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Ishra abhagya arshi and Naagin love story season 4 part 6

Ishra abhagya Naagin and arshi love story season 4 part 6

the new tittle old one didn’t have arshi now it does peace

After marriage

Games are played

The girls win

Mrs. Bhalla: the girls will rule the man wow

Everyone laughs

In rooms

Raman comes and sees Ishita in a bridal wear

Raman removes the veil of Ishita face

Ishita is blushing

Raman: you don’t know how long I have earned for you

Ishita: really

Raman: tonight we shall become one

Ishita: no

Raman: what

Ishita: no I mean to say is that I am tired I’m going to bed bye

Ishita sleeps

Raman lays down next to her and whispers to himself

This madrassan

Ritik comes to his room

Shivanya has already changed into comfortable attire and is sitting and on phone

Ritik: Shivanya

Shivanya: what do you want

Ritik: today is our suhaagraat

Shivanya: omg this person I don’t want it today your my husband but not perfect

Ritik: what

Shivanya: I’m having my moods so stay away

Ritik: shivu

Shivanya: my name is Shivanya get that straight S H I V A N Y A Shivanya

Shivanya lays down to sleep

Ritik changes and lays down next to her upset about everything

Shivanya in her mind

My heart wanted something else but you did this now revenge only

Abhi comes to his room and sees Pragya dancing wearing comfortable clothes

Abhi: what are you doing suhaagraat

Pragya: maybe tomorrow today I missed my excersize

Abhi: fuggi

Pragya: Pragya my name not fuggi

Abhi: why

Pragya: I was named fuggi

Abhi; ok

Pragya: let’s sleep I’m mad tired

Abhi: same romance can happen we have all life for that

Pragya: yeah

Pragya lays down

Abhi lays down next to her and sleeps

Iyer home

Arnav enters the room

Arnav sees Khushi in a veil

Arnav removes it

Arnav: Khushi kumari Gupta

Khushi blushes

Arnav: I love you

Khushi: I love you too

Arnav; so

Khushi: so

Arnav gets intimate and so does Khushi

The veil covers them

They become one

Khushi smirks

Khushi in her mind

Mission successful

Precap: Khushi has some plans What are they? Stay tuned

All couples are angry with each other

Revenge saga gets a twist the target changes after a reveal action

Ishita: killing

Pragya: costs

Shivanya: revenge

What will happen stay tuned

Sorry it’s short busy with family but still updated it will update soon comment your favorite scene

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