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Chapter 1


Here it goes……..

Ridhimma’s pov

When I enter the room it was little dark and shady. There were two chairs  and a computer attached to it. Many electrodes were hanging from computers. This made me a little nervous. Then suddenly a voice came.

“don’t get nervous relax and sit on the chair”

I look up at the owner of voice  find a tall girl with tattoos on her hand and back . She should be a dauntless . I move towards the chair and sit still feeling nervous.

Girl: myself Tori , I will be administrating  your aptitude test. Here drink this

Me: what is this??

Tori: never met a curious abnegation before .(laughing) Trust me and drink it.

I drink the liquid silently but Tori’s word were ringing in my ear. Idea of choosing abnegation was becoming hazier. She attached electrodes to my fore head an di felt like going into a deep slumber.

When I opened my eyes I  found myself near Chicago’s fences. I looked here and there but found no one. At a distance I saw a table , I started walking towards it and saw a knife and cheese kept on it. Suddenly a women came out .

Woman: choose (indicating at the table )

Me: but why?? ( scared)

Women: just choose

Suddenly all my fear went as it was replaced by anger. I hate being ordered around .

Me: stop ordering me and just tell the reason. (shouting)


Within a blink of time she vanished. I looked around but found no one. Suddenly I  heard barking sound from behind I turn around to see a dog staring at me with hunger. First I think of running then I realized that the dog would be faster than me. I try to recollect all the things related to dog’s behavior when suddenly my dad’s  suggestion to never look at dogs eyes as it’s a sign of aggression then what is the sign of submission?? I think and then I lie down on ground. After a while I feel  my hands wet. I look up and find the dog licking my hand.  I sit up hold his face and say

Me: you are not that dangerous . 

Suddenly he sees a girl and runs towards her growling. The girl stood still in shock . I run and throw myself on dog pulling him. He lands hard on ground. When I open my eyes wincing in pain they are nowhere.

Instead I see a man in front of me . His face and hands are scarred . He shows me a poster which has a photo of a man  under which its written “murderer”

With a dangerous voice   he ask me

Man: do you know him??

I look at the picture and feel I saw him somewhere then look at the man. If I tell him I know him I don’t know what will happen with me so I have to convince him that I don’t the him

Man: do you know him(shouting and glaring angrily)

Me: no

He comes close to me angrily and I straighten up. His mouth smell like cigrattes. I remind myself that this is not real and just a stimulation

Man: you are lying

Me: no I am not

Man: I could see it in your eyes ( shouting)

Me: I don’t know

Man: you can save me if you tell

Me(sternly): no


I wake up with sweaty palms and see tori in front of me with a surprised expression . Fear grips inside me .why is she looking at me like that?? Did I fail the test. Suddenly tori storms out of room . I start panicking and cover my face with  my hand almost at the verge of crying. Tori comes back after a while and says

Tori: sorry to worry you but it was important

Me: what happened??

Tori: (tensed) Ridhimma your results are inconclusive.

Me: inconclusive??

Tori: yeah, actually at each stage one of the faction get eliminated lastly remaining with one faction but in your case only 2 were eliminated. If you would have chose cheese and would have showed distaste towards knife  in first stage then I would have shown you a different scenario. Since you didn’t choose cheese so amity is eliminated. In last stage where you lied to the man made candor cut. now it remains with other three faction. Throwing yourself at dog showed abnegation but not telling truth when the man said that it could save his life was not abnegation response. Facing the dog suggest dauntless while not picking up the knife don’t.

Your smart response to calm down dog suggest erudite but I don’t know what led to  your indecision on first stage.

Me: wait do you exactly know my result??

Tori: yes and no. but tell me were you aware about the stimulation??

Me: yes I was.

Tori: (more tensed) see Ridhimma , normal people don’t  know during stimulation that its not real , and those who know are called DIVERGENTS.(stressing at the word). Your inclination towards 3 factions also suggested this. Now listen carefully don’t say this to anybody ever.

Me: but why??(tensed)

Tori(sounding impatient): because divergence is considered as a threat to society. Now I think you should think carefully and choose between abnegation dauntless and erudite. Spend some time alone and think.


I was shocked and not  able to say anything. I just moved out while tori’s word were ringing in my ear .


Precap: choosing ceremony


So here chapter 2 ends. Please comment and let me know your view .Those who are unable to understand what exactly happened here is a shot explanation

This chapter contained Ridhimma’s experience during stimulation. this stimulation will take you a imaginary scenario where there will different situations. the decision you take inn that situation will help to decide the aptitude test result. At the end 4 factions should be cut leaving only one which will be the result. But in Ridhimma’s case only two factions were cut proving her inclination to other 3 faction that is abnegation dauntless and erudite. She was also aware during stimulation ,this all proved her to be a DIVERGENT . Divergent have their own thinking power and cannot be controlled by anyone.




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