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Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction) Kahani abh tak

Kaisa yeh isq hai 

Kahani abh tak…


Hello guys this a repeat or summary article for my fan fiction on AVNEIL – Kaisa yeh isq hai . The motive behind this is that I’ve made a new and my own sung title song for this ff to which link is in the end . It’s remake version of famous song from a 2008 movie fashion .

Before going on I’d like to thank each and every person who reads , Dislikes , Likes , Silent readers , Haters , Lovers , Everyday commentators . Every one of you who had helped me . Thanks a lot .

Here I go , Kaisa yeh isq hai , The title suggests it’s a love story where every thing is not as it should be . Two childhood best friends Avni and Neil got separated from each other for 15 years . But their fortune had played a game with them , They are so close to each other now after 15 years yet so far . Because they can’t recognise .

They hate each other ? Really ? Would they become friends again ? . Avni , Who has forgotten the meaning of love and friendship because of her painful and horrific  past can again fall in love with an IPS officer Neil , Her best friend .

Or Neil will he love Avni after being suspicions about Ahiana ( Avni ) .

Their romantic moments are not less , Be it be eating Poha together . Sweet Nok- Jhok or Caring each other in rain . After that , Fighting for right . A lovely night at a jungle and A sweet Bicycle ride . Despite all this , They aren’t aware of each other .

Now what would be their fate ! Oh god Kaisa yeh isq hai ? Really Ajab si  story ha ? isn’t it . 

What’s your take on the story till now ! Feel free to express

Now here’s my own made , Written , Sung , Title song for this ff .


Friends now don’t judge me , I’m not a singer , I want to just write song but then without singing it’d not fun so I just gave a try . Please bare with my horrible voice . I don’t know what’d be your reaction . Please guys feel free to express . we’re friends , Yes Na ! Go on and write .Next episode would be out very soon .💕

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