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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 10

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 Episode starts…

Marriage is done, Groom was behind the sehera when he removed that all were shocked as it was none other than Our Vansh Raisinghania.

Ridhima: you!!! Where is viyom?

Vansh: I don’t know Ridhima.

Ridhima: Vansh then how come you took viyom’s place.

Vansh: ridhima seriously I don’t know where is he?
I gave him calls but he didn’t reply so I came to Mandap.

Ridhima: if you know this before our marriage then why you didn’t tell me?

Vansh: Sorry it was my mistake? I should have informed about this. Sorry

Ridhima: your apology can’t undo things? Vansh I never expected a deception from you. You broke my trust and our friendship too.

She started crying and fell to the ground. Aryan come to her and hugged her.” what you did with jiju”Aryan shouted.”Aryan trust me, I did nothing.” answered him.

Ridhima: vansh I am begging in front of you please tell me where is Viyom.

Vansh: Ridhima you know me….he is my best friend how can I do anything with him.

Aryan: Then where is he? You only knew that he is marrying today.

Vansh: Ridhima please trust me, I did nothing.

Ridhima turns her face and tears were continuously falling from her eyes.”Vansh I don’t know why you did this but I want viyom back. and one more thing you are going to give me a divorce.”

Vansh: you think so low about me.

Ridhima: vansh, please don’t make things more complicated.

Vansh: Ridhima we can give a chance to this marriage.

She shouted “No….No vansh. I want the divorce. You cheated me. How can I give one chance to this marriage I don’t feel anything for you.”

Vansh: I will send you the divorce paper in the morning. By the evening you will find viyom in front of you.

Vansh was broken from inside. He never thought that he will ever listen to these things from his lady love. How can she think so low about him? If she thinking such a thing about him then she doesn’t know anything about him.
His heart was aching as he was blamed for what he didn’t commit….

“Ridhima I wanted to share something with you but I think there is no need to say all that,” he thought and moved out.

Ridhima cleared all the things and warned Aryan not to tell any to viyom about her marriage. Aryan greed to her then they went out to search viyom. they were running on the road with viyom’s photo and asking about his whereabouts.

They return house with disappointment but their eyes widened when they found viyom at home. They ran to him and hugged him.

Aryan brought a glass of water for him.”How are you and why you didn’t come to marriage.”Ridhima asked him.

Viyom: I was kidnapped?

“Who did this?” She asked with panic.

Aryan: who else can do except Vansh Raisinghania.

“Aryan mind your words and don’t forget that you are talking about my buddy,” Viyom shouted. He added further”if you really wanna know that who kidnapped me. He was none other than Kabeer.”

Ridhima with shock Repeated” Kabeer”. Viyom said ” yes, Kabeer, He kidnapped me so that he can take revenge on me. He kidnapped me on my marriage day so that you will get insulted and people will start mouthing about you as your groom didn’t come on his marriage only.”

Ridhima: I never thought he can stoop so low. I will not leave him. I am going to file a case against him.

Viyom: There is no need.

Ridhima: viyom how can you say that. He kidnapped you and if anything happened to you then.

Viyom: I am saying this because Vansh already did the same.

Ridhima: what

Viyom: Yes Ridhima, He is the only one who brought me here and saved my life.

Ridhima now feeling guilty and all the scene started coming in front of her. How she blamed him and he was continually trying to explain things but she was hell-bent on the blame game.

Her eyes were filled with tears and she cursed herself for her bad behaviour. Her thoughts were broken by viyom ” Vansh has given you something for you.”

Ridhima with hesitation”what is that?” ” I don’t know. He asked me to directly hand you” he replied.

Ridhima: where is that.

Viyom: in your room.

Ridhima: ok! You rest. I will check that.

Viyom: Hmmm…I love you.

Ridhima smiled at him and goes to check the things.

It was the divorce paper with vansh’s sign. There was a note- “I signe these and in the morning my lawyer will collect them.” “And one more thing it will take six months to finalize.”

One month passed there was no conversion between Riansh. Ridhima tried to call him to seak apology but nothing happened as vansh changed his contact number. He is a top businessman so to get his number just like that is not possible.

Ridhima’s guilt was killing her from inside. She always lost in her world and even she didn’t talk much to viyom and Aryan. She tried his best to contact vansh but was in vain.

One day she went to VR mention.

Guard: where are you going?

Ridhima: I want to meet Vansh.

Guard: He is not there.

Ridhima: Today is Sunday so He must be there only.

Guard: I told you Nah, he is not there. Who are you and what relationship you hold with him?

Ridhima: He is my…He is my Friend.

Guard: If you are his friend then you should very well aware of his whereabouts? Now go and don’t waste my time otherwise my job will be at risk…

Before this, she also went to his office but she was not allowed to meet him as she didn’t have an appointment. She thought to take an appointment but her meeting day will come after a month. so he thought to go VR mention.

Ridhima and viyom were sitting and talking.”viyom, your friend Vansh didn’t come to meet you after your kidnapping. Is everything good between you and him?” She asked him.

Viyom: wo actually…

Ridhima interrupted”is you and he fought.” ” No Ridhu” he replied.

Viyom: he is like this only. He is not much talkative. He is a workaholic person. He never interacts with anyone just like that. There is nothing new. Don think much about him.

Ridhima: ok! Is he connected with you?

Viyom: yaa…Tomorrow we have a small gathering.

Ridhima: vansh also coming…

Viyom: yes!!! Angre and Ragini are also coming. this gathering is because Ragini is returned from Banglore.

Ridhima: who is she?

Viyom: she is our childhood best friend

Ridhima: Oohh!!

” Agr Bhura na maano to ek baat balu” she asked him.
He nodes his head.” Kl mai bhi chalu, ghr pr bore ho jati hu thora bahar jaungi to fresh sa feel hoga” said she.

Viyom: Good idea!! Aise sabhi log tumse mil bhi lege.

Ridhima smiled at him.

Precap: Ridhima: Why Ragini getting so close to Vansh.Friends itne close thori nah rhte hai. Look at him, he is ignoring me and happily talking to her. I have to do something.



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