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All I need is you: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Your love took my heart.

Aditya was walking dumbstruck, holding the bag close to his heart  on the roads of Venice…the weather was thunderous…

“excuse me Sir… Sir… ” a guy shouted but he didn’t hear.

His eyes were red weeping for the loss.. The loss of his childhood love…He wandered places to find her but now what he got were her last signs. Aditya continues walking.. Way deep in his stream of consciousness.

‘ “Aditya.. I am not gonna give this book to you Okay.. Its our first assignment in class 8th…I wanna give it on time”..says the cute 13 year old Zoya.

“Oye Padhaku (Miss Studious) ..this’s the only book in Library.. And I touched it first.. So I am going to get this.. You can go and look for any other one..”..Aditya denies.

“No I am taking this…its in my hands ”

“No me”

“No… Okay answer my questions and win this.. ”

“haa.. Fine babes… Now you’ll see how smart Aditya Hooda is”..he says confidently.

“How was cell discovered??”

“..Aan..vo…. I know.. But book is of physics ask physics questions. “..he defends

“..Whatever.. You lost one…   The strength of force is expressed by?”..

“..umm. weight… ”

“Wrong.. Magnitude…. Last… Which cells of retina are sensitive to bright light? ”

“……Cones ….may be.. ”

“Rods… You lost …I am taking this…. And yes next time. Keep your ‘babes’ in your pocket. “…Zoya walked to the librarian…

“if you know so much… The why do you need that freaking book?? “…Adi says loosing…

This was the first conversation they had …she always had the power to shut him up and be the boss but he never felt bad… May it be the times he tried his superpower of great flirting…all the butter would actually melt.. Zoya was an orphan from the Ngo which the principle owns..it’s a convent school thus they gave admissions to the children in the orphanage. Zoya was a lovely girl …

One day a boy named Kushagra  asked her out in 9th class to which she gave a clear NO..Zoya was responsible girl ..for her everything had an age and the age which she was in wasn’t made for casual relationships.

Aditya never knew how had he started liking her..She was cute.. she was jolly and he used to call her dum dum…he reminicises jow when his assignment was done on time she gave her assignment to him to do the work…they weren’t besties..they’re just acquaintances..just the difference was Aditya liked her alot.. but like a few others never confessed .Atleast he could have conversations..as all knew ..She’d say No…everyone used to pull her legs due to Kushagra after he shifted in US

but today… his love died…’

“Sir…. Its going to rain heavily ..

there are full chances for thunderstorm.. No flights for next 3-4 days… for now we need to get in this cafe… Please Captain ” the cabin crew member said  taking Adi out of his thoughts.

He just followed the guy and got seated at a corner seat..he Looked into the bag… Found some touch up essentials…an iPad.. a mobile a fdw other things and a Diary…. The dairy had “ADITYA’  handwritten on it beautifully …he reognised the handwriting was of Zoya… She had made almost every cover of his projects.

but a diary with his name !!!!

He opened it and read

” Hi… Aditya.. You know ,I am not a diary person but there are times when I feel I sort of express what’s there deep in my heart… Its my love for you… Writing down my feelings and things I want to tell you can help me hide my feelings from others.Like today you know.. When you were explaining a few maths questions to me before the test ..you sitting on the seat behind and I was turned towards you..both of us looking in the aame notebook I heard Himanshi saying.. “Look.. How both of them are sitting… I am telling you there’s something between them…”…I felt good and bad at the same time… Aditya today.. I am confessing.. Yes I love you but I don’t want anyone to know that. I don’t want anything among us other than friendship until we become something in our lives I have no expectations from you but yeah I can not remove you from my heart and mind.. I know that the day of us together will never come but that won’t arop me from loving you… ‘

Aditya reminisce their last school trip how the rumours of their affair spread

Zoya was in other bus. “Guys… Our Adi isn’t feeling warm here…can someone send him to bus E” Yash announces…

“Shut up”..Adi pulls him down, holding his neck…his gang laughs.

“Adi ..you know Rajat and Zoya are in the same bus.. “..

Adi makes faces. He never liked Rajat.

The day he came in class 11 …he’s very sticky to her and unfortunately Aditya took PCM with CS while Zoya took PCM with

On the trip

Zoya was getting a pic clicked of hers and Pooja….Adi came and held both of them from their waists…

“Aditya” both yell…

“Sorry “….Click…Gunjan clicked the pic

And the pic was as if Aditya kept his face on Zoya’s neck… That was mess…

And How Adi bought her a soft drink.

And the main news was Aditya’s class teacher asked Zoya to shift in that bus as a girl from Adi’s bus wanted to go in her bus.

As Zoya entered into the bus Aditya surrounding was a chaos of teases…

“Zoya…. ” Rajat calls..

“Your water bottle “…he gives from the window… She thanked.

Aditya felt uneasy as he wasn’t habitual of buses…he slept with a blazer on his face but it wasn’t his…

“duh?!..who’s blazer is this.. Smelling sweet.. With a peach lip balm and a chocolate… And Zoya came snatching hers.. And removed the one she’s wearing …Oh!… Zoya wore Aditya’s blazer as due to the games and dances… Blazers mixed up…Aditya was now happy while sleeping under that blazer.

‘Happy Birthday Aditya…………………’

And Aditya read the whole… It had a few pages dedicated to his birthdays ..she clicked a pic of hers with cake of his name and wishes for him…

The last page was of yesterday… Its had just one line written

“You have grown to be very handsome.. I wish we were together.. More than just friends “…..now what all the pages had where drops of tears that dried .

“Sir there’s a girl asking for you…”

“I want to be alone… Aditya said”…the guy goes..

“Excuse me… Be alone..but I want MY BAG that you have taken I don’t know why!! “…a girl says from behind



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