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You are my love (Riansh) part 44

Hey everyone, I saw meenu di ‘s ff for aarushi di and really felt overwhelmed .I wish anyone could pamper me like that😊😊. Happy world picnic day…😊😊

Today’s Episode starts…
The next day
VR mansion
Everyone was eating breakfast .
Aryan – bhai , I think we should go to a picnic , a family picnic , we should go to beach .today is world picnic day .(really)
Vansh coughed .
Vansh (in mind)- what is he saying , if everyone will go then how can I romance with my wifey…ahh..Aryan
Siya – yes bhai we should go , I also want to go beach .
Ridhima( is secretly laughing )
Ridhima(in mind)- awww , my dear hubby how will you romance , if everyone will go to beach . Haahaa.
Dadi – haa , beta let’s go .
Ridhima- ji Dadi let’s go
Vansh(in mind )- what will I do ? I have to agree .
Vansh- ahh…ok..ok
Ridhima- so after 1 hour we should go .

Riansh room
Vansh- why did you agreed to go ?
Ridhima (laughing)- aree , everyone was telling to go then how can refuse.(puppy eyes )
Vansh- no you did because you don’t want to spend alone time with me .
Ridhima( hugging him )- vansh dont  worry , we will spend time na and everyone will enjoy too .
Vansh- ok ok
Vansh was getting ready then ridhima
came .vansh was mesmerized seeing her.

Ridhima- vansh
No response
No response
Ridhima- vanshhhh , vanshh
Vansh-ahh..ahh..what happened?
Ridhima-vansh how am I looking ?
Vansh- beautiful…😍😍
(Vansh dead ho gaya ridhu ko dekh )
Vansh- gorgeous
Vansh- fairy .
Ridhima smiled .
( I am not giving vansh’s outfit )
Then they go to hall.
Everyone was there except siya and ishani .
Ridhima-where is ishani ?
Vansh- and siya also ?
Aryan – you know girls makeup , the take at least 2 hours for that .
Vansh- oh , but siya also , I know ishani is fashionable but siya ?
Aryan- being with ishani she is also behaving like her . She takes at least 1 hour .
Vansh- oh god
Then siya and ishani come .
Everyone head to beach .

In the beach
Everyone was enjoying . Vansh took ridhima to a corner .
Ridhima- what ?
Vansh- you told that we will spend time so . I want to spend time with you .
Ridhima- ok my love .
He caresses her hair . She was blushing.
He places his arm around her neck .
Ridhima- vansh these all not now . Koi dekh lega ( anyone can see )
Vansh- dekh na hai toh dekhe , koi galat Kam thodi hai yeh , husband apni wife ke saath Romance hi  toh kar Raha  hai .
( Let them see , it is not a crime . Husband is romancing with his wife na)
Ridhima- you , vansh not now
Vansh- ok
Then they go near the sea  . Vansh  slowly was going inside to sea .
Ridhima- vansh dont plunge . Tum doob jaoge.

Iss ishq ke samandar mein
Main hoon dooba ,
Aur doob ke Jana
Ke ishq hai ajooba…

ridhima- nice , nice shayari (poem)
Then vansh comes out .
Vansh- happy
She hugged him . Everyone was enjoying . Aryan was standing far from family members . He was looking sad . Ridhima noticed this . She went near him.
Ridhima- aryan
Aryan – yes bhabhi
Ridhima-what happened? You are looking sad .
Aryan- nothing bhabhi
Ridhima-aree , you can share everything with me . Pls tell
Aryan – bhabhi I am missing ragini , I am missing her miserably .
Ridhima- aree , don’t worry or miss her , she will come soon to Mumbai . She told that after 1 or 2 weeks she will come as her father will be shifting here , don’t be sad .
Aryan – ok bhabhi (sad)
Ridhima- see you are again sad , if you will be sad like this then I  will call her and tell that you are sad and because of her you are sad , then she will feel very bad .
Aryan – no no bhabhi don’t call her . I will not feel sad .
Ridhima- hmm , so smile
Aryan smiles
Ridhima- that’s like my aryan
He goes . Ridhima stays there .
Then after a while , anyone called her from back .she turned .

Ridhima(shocked)- you !!
Man – yes baby doll me
Ridhima- Ra…R…Raj
Raj – hi baby doll
Ridhima(angry)- I am not your baby doll
Raj – you are baby doll .
Ridhima- why have you came ???(angry)
Raj – oh baby doll I came to remind you that you are a …..
Ridhima- don’t ever try to say that word for me . Dont even try .
Raj – ok baby doll , I will not say
Ridhima- what do you want
Raj- you ridhima
Ridhima- just shut up and go from here .
Raj – Byee , baby doll
Ridhima- ahhh…….ahhh..no..no..noooo

She closes her eyes . After a while she opens and sees no one .
Ridhima(in mind )- it was my dream , ahh..it was a dream… But it can turn real .

She saw vansh coming towards her .

Ridhima- vansh should not get to know about my past . My past is my everest enemy . This can affect my relationship with vansh , no no I can’t risk it . No , no

Then she goes from there and drinks water. She cleaned her face with water .
She was much scared. She directly went toward a vansh and hugged him . Vansh was bit surprised by her behaviour.

Vansh- what happened sweetheart?
Ridhima (feared)- nothing , I just want to be with you , you will never leave me na
Vansh- what question is this ? Never ever , I will not even leave you in my worst dream also .

Then after a while everyone go back to home.

To be continued…
Thank you

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