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Stony Inseparable Part 4: Thad (Slap)


So I have given precap that there is gonna be huge revelation in this part but wait. I need to build that plot which needs 2-3 parts more. So there will be revelation but after 2-3 episodes.

But, don’t be sad, there is another revelation too. Maybe in this or next part.

Have a good reading.



Previously we have seen Clint met with Stony while Bruce and Bucky had an accident. Wanda seems to be on revenge mode as she thinks that Stony killed Ultron.


Part 4:


Scene 1: Asgard

U:”Loki. Loki. Where are you? ”

Suddenly one green snake approached to the guy and looked at him.

U:”Loki. Stop doing that. It’s harmful. ”

The snake turned into a man. It was Loki. (So Loki is Serpentine 😍😍😍 It’s just for 2-3 parts only. Don’t worry)

L:”Mighty Thor. That much concern for me? ”

T:”I have to, brother. ”

L:”So we need to go to that Midgardian’s party. What are their name? ”

T:”Stony. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. ”

L:”Okay. Let’s get ready. ”

As they began walking Loki tripped his leg and was about to fall, Thor held him and saved himself.

L:”Thank you Brother.”

T:”What are brothers for? ”

They both shared a hug.

Scene 2: A public bus

Wanda and Pietro caught a public bus and sat on their seats.

P:”Wanda. Think again. This is a very serious business yo’re talking. This revenge won’t give you anything. ”

W:”Pi. Stop it. if you don’t want to support me it’s okay but don’t try to break me either. I really want my revenge. ”

P:”They might be innocent. We know them from so much time. There must have been something or else Tony won’t kill anyone innocent. ”

W:”So you mean Ultron was wrong?  Pi! ”

P:”Nope. I mean there must be something that we aren’t able to see. ”

W:”I have heard them talking about the murder. ”

End of Scene 2:

Scene 3: A flashback (Tony’s lab) (From Wanda’s POV)

Stony and Bruce were there in the lab, I went to meet them as you all did but I heard

B:”Why did you kill Ultron?”

T:”We had to. There was no option. ”

S:”Banner. Tony is right. We have to kill him. ”

B:”What about Wanda? What we will tell her?”

T:”We will do something? We can tell her a lie.”

S:”We will tell her a lie which will be good.”

For god sake they were talking about telling me a lie regarding Ultron to hide their crime.

End of Scene 3: End of flashback

Scene 4: Stark Tower


Steve yelled while Tony ran towards him.

T:”Capsicle. Are you okay? 😟😟😟”

S:”Tony. I’m having bad vibes about Bucks. 😟😟😟”

T:”Hey, everything will be okay. Yo’re just tired. Take this water.”

Tony gave Steve a glass of water.



Tony made him drink water and gave him a hug.

T:”Everything is good Capsicle. No worries.”

End of Scene 4:

Scene 5: Return to the public bus

W:”I have so much trust on them. ”

P:”I know but you haven’t heard it fully. You could have stayed there and listen more.”

W:”I was not able to control that the person whom I have trusted would broke it in such a way. ”

P:”Wanda. I am again telling you, talk to them  for once everything will be sorted.”

W:”Thee is no time in talking now. It’s time for action. ”

End of Scene 5:

Scene 6: Clint’s house

U:”Oh god Clint,  why you messed up everything, Huh? ”

That lady walked towards the living room and then approached towards the kitchen.

U:”Nat, now is time to do this business. Let’s go to party. ”

Natasha turned towards the door but suddenly stopped.

N:”That door is opened! Clint usually close it, today didn’t. I need to check. ”

Nat went inside the room, the room was dark.

N:”Where the hell are this switches? ”

She tried to find and turned on the light and ….

N:”Oh my goodness. ”

End of Scene 6:

Scene 7: Stark Towers

C:”Hey Steve, I need some more Doritos.”

Clint looked at Steve then to Tony.

T:”B****h 😡😡😡”


S:”Clint, I need to talk to you.”

C:”Yeah. Say.”

S:”Clint tell me honestly is that something yo’re hiding from us? 😐😐😐”

Clint face turned into serious expression and he chocked on food.

S:”Take this water.”

