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Riansh Ts- love because of our daughter by attractiveuser part 2

Riansh now became one soul and love each other immensely. Riddhima was walking towards the kitchen when vansh pulled her from back.

Riddhima: vansh..

Vansh: hmm.(kissing her cheek)

Riddhima: leave me..jiya will come.

Vansh: she is studying.

Riddhima: sia will come.

Vansh: siya is dancing.

Riddhima: you..

There was a knock at the door.

Vansh: oh god!!

Vansh goes to open the door and seeing the person he becomes shocked and angry.

Vansh(shouting): Ragini…

Hearing his shout Riddhima,jiya and siya (wow jiya siya😂😂😂) come out.

Siya: ragini.. (shock)

Ragini: siya when did you stop calling me bhabhi!!

Siya: shut up you are not my bhabhi!(anger)

Ragini comes in with her boyfriend Kabir.

Vansh: get our you two(anger)

Ragini: I don’t need your permission to meet my daughter.

She goes to jiya but jiya hides behind Riddhima.

Ragini: jiya baby see your mumma has come.

Jiya: no you are not my mumma.. Riddhima mumma is mumma(crying)

Jiya was hugging Riddhima tightly.

Ragini: you are Riddhima right..

Riddhima nods.

Ragini: you cheap..you snatched my husband and daughter from me.

Vansh (anger): Ragini mind your tongue!! I am not your husband..you have divorced me!!

Ragini: fine but jiya is my daughter.

She holds jiya’s hand and starts pulling her.

Riddhima: ragini leave her.

Jiya was crying badly. Jiya holds Riddhima’s hand. Ragini was pulling her from one side while Riddhima was not letting her go. Riddhima saw that it was hurting jiya so she left her hand.

Ragini: jiya I am your real mumma.

Vansh: you don’t deserve to be called her mother. See how you were hurting her by pulling her. Riddhima left her hand because she saw that it’s hurting her.

Jiya: mumma(crying)

Riddhima: jiya. (Tears)

Riddhima frees jiya’s hand from ragini and hugs her.

Riddhima: shh stop crying. See your mumma is also crying seeing you crying.

Jiya wipes Riddhima’s tears and hers too and then kisses on Riddhima’s cheek. Riddhima holds ragini’s hand very tightly and pushes her out of the house.

Riddhima: don’t you dare to hurt my daughter again!! (Fierce)

Vansh (to Kabir): do you want special invitation to get out??

Kabir and ragini goes from there. Vansh takes jiya in his arms and kisses her cheek and forehead.

Jiya: papa she will not hurt me again na (crying)

Vansh: no baby she will not do anything to you now.

Riddhima also goes to both of them and they share a group hug. Siya adores them and clicks their photo. Three of them go to their room. Riansh sees that jiya was still looking sad. They look at each other and wink. They go to jiya and start tickling her. She was laughing very hardly.

Jiya: ahh(laughing) mumma papa stop(laughing)

Riansh were also laughing with their daughter. All of them fall on the bed and laugh. Then vansh and Riddhima help jiya to finish her homework. After a while they finish it.

Jiya: mumma papa tomorrow you have to come to school.

Vansh: why what happened..

Jiya: tomorrow is a function at school.

Riddhima: ok we will come(smile)

They retire to bed. Next morning riansh with jiya go to her school. All parents were made to sit on chairs in auditorium. All the students were performing one by one. Then came jiya’s turn. Riansh started seeing what will jiya do. She came to the mic.

Jiya: we all love our mothers right? My mother left me when I was born. I craved for mother’s love but now my Riddhima mumma has filled my life with colours. She has provided me all the love of the world. She is just the best. I love you mumma.

Riddhima becomes emotional.

Jiya: this is for you mumma.

She takes out her guitar and adjusts the mic and starts singing:

Thodi si cute hai
Thodi si karari bhi
Thodi si cool hai
Thodi si purani bhi

Jaise garmi mein thanda sa sharbat
Khatta meetha sa
Jaise sardi mein chaahat ka koyi
Kambal mota sa

Meri pyari ammi jo hai
Meri pyari ammi jo hai
Meri pyari ammi jo hai
Meri pyari ammi jo hai

Mushkil mein hoti hoon
Ammi meri roti hai
Khushi mein bhi meri woh
Dupatta bhigoti hai

Ek ek aansu mein
Duaayein piroti hai
Koyi bataaye kya hai
Ammi aisi hoti hai

Thodi si sayani hai
Thodi si emotional
Ammi jo hans de to
Tal jaaye har mushkil

Jaise kismat ki chaabi hai woh
Jo khole har taala
Maine apne sapno ka
Har baksa unko de dala

Meri pyaari ammi jo hai
Meri pyaari ammi jo hai
Meri pyaari ammi jo hai
Meri pyaari ammi jo hai

Ammi ke haathon mein
Jaane kaisi barkat hai
Daal khichdi mein bhi
Daawaton ki lazzat hai
Chehre pe fiqron ki
Laqeerein hain phir bhi
Ammi meri duniya mein
Sabse khoobsurat hai

Thodi si moum hai
Thodi si woh sakht bhi
Ammi ki god mein
Tham jaata hai waqt bhi
Jaise unke seene mein
Tik tik tik meri dhadkan hai

Mujhe unke seene se lag ke
Mill jaati jannat hai

Meri pyaari ammi jo hai
Meri pyaari ammi jo hai
Meri pyaari ammi jo hai
Meri pyaari ammi jo hai

Ammi jo hai
Ammi ammi jo hai
Ammi ammi jo hai
Ammi ammi jo hai

Riddhima becomes emotional and runs to the stage. She hugs jiya tightly and kisses her forehead. All the parents start clapping. Then riansh with jiya return back home.

.                     THE END!!

Hope you liked it. I tried my best to write this os as you wanted ayesha ❤️!

Posting it again because I posted it in ishq subahanallah 🤧🤧

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