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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 57- riansh’s baseless fights

The episode starts with:

It’s morning. Vansh is sleeping in riddhima’s lap and Riddhima is sleeping in sitting position. Vansh wakes up and find himself in that position. He sees Riddhima sleeping in an uncomfortable position just because of him. He tries to remember the things happened yesterday. He holds his head. Riddhima too wakes up and looks at vansh.

Vansh: my head is paining.

Riddhima: if you will drink alcohol then this will only happen (sarcastic smile)

Vansh (shock): alcohol??

Riddhima: yes you were drunk yesterday!!

Vansh: oh god!! But how??

Riddhima tells him how he mistakenly drunk alcohol instead of water.

Vansh: what!! I will not leave that students.

Vansh: wait..did I say something..in drunken state?? Did I do something odd with you??

Riddhima: no.

Vansh feels relived.

Riddhima(thinking): I cannot tell him what he confessed. I just have to find out the truth now!!

The peon comes and opens the door. Vansh goes to him.

Vansh(shouting): can’t you check inside before locking the door!!

Peon(scared): sorry sir..

Vansh(anger): what sorry! Because of you I have to spend whole night here..in this class..and most importantly with this girl..

Riddhima: what do you mean by this girl. I was not excited to spend the night with you..

Vansh: spend the night(wink)

Riddhima(understanding his statement): shut up!!

Peon runs away from there.

Vansh(tightening his fist): now I have to find out the one who brought alcohol to college.

Riddhima (thinking): and I have to find out the truth.

Both of them leaves to spy😎😂. Vansh takes the water bottle with him to find the culprit. Riddhima was walking in the college corridor.

Riddhima (thinking): think..riddhi.. think! How to find out the truth.

Vansh was coming from the opposite side. Both were lost in their thoughts and bumped into each other.

Riddhima: ouch..

Vansh: ahh..

They look at each other.

Riddhima: can’t you see and walk!!

Vansh: can’t you see and walk!!

Riddhima: don’t copy me.

Vansh: don’t copy me.

Riddhima(pissed): vansh!!

Vansh(pissed): vansh!!

Riddhima gives him deathly glares. He makes the same face.

Riddhima: copycat.

Vansh: copycat.

Riddhima: uggghh!! I am going!!

Vansh: uggghh!! I am going!!

She looks at him annoyingly and goes. He starts laughing. Riansh reaches the strike area(abhi bhi baaki hai strike?🤧😂kya karu khatam hi ni karre)

Ahana: see vansh..they are still not ending the strike!

Vansh: wait..I have to ask something from them.

He gives a stern look to all of them.

Riddhima(murmers): khadoos kahi ka!!

Riddhima was standing just beside him.

Vansh: I heard that.

Riddhima: enjoy then.

He looks at her angrily.

Vansh: whose bottle is this(showing the water bottle)

All were silent.

Vansh: why do you all remain silent everytime.

(Shouts) tell me whose bottle is this.

A boy gets up.

Boy: sir this is my bottle. I lost it and you found it.

Vansh looks at him with stern look.

Riddhima(murmers): apne pair par khud khularhi maarna koi isse seekhe.

Vansh looks at her and she laughs a bit. Riddhima sees something and gets shocked. She hides behind vansh.

Vansh: what happened..

Riddhima: your bestfriend!!

Vansh: what..

Riddhima: idiot see monkeys are there!!

Vansh(anger): monkeys are my bestfriend.

Riddhima: exactly you are a monkey only!!

Monkeys start coming closer. Everyone starts to run.

Vansh: you are monkey. I am not.

Riddhima: you stay here and do your baseless talks. Let me run.

Vansh and holds her hand and they both hide together.

Precap: monkeys in college.

Hope you like it. I will try my best to add much funny scenes with the monkeys😂😂. In our school also monkeys come 🤭😂.




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