T:”See Karma hit you 😏😏😏”

Clint glared Tony but Steve interrupted

S:”Tony. Clint tell me. Now I am damn sure there is something.”

C:”Steve.. uh the thing uh. is….”

Before Clint can complete the lift’s door again opened.


Tony ran towards Banner while Steve was stood over there only.

T:”Banner. What happened?”

Tony asked and gave him a hug.

Ba:”I’m all okay Tony. Just had little accident.”

T:”Bucks. You could have drive carefully.”

Ba:”It’s not his fault. Actually I was driving.”

Bu:”We’re good now. Where is Steve?”

T:”He is here only. Hey Steve come here.”

S:”See. Tony, I have told you that I’m having bad vibes. Bucks are you okay?”

Steve came towards Bucky and gave him a little hug and Bucky too wrapped him.



Steve looked at Tony.

T:”What? I was jealous. 😒😒😒🤨🤨(One brow up).”

S:”Tony. Still it’s 3 years that we have been married. 🙄🙄🙄 ”

T:”So what? My love is still that old Capsicle 🤨🤨🤨(One brow up)”

S:”Tony. You dork 🤨🤨🤨(Frowning)”




T:”Do you know have problem man?”

S:”Not at all.”

S:”Okay stop this. You both come over here.”

Steve made them sit on sofa and applied first-aid.

T:”Capsicle. Why are you so caring?”

S:”What to do? I have demon with me, so learned to be an angel 😜😜😜”

T:”Beauty with Beast 😜😜😜”


All except Steve: “Language 😜😜😜”

S:”Now go get ready.”

End of Scene 7:

Scene 8: Stark Towers (Party time)

Everyone are enjoying. Some at dance floor, some at bar while Clint and Bucks are munching Doritos 😜😜😜.

C:”Hey you. Give me that Doritos.”

Bu:”Clint you ate 6 kg of Doritos for god sake.”

C:”Shut up. I need more.”

Bu:”God knows how Nat can manage?”

Clint’s smile soon fade away.

C:”You eat that. I don’t need it.”

Steve and Tony are welcoming the guests while Nat came.


Steve went towards her but she passed him and went towards Clint. Tony came to Steve.

T:What happened to her?”

S:”Don’t know. She is behaving strange.”

Nat reached to Clint and grabbed his hand–

C:”Hey Nat. Where are you taking me? I need to party.”

N:”Clint. We need to talk in private. Please come with me.”

C:”Why? I want to enjoy here. Please let me.”

N:”Clint 1st we need to talk, you can enjoy later. Please honey.”

C:”Nope. Why just why? Why you always ruined my happiness.”

Clint broke the glass.

Steve and Tony reached to them while Banner came too.

S:”What happen Nat? Clint be calm. What’s the matter?”

C:”Steve. Nat wants to talk to me and I want to be here. Make her understand, please.”

T:”If she is saying then it must be something serious. You should go Clint.”

C:”Tony you too”

T:”Yup. I should. Just go with her. She really want to talk something serious. Don’t do this yelling and make her and yourself embarrass man.”

C:”Whoa. Stop there. Who are you to tell me about us? Please mind your business Tony.”

S:”Clint yo’re crossing the limits. Don’t talk to Tony like that.”

C:”Wow. Steve. Instead of asking your husband to stop , yo’re asking me to stop. That’s good. So your husband can interrupt anything and we just don’t say a word too. Ask him to get a life and to not be in middle of us.”

S:”Clint please.”

C:”Steve. Just ask your f***n husband.”


And “Thad”…………………….

Steve slapped Clint, while Clint fall down on the floor.

S:”Don’t you dare to say anything for my Tony or else…”

C:”Or else what huh?”

N:”Clint let’s go. I need to talk.”

C:”Nat. Why don’t you understand. You b****h.”

And again “Thaddd…”

This time Nat slapped Clint.

End of Scene 8:


Precap: Revelation of reason of Slap and more twists 👹👹👹👺👺👺


A/N: So that’s 4th one. How’s that? Comment down below and press a like if you liked it. There gonna be more and more twists in the next update. Be ready for that. 👹👹👹👺👺👺.




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