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Dev (Colors) 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev confronts Mahek about Munim

Dev (Colors) 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dwani talks to Dev and says Narvekar was saying that your bomb blast and Meera’s bomb blast had same material. Dev says I know both had carbon steel. Dwani says how do you know that? Dev says from my injuries. Dwani says you are a genius. Dwani says I am miffed with you that you didnt tell me about your blast. Mahek comes there and says Dwani how you came here? Dev says I gave her the address, Dwani says I had to give him file of new case. Mahek says he needs rest. Dev says I am still on duty, I dont have time to rest. Apa bring her cat. Dev says atleast Dwani brought cat back. Mahek says its good that Dwani cares for everyone. Apa thanks Dwani for bringing the cat, she says to Dev that I like your assistant. Apa gives naik to Dwani for coming to her house for first time, Mahek says

you never gave me naik, Apa says you already took a lot from me, she asks Dwani to stay for breakfast, Dwani nods.

Mahek sees laptop and says to Dwani that Dev doesnt like gadgets. Dwani says but he can see new case’s statement recorded in this video. Mahek nods and tries to put files in cupboard. Dwani says put that in drawer, Dev keeps like it. Mahek says I know where to put things, Dwani says you had put camera in his room so you would know. Mahek looks on.

Dev watches Aarti’s statement and says to Dwani that it was a murder, Dwani says she killed in self defense, Dev says court will decide if its self defense or not, Dwani says Aarti is a victim, men can do anything in anger but woman cant protect herself? Dev says you are relating it to your stalker. Dwani says I am saying that we should help Aarti, Dev says her motive might to protect herself by killing her husband but you wont talk to anyone till I say. Mahek comes there and gives Dev his phone, she smiles at Dwani.

Dwani and Narvekar comes to Parag’s father house. Dwani connects call to Dev. Parag’s father says Aarti is lying. Narvekar says Parag took drugs that night and there were marks on Aarti’s body. Father says when this incident happened, Parag came to me. Flashback shows that Parag comes to father and says I will divorce Aarti, he got to know something about Aarti and was scared. Flashback ends. Father says Parag didnt tell me what he got to know, Aarti used to make food for me before the marriage but after marriage she stopped but Parag was happy with her and stopped taking drugs but 3 months back, Parag went to his Disha and told her that Aarti used care about money and luxuries only, Parag was drugged and worried about their relation, he loved Aarti a lot, my son had shortcomings but he couldnt hurt a woman, he was a nice man, please find about his death. Dev hears all that and thinks.

Narvekar asks officer about Parag and Aarti. Officer says neighbors say that they used to have fights.
Narvekar talks to Arjun, Aarti’s brother. Narvekar says this marriage was weird right? Arjun says Parag was a drug addict, I know he was diamond merchant’s son and Aarti was a gym teacher but they loved each other, they met at Aarti’s institute. Dwani is on call with Dev, Dev asks to ask him about his family. Dwani says Dev would ask about his family. Narvekar says but he is not here. Narvekar asks about his family, Arjun says our parents died so its me and Aarti only, I didnt know about Parag’s drug addiction, Arjun says Parag’s friends never liked Aarti because they thought she was a middle class girl, she tried to adjust, Parag never left drug addiction, Aarti hid it from me. Dev says on call why she would hide from her brother? Arjun says Parag used to hit my sister and I did a mistake because I didnt stop Parag, he was abusing Aarti and I didnt know it will reach till here.
Disha, Parag’s friend talks to Narvekar and says Parag was attached to me, after this mother died, Parag became drug addict, Parag and Aarti met in a gym and they fell in love, Parag wanted to show his father that he can handle his life, Narvekar asks how she liked Aarti? Disha says Aarti never talked to me, maybe she was jealous, she used to spend Parag’s money, Narvekar asks if Parag raised hand on women? Disha says he could never do it.

Dev calls Dwani, Dwani says Arjun and Disha are saying different things, Dev says I want postmortem report of Parag, she says okay. Dwani comes to Narvekar’s room, she takes photos of report and sends it to Dev.

Narvekar and Dwani meets Aarti and Parag’s friends. Parag’s ex says Parag never hit me, Dwani asks if he used to take drugs? She says no. Aarti’s friend says Parag used to go after her. Parag’s guard says Parag used to take drugs but he was a nice man. Parag’s maid says I used to work in their house, I know about them.

Dev is watching Arjun’s statement. Apa comes there and says Mahek is upto something, I saw her hiding bomb’s pieces, something is going in her mind, this girl is a knife, she can be planning something. Dev says I will talk to her, she wont do anything. Apa says be careful, men can think too much about themselves but if a woman wants then she can fool them easily, it was my duty to tell you, Dev says I will handle this matter.

Mahek recalls how she got a recording from mysterious man who said that there was Munim, Mahek and him but Mahek cheated so all will be punished. Dev comes there and asks if he disturbed her? She says no. Dev says why you seem worried? Mahek says I was listening to old songs, they bring pain too. Dev says like you, when you come, you bring the old pain back. Mahek says what? Dev says Munim, Mahek says I dont know where he is. Dev says Munim didnt apply bomb to kill you but it would have hurt our baby, does Munim know that you are pregnant? Mahek gets tensed and shouts that I dont know what Munim knows or not. She goes to bring his medicines. Dev thinks what she is hiding? she is putting our baby’s life in danger, I will find out.

Bomber makes another bomb and makes it a parcel. Parcel is sent to Amod Narvekar’s house.

PRECAP- Dev investigates Aarti’s case and says to Narvekar that Aarti is lying, it was not self defense case, Aarti murdered Parag. Narvekar says how can you say that?
Narvekar gets a letter and says to Dwani that Dev shouldnt know about this letter and if he does then I will arrest you for leaking confidential information.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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