar says ok if you insist. Tevar and Sikander dance.

Minti comes to party and says how could you come here without me,you are my boyfriend and not hers,Tevar says cmon you sspoiled y surprise,Minti asks what surprise, Tevar says i came here to surprise you where were you anyways im happy you are safe and hugs her,and you all.know Minti,Minti there’s one more surprise,i bought a house for you here,Minti says really,Tevar says so that you will stay close to your friend,Minti says you are best, Tevar says go wish your friend,Minti says happy birthday Lovely and I would like to borrow Tevar, Sikander says sure you two look great together and keep coming,Tevar says we are home no,bye Ma and happy birthday Lovely,good night all.

Lovely thinking about Tevars words that Amyra is his daughter too,Kulfi walks to lovely and says i have nothing to gift you but i still have something,close your eyes, Lovely closes her eyes,all gather,Kulfi shows a slate written Ma on it, Lovely gets emotional.
(Sikander thanks Kulfi for helping him make song,and asks Kulfi what he wants,Kulfi says i dont want anything except learning,i want to educate myself,mama always wnated to but mami ddidnt allow me too,if i could read and write,i could read my mmothers book, Sikander says sure, Kulfi asks him to teach how to write Ma, Sikander teaches and is in tears,Kulfi very excited and thinks of Nimrat )

Lovely in tears , Kulfi says i couldnt write much but only this and its for you, and may God give you a long long life, Lovely hugs Kulfi,Amyra doesn’t like it and thinks now my mmom too i have to find his dad.

pre cap : Kulfi and Sikander sing for lovely, Lovely says stop i ccant hear it now and leaves.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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