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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shobit poisons Darsh’s mind

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 18th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajvi getting angry on Vipul. She tells Parul about him. She calls him. She asks how was the meeting. He says meeting was awesome. Parul stops Rajvi from telling anything. Rajvi says what is he hiding from me. Darsh collides with Ritesh. His bag falls down. Ritesh picks the Shringhaar items. He says sorry and goes. Shobit comes and asks where are you going. Ritesh says I had some imp work. He goes. Darsh asks don’t you feel something wrong, come. They follow Ritesh.

They try to find him out. Shobit says he kept his clothes here. Darsh says its good I can’t see all this. Shobit says Ritesh is marrying someone. They go to see. Ritesh turns and sees them. He says oh no, how did you know I m here. They ask what’s happening. Ritesh says I was marrying a dog. Darsh asks what. Ritesh says yes, Chetan told me about my kundli dosh, my ex GF got married, I have to marry a dog to end this dosh. Darsh laughs. Ritesh says I will continue. Shobit asks what are you wearing in your foot. Ritesh says its friendship band, Nandini gave it to me, I didn’t remove it since 20 years. They go.

Ritesh comes to the resort with them. He asks them not to tell anything to Nandini. Nandini asks from where are you coming. Darsh says we went to Ritesh’s clinic. Gunjan says Shobit, we shall go for a movie. Nandini says Darsh and I will also come. Shobit says if Darsh doesn’t want to come, then we will go with Ritesh. She says I don’t want to go. Darsh says go, you don’t make a compromise, go for the movie, then tell me the story. She agrees. Ritesh says we will leave soon, I will get ready.

Parul and Rajvi take a disguise and come to meet Vipul at the hotel. They get the room number and go to see Vipul. Darsh waits for Nandini. She comes back. She says I can’t wait much, I didn’t like the movie without you. He says but you wanted to see a movie. She says we will watch it together. He asks how will I see any new movie. She says I will show you. She plays a movie.

He asks where is the sound. She says I will give the commentary. She explains the action scene. Darsh likes it and laughs. She says it started raining, heroine is … He asks what’s happening, tell me. She says hero and heroine are together. He asks what are they doing. She asks him to understand. He asks what shall I understand, I m an innocent viewer. She explains the romantic scene. He holds her hand and gets romantic. She goes away.

Parul says I can’t believe Vipul can cheat you. Rajvi gets angry. She knocks the door. Vipul opens the door. He gets shocked. He says you here, sorry. Parul says how can you cheat Rajvi. Rajvi asks where is that woman. Vipul asks who. They get shocked seeing Chetan. Rajvi asks what’s happening here. Vipul says we checked in a hotel to watch a cricket match in peace, you get irritated in the room because of tv’s high volume, I called Chetan here. Rajvi and they all laugh. Gunjan says Nandini wasted the ticket fare, movie was nice. Shobit says I don’t like romantic movies. He asks Ritesh why is he silent. Ritesh says I get senti when I see romantic movies, don’t know when can I watch such movies with Kinjal. Shobit says you need to put some x factor, take off this pink band, its not cool. Ritesh removes it. Shobit says don’t worry, I m there to guide you, come. He takes the band. Nandini sleeps. Shobit comes to Darsh’s room. He says Nandini’s friendship band fell there, Nandini and Ritesh are so attached, you know it, she was so upset and left the movie. He says give this to Nandini. He goes. Darsh gets upset and keeps the band in her purse.

Darsh asks did Nandini come. Gunjan says yes, she left, her friend has come. Darsh asks Gunjan is it wrong if a married girl has any male friend. Rajvi looks on.

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