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Magical and True Love of Samaina-Chapter/Episode 7

Sorry for Updating it very late.. Coz of My College…. I didn’t have time to write..So Here’s The Next Chappy Begins and Once again Sorry for updating it Late..

Chapter/Episode-7 Begins

At Naina’s House…

Naina Was still blushing😊😊 and She was thinking About the Whole incidence that took place in her Class.. (Flashback is Shown..Sameer’s happiness and then the Gift which Sameer Gave to Her)Made her soo much blush and Happiness That she couldn’t Concentrate on her studies…

Suddenly Preeti Notices Naina..

Preeti:-Oho Naina … What had happened to you?? You r just Going on Blushing and Smiling .. Are u Lost Somewhere….

Naina didn’t Answered… She was soo Deeply in her thoughts about the Incident Took place between Sameer and Herself that she couldnt hear Anything Except Sameer….

Naina’ Voiceover:-Actually Sameer Made This Day a Special And most Important day for me.. That Gift. . 😍😍😘😘Ufff🙈🙈.. When I remember that Memorable Day .. I have a Smile on my Face..😊😊☺☺

Preeti had A Nice Idea .

Suddenly She screamed (But in low voice)

Preeti:- Naina… See Jijaji Has Come…

Naina:-Where is He??

Preeti Laughs 😂😂😂

Naina:-Preeti.. Where is He??

Preeti :- I was just joking… What happened to u Naina..The time u have came home I am Noticing U.. You are just Blushing And smiling .. 😳😳😍😍

Naina:- Nothing..😳😳

Preeti:-Then Why Are You Smiling..

Naina:-Leave it.. You Know I and Sameer Are the Topper of the Class..

Preeti :- Oh .. So that’s Why You are Smiling.. Not Bcoz U came First.. Bcoz Jijaji has also came first that too with u… Now I Understood…That’s why You were Smiling…

Suddenly Bela Chachi Interrupts by Her Voice

Bela Chachi :-Naina and Preeti.. Come and Have Ur Lunch ….

Naina :-Ji Chachi Ji.. We are Coming

Naina and Preeti Goes to have lunch..

Meanwhile At Sameer’s House

Nana Ji:-Sameer.. Today is Your result Day.. How much U Got..??

Sameer:(in a sad tone😢😥😔)- First Of All Nanu Promise me that u wont scold Me after Hearing My Results..

Nana Ji:-Sameer Beta.. When did I Scold you.. Tell me When and where Did I scold you.. Ok.. I will Promise that I will not Scold you.. Now tell me the result

Sameer(in a Happy/Surprising Tone):- Nanu I Topped the Class with My Naina…

Suddenly Sameer realizes what he had Said..

Nana Ji:-Ohh .. My Naina… Hmmm.. 😊😊☺☺Nana Ji Teases Him

Sameer:- I mean With Naina…

Nana Ji:-This is really a Happy News For Us..Your mom will Be very happy.. I will Phone her and will tell this news to her..And Today Sameer Beta .. you Have Made my Day Happy so We will Have Dinner At Sunrise 5 Star Hotel.. Tell Munna and Pandit also to accompany with Us… Ok.. I will First Call Your Mom and Then I will Book the Seats. . Ok Sameer Beta will See you Soon..

Sameer:- Ok Nana Ji.. Take Care Nanu ..

Nana Ji Leaves

Sameer’s Voiceover:-That day was also special for me.. I made my Nana ji Soo Happy and I was Stepping The stairs of Success … All was Because Of Naina .. My Naina…

Sameer was thinking about Naina and suddenly the Phone Rings

Sameer takes the phone

Sameer:-Hello Naina..!!

Munna:-Its Not Naina Bhabhi… Its Me Munna …

Sameer:- Ohh Munna.. You…

Munna:- These Dayz u are soo Lost in Naina’s love that U Forgotten Us..

Sameer:-No Munna… You and Pandit are my life ..How Can I forget You guys..And good Munna You have Called .. You and Pandit are invited in our Small Party Tonight At Sunrise 5 Star Hotel

Munna:-Oh Wow… Thats Awesome..😊😊☺☺☺😇😇😇 We will be accompaning you.. And we both also wanted to ask and Tell you Something..

Sameer:-Ok Then.. Meet Me At Sunrise Hotel At 8:00p.m. Will discuss There

Munna:-Ok Bye Then..

Sameer:-Bye Munna..

Sameer Hangs up the Phone..

Time Passes

At Sunrise Hotel

Sameer:-Haii Munna and Pandit… Come with Mee .. Our Seat is there. .

Munna and Pandit were really Excited to see the Place .. As they were entering the 5 Star Hotel for The first Time ..

Sameer , Munna Pandit Sits. . Nana Ji Also Sits with Them…

Sameer orders the Food … Munna and Pandit Also Orders For their Favourite Food … Nana Ji Also Orders…

Munna:-Sameer How Did You Came first and toper of the class with Naina… How Come..

Sameer:- Its All bcoz of Naina.. She helped me in studies ..

Munna:-But how??🤔🤔🤔

Sameer:-I and Naina Meet in the classroom Before the school starts and She used to help mee…. and Really Having A Teacher like her is just Awesome 😊😊☺☺😳😳.. and you will also have interest in Studies… The way She Teaches.. The way she looks and the way she looks at Mee is just…😍😍😍😍😘😘

Sameer was About to tell when Everyone stares at him… and then laughs…😂😂😂😂

Munna:-Are u Telling How you got Good marks Or You are Telling the Qualities of Naina Bhabhi .. Haan … 😂😂😁😁

Everyone (including Nana Ji) Teases Him Making Him Completely Shy, Blush and Sameer having a  Naughtiest Smile on His Face…😊😊☺☺😳😳😃😃😃😃☺☺😊😊😳😳

 Precap:-Everyone is Preparing …( In short Some celebration )

So that’s The End of My Chapter/Episode-7….. Do give your valuable Feedbacks to Mee.. and share your reviews on this Chappy…. Please Note The Point That My College Has started And I have No time to update it on weekends…. but I will Try my best to update the Next Chappy .. Its not that I will not update but give me some time to update the chappy… Till then Stay Safe And Take Care..

Thanking You.



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