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REVIEW BOOK for Fanfictions of TU (Review of second nomination)

Here is the review of Trapped -Yuvani ss written by an amazing writer Napsha. There is just 8 shot in your story that’s why we read all of the parts . Let’s move toward the review .

TITLE – We really like the title .It’s perfectly suited on the story .

CONCEPT – Concept is actually nice but not different . Mostly in these type of concepts , Male lead is already in love with other girl & at last get married to female lead for the sake of their family . In the end , Female lead win over him with care & love but roles are reversed in your ss. We really love how u portray Suhani’s insecurities . Yuvraj is very sweet character in ur ss. That’s good u practically shows the difference between Sambhav & Yuvraj in story . We would love to see How Somya react after knowing their relationship ?You can add a part to show Somya’s point of view too because she is also play important role in Yuvani’s life .If u add some moments between Pratima ,Dadi & Suhani , then it’s like cherry on the top.

DIALOGUES – I pretty liked all the dialogues but u can improve ur dialogues . I expected some intense dialogues from Yuvraj when he feel betrayed . Hope u get my point .

WRITING STYLE – I must say ur writing style is pretty good .I love how u shows the scenes from the pov of Suhani & Yuvraj inspite of adding unnecessary dialogues .

STORY MOULDING – Whole story is perfectly blend with scenes .We feel that your rushed a lil bit with ending .You can add one more shot with description . We like that Sambhav got punished in last.Many of the writer forget this after leads got united but u didn’t that’s why we appreciate ur writings .

FLAWS – We would love to read some more intense dialogues .Well, We have to say there are a very few number of grammatical errors, that’s really common but still if u want then u can checked your article before submitting .

Overall it’s a very good book .Those who want to see Yuvraj’s caring side , they can read her book .It’s interesting & romantic too with perfect ending .

Rating – 8/10

Thank you for nominating your book .Hope u are satisfy with reviews .Don’t get demotivated , your book is amazing .I want to comment too but unfortunately comment box get closed.

Keep writing & Stay blessed .

All the best for ur future .


Hania & Neha

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