Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rakesh gets stuck

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anand says no one called to inform us if they have reached or not. Bela suggests contacting Nirmala ji but he had done that an hour ago. Seems like everyone has slept! She says this was why I dint wish to send them away. Anand says I will call them again in an hour. She says I hope they reached safely.

Nirmala ji asks Rakesh if they dint inform Anand that they have reached. He has called me so many times already! Preeti offers to call Papa instead. Let them have Kesar Milk. It is important for Sameer as he has to become hero. Nirmala ji shifts the glasses towards her the moment they keep it down. Rakesh requests Nirmala ji to hide it from the society members that Sameer and Naina are married. If anyone asks you then say that he is my friend’s son. She is hesitant but Rakesh says this

is how it works in film line. Married men don’t get too many chances! Dadi rings the bell incessantly which Nirmala translates as a no. How will Naina live like an unmarried woman even after being married? Naina replies that she can do anything for Sameer. He holds her hand at which Dadi rings the bell again. They move their hands away. Rakesh convinces Nirmala ji. Sameer argues at his examples but Rakesh tells him to stop. Dadi smiles and rings the bell. Naina requests them to stop fighting. Preeti reminds Nirmala ji that she taught her that not every lie is a white lie. Nirmala ji acts innocent. Preeti says you only told me to lie to Dadi that dry fruits are over for sweets. When I asked why, you said it is for Dadi’s health. It was for Dadi’s sake then and now it’s for jija ji. Nirmala ji says it can take years to become a hero. Till when will I be able to lie? Naina replies that they already had a word with Anant Sir. The meeting is tomorrow. Nirmala ji is surprised. We will see then. If anyone asks me, I will say that Sameer is Rakesh’s friend’s friend. People will gossip if a married woman will act like an unmarried woman and stay in the same house. The broker delivers key. Nirmala ji’s eyes are fixated on Kesar milk. They get up to go when Preeti asks them to have Kesar milk. Nirmala ji asks her to have food. Rakesh and Sameer politely decline. Nirmala ji does not request them again. They leave. Nirmala ji smiles in relief seeing the glasses.

Sameer and Naina open the door. Naina says we will make another set of key so there is no problem. He happily agrees. Rakesh asks them to move aside but walks ahead from between them. The Akkha-Dana given by Bela falls down from Naina’s hand. They smile thinking it to be a good sign. Everything will be fine now.

They look at the rooms and are instantly reminded of their Ahmedabad House. This one is smaller in comparison to that. They are holding hands.

Voiceover – Naina:
We are happy and surprised at once. We had never seen such smaller houses in Ahmedabad. We came to the big city with big dreams but we had no idea that in Mumbai, houses are small and time is less! Our life was changing with the house. We only had each other’s support in Mumbai. It was the only thinking giving us confidence.

Naina and Sameer look around the house.

Dadi rings the bell. Nirmala says she is asking to keep the milk in fridge. She tells Dadi she wont give it to her as it isn’t good for her health. I will give it to Shubham and Sweety. It isn’t good for Preeti too. It wont look nice if you gain weight in this age. Preeti nods. Doorbell rings. It is Shubham. Preeti takes his bag as he goes inside. He looks at the glasses. She shares that Naina and Sameer came over from Ahmedabad. I made this for them but they couldn’t. He says it is bad. You don’t understand economics. We could have used this milk to make tea if you hadn’t added Kesar in it. Now we will have to drink it. She says I dint think about it. I will do this when your Tau ji will come next time. Dadi rings the bell. Preeti asks Shubham to freshen up. We