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Love or betrayed #riansh #Immj2 episode 7 (vansh will save ????)

Hello tu family.  I am back so I want to lighten my mood so thought to write emotional episode.  So let’s start .

Ep 6 – https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/love-or-betrayed-riansh-immj2-episode-6-accident/

So let’s start .

After half an hour fire is stop . Ridhimma immediately run inside the orphanage and see that vansh is in unconscious state and she start shouting .

Ridhimma (crying) – please anybody call ambulance .

Guard  – yes mam calling .

Ridhimma (crying) – pls vansh wake up . Pls wake up .

Then she saw that vansh is holding frame tightly with his body so frame doesn’t destroyed 😳 . She take that frame and asked guard.

Ridhimma- who is this ?

Guard – vansh baba grandfather.

Ridhimma can’t believe that he loves his family a lot that he can lost his live for family.

Ambulance taking vansh to hospital and  ridhimma also sitting holding vansh hand .

Then they all reach hospital 🏥.  Vansh was on ot . Ridhima asked nurse to call her family.  Nurse informed the family members of vansh all were crying to hear this news but dadi was so panicking that she can get  heartattck also ( but aya nhi hain 😄😉😜)

Ridhimma (crying)  – why i am so worried for vansh why . Bappa please what is this why I am affecting.  What is happening to me ???( any guesses )

Then all members were come in hospital and ishani and siya is shocked to find ridhimma and then they also asked ridhimma that

Siya (crying) – u ridhimma here ?

Ishani – pls tell what are u doing here .

Ridhima explained full incident then dadi was going to faint but kabir and aryan hold dadi .

All were roaming here there then just doc come from ot and said .

Doc – condition is very critical.  We have to do surgery right now and cannot say anything just god can do miracle.

Kabir- pls doctor whatever u want please do but save vansh bhai .

Aryan- when will surgery will start .

Doc – just in 5 min . All things is ready . And please complete formalities .

All noded . Ridhimma is bitterly crying in corner .

Surgery is started in operation theater.

Ridhima just run into the temple and she started singing

ओ पालनहारे
निर्गुण और न्यारे
तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाहीं
हमरी उलझन, सुलझाओ भगवन
तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाहीं

All family listened this music and come
Into temple and see that ridhima is 
singing they also joined to ridhima .

तुम्हीं हमका हो संभाले
तुम्हीं हमरे रखवाले
तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाहीं

[तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाहीं]x२

चन्दा में तुम्हीं तो भरे हो चांदनी
सूरज में उजाला तुम्हीं से
ये गगन है मगन
तुम्हीं तो दिए हो इसे तारे
भगवन ये जीवन
तुम्हीं ना संवारोगे
तो क्या कोई सँवारे
ओ पालनहारे
निर्गुण और न्यारे
तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाहीं
तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाहीं

जो सुनो तो कहे
प्रभुजी हमरी है बिनती
दुखी जन को, धीरज दो
हारे नहीं वो कभी दुखसे
तुम निर्बल को रक्षा दो
रह पाएं निर्बल सुख से
भक्ति को, शक्ति दो
भक्ति को, शक्ति दो
जग के जो स्वामी हो,
इतनी तो अरज सुनो
हैं पथ में अंधियारे
दे दो वरदान में उजियारे

[ओ पालनहारे
निर्गुण और न्यारे
तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाहीं
हमरी उलझन, सुलझाओ भगवन
तुमरे बिन हमरा कौनो नाहीं]x ३

( this is my favorite ) 

Precao - doc - surgery is ...
         All were shocked 😲. 

Vansh will died or not ? 

Silent readers pls comment 🙏and
Sorry for grammatical mistake. 

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