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Meera was sitting in their balcony and thinking something very deeply

Jeevika enters the scene

Jeevika : Kya baat hai… badi soch mein doba hai..

Meera : Something is wrong.. I .. there’s something missing in my..life and (she just remembers something) Yestarday.. you were about to tell me something.. what was it..

Jeevika : Actually ( she smiles & gives Meera her phone)

Meera looks at her phone and sees a Man’s photo.


Meera : Yeh.. khon hai..

Jeevika : This is viren..

Meera : Toh..

Jeevika : I met him on social media..

Meera : Toh

Jeevika : I feel so connected to him.. he and i have so much similar..

Meera : Toh..

Jeevika : He proposed me that i said YES.

Meera(shocked) : WHAT !!!!

Jeevika : I know that’s..

Meera : Its stupid.. really.. how could you belive in this type.. Thete are many news how people are cheating on .. then who could you..

Jeevika : But i belive him..

Meera : Mujhe usse milna hai.. give me his adress..

Jeevika : That’s the problem.. he lives in india..

Meera (claps) : Wow.. di.. you are unbeliveable


Anjana & Harsh are sitting in the hall.. Meera come stheir following Jeevika..

Anjana : Lo.. agaye gunda..

Harsh : Let me talk to her..

Anjana : There is nothing to talk.. Just lock her in room..

Meera : What happened.. mom..

Anjana : Mrs.Taneja was here.. did you beat her son..

Jeevika : Mom..woh..

Anjana : Don’t jeevika…

Meera : I did..

Harsh : Beta.. i know your mom is hot headed .. but its not good to hit someone.. just like that..

Meera( angry) : I hit him because.. he was misbehaving with Di.. at the weekend party..

All gets shocked..

Meera walks away to her room..

Anjana : Yeh aajkal bahut gussa larne lagi hai..

Jeevika : Maa.. i think she needs a break from things..

Harsh : I am also thinking that .. why don’t you to go on a vaction after.. the award function..

Meera suddenly comes and hears the conversation

Meera : If its so .. i would like to visit INDIA..

Jeevika smiles hearing this.. while Anjana gets a little shocked..




Rajnath was looking at a picture while Shakshi comes there..

Sakshi : Aap.. aaj bhi esae sambal kar rakha hai raj..

Raj : I can’t leave this from my life even if i wanted to..

Sakshi : Do you have any regert for choosing me between Meera & Mahi..

Raj (holds her shoulder) : What rubbish are you talking.. its nothing like that.. you have been a perfect mother to Mahi.. you even loves her more that shaurya… Its just that.. sometimes i wish Meera was also here…so that..that i can know.. her craziness.. her behaviour.. all of it..

Just then shaurya enters.. seeing him sakshi takes the photo and hides it..

Shaurya : Hey.  dad..

Raj : Shaurya ..

Shaurya : Was you guys talking about something important..

Raj : No.. its nothing like that..

Shaurya : So i hope we may now go to office..

Raj: Ye..Yeah. why not i was waiting for you.. lets go..

They walks out.. just then sakshi calls him..

Sakshi : Shaurya.. Mahi kaha hai..

Shaurya : She.. went for shopping.. kal humae LONDON jo jana hai.

Sakshi  : Achhaa…

  After they left sakshi goes to the kitchen puts on the gas and burns the photo


Sakhi : Itne saalon tak.. i haven’t let Raj even think of Meera.. and nothing else.. When i came here all i wanted was to throw away Mahi also so that my son.. should get all the property.. but..  This blo*dy Raj named half of his property to Meera & Mahi.. due to which i have to show this false love to her…..  Once my son become the CEO.. i will show them  all


Shopping mall..

Mahi was purchasing just then a man comes and hugs her she gets shocked

Mahi : Kya bathameezi hai..

Man : Batameezi.. oh comeon yaar.. we are friends from childhood and this how we treat eachother when we sees..

Mahi : Oh.. hello.  i think you have a misunderstanding..

Man : Comeon.. Meera tumhe amnesia toh nahi hogaya.. i am Aahil..

Mahi : I am sure .. you are looking for someone else..

Mahi runs from there..

Aahil : Apne dad.. ke sath business award  ke liye kal London ayegi na tab dekh legae tumhe MEERA..


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