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Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — Chapter 1

announcer: and artist of the year is mr omkara jaisingh.

the crowd clapped as om went up to receive the award.

rikara’s pov:

i am so proud of my papa. he deserves this award.

you might be wondering who am i and why am i calling mr omkara jaisingh. well i am his daughter, rikara.

fine just between you and me, jaisingh is not my surname…. it’s oberoi but my parents, chachmi and chachmu always say to use jaisingh if introducing yourself to someone. i don’t know really why we have to use jaisingh. like even on my passport and everything else…it’s all jaisingh.

anyway back to my papa, as he received the award, he was given the mic to give a speech.

believe me you i love it when my papa gives speeches. they are always so sweet.

papa: thank you for all your love and support. i want to dedicate this award to my wife mrs gauri omkara jaisingh and my eldest daughter rikara omkara jaisingh. more than me, they deserve this award.

my mum and i stood up from our seats and went up on the stage. we stood next to papa as the person took the photos then papa kissed the award and gave it to mama to hold.

as we went down with papa, my other siblings, cousins and chachmi and chachmu came to us.

okay…. how about i tell you a quick introduction to my family

so my parents gauri and omkara have had five kids….. yes five kids…. yes five pregnancies…..anyway so i am the eldest out of my parents’ children. me, then my brother riom, then mariam, then munni and finally pari. then my chachmi and chachmu, ishana and ayaan. they have three kids. two less of the kids my parents had. their kids are krishna, ishita and ishaan.

it feels great being part of a big family but i know that there is something the elders are hiding. everytime one of us brings up something like does papa and chachmi have any brothers or sisters? or what does our dadu do? we get told to zip it.

if no one else is going to find out what the elders are hiding then i will and i know the perfect person to ask

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