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Mile ke bhi na mile hum.. swasan ts

Helloo everyone..
So you guys are ready for my new one shot..

In this story Sanskar is a businessman with jolly nature but a flirt .live in delhi.

Swara she is self made girl she love to make painting  but due to parents she become a doctor.but in free time she do painting.. she live in Berlin.

Story start with ..

We see a tall building. When we go inside we see many people are working as a robots.

Then we see a tall man with muscular body entering the seeing him everyone wishes him. He wish back and goes to his cabin where his P.A.

He goes to her and ask – hey beauty ..
P.A – hey sanky..
Where were you man .
Snskar :- on this planet . why you went to mars.. bad girl you have not take me. Go I will not talk to you ..
(he make a pout)

Seeing his face she start laughing .. ohh god baby see your face I am just feeling like kiss you soo hard..

Sanskar :- soo what happen who is not letting you come. He drag her near him make her sit on his lap. And lean to to kiss she close her eyes they were about to kiss..

But bang

door open and come a 50 year old man and shout sanskar ..
Sanskar literally jump on his place hearing his voice and that girl fall from his lap..
Hit her on the floor..

Sanskar :- in his mind (oh shit dad here again how he came to know that I am going to kiss her. Whenever I go near her he always come and disturb our moment. I never disturb when is romancing with my mom ) Oh dad yes dad . what happen any problem..

Ram :- kanika out from here. Right now.

She leaves cursing ram under her breath

Kanika to herself – this oldie everytime  come and disturb our moment sanky always come close in office only. Outside office he never contact me..
Murmuring this she left..

Ram :- hey son you know na then also you go to her..

Sanskar :- dad I know she want my money for that only she was coming close to me . but you know na I cant resist girls they me crazy. But I never cross my limit .

I just flirt with them. Nothing else… you know na I fulfill everyones wish. he said

Ram :- and you were going to kiss her..

Sanskar :- no dad. I was just seeing her closely..

Ram :- yaa. I know . it was me who was going to kiss

Sanskar :- dad .How can you do this . you are cheating my mom . I will not leave you .for this .

Ram:- shut up you idiot . I came here to ask you where are you going this year..

Sanskar :- ohh I forgot. My holidays times came. I was thinking to go berlin..what you say.

Ram:-  ohh its nice place. And my friend shekhar live there you can stay at his place .
Sanskar :- then that great. Now I can have Indian home made food. I miss this thing soo much on my trip.. no hotel can make food like indian hands.

Ram:- yaa. But shekhar wife is dead . he live with his daughter . she is a doctor. But she is little reserve type.
I have visted many times to their house. But she talk that much she need. Its like leave it  . I will tell shekhar . when you will leave .

Sanskar :- today in night there is a flight to berlin .
Ram :- ok . book your tickets. And I will tell your mom to pack your bags..
Sanskar :- ok dad
Ram leave
Sanskar okk soo berlin here I come..

Now screen moves to berlin where we see a beautiful bed of round shape. comforter is lying but we cant ee any one there as we move forward we see a girl sleeping on floor..

Then her door opens and come a old women pat hr head and says beta get up it morning..
She just make herself comfortable on her lap .
Old women:- swara beta get up today you have an important meeting with head of your hospital.

Swara :- open her eyes with jerk . and says kaki how could you let me sleep for soo much time . I going to fresh please remove my dress .
Kaki:- ok..

She left for washroom .
Where kaki start cleaning her room . floor was covered with many sheet of paintings colors brushes and pallet.

She put clothes on her bed and left to make food.

She was going to her room when shekhar ask is get up
Kaki :- yes now only..

Shekhar :- god knows what this girl want. Never let me leave in peace. She eat her mother now want to eat me..
Because of sumi last wish I m tolerating her . if not I would have leave her.
Ok you go make something for that maharani.

Swara who has listen all this thing . she was just crying listening her father harsh words towards her.

Swara POV :-

Why papa hate me soo much am I that bad he never love me. Since childhood till dida was there I was able to live but now its been 8 years of her death. She was only my mother , father, friend everything. God never love that why he always stanch the person whom I love the most.
After dida I started making painting I just use to forget my pain while painting and I use to love it . but again papa came and said I will become a doctor because my mother wants her child to became a doctor. And help people.
Asusual I can never say a word against my father I became a doctor but I never left painting . dida always use to say beta what ever happen never leave the thing which give peace to your mind . so I always do painting just to make myself clam. With this chaos .
Its not I don’t love my profession . I love my profession very much . it fells so blessed when some one say stay happy beta all your wishes comes true. God give all the happiness . but while painting I lost my self somewhere each and everything is good and beautiful. Life is not bed of rose it has both rose and prikle.. so accepting  this I start leaving this life.
But I don’t understand why papa hate me soo much whats my fault mom died while giving birth to me.
He care for a died person what about me..

Is there any one in this whole world who will ever love ???
Pov ends..
Swara  and shekhar were having breakfast when he get a call
He gets happy .seeing the caller name.
Shekhar :- hello how are you after a long time.
Os —
Shekhar :- ok no problem hw canlive here as much days he want . after all is my son also.
Os – thank u
Shekhar :- my friend son is coming tomorrow so make a room ready he will live for some days .
Saying this he left..

Swara he can say that directly also but no he don’t know how to say.

Now who the hell is coming to make my life more hell. Whenever any of  papa friends some or other thing has happen.

Let pray for best…
Soo how was the part ..
Like it or not do tell me ..
Ignore spelling mistakes.
Guys who read this vote also.
I you don’t like then tell I will improve it ..
But don’t be silent.. but if like to silent than god will help you..


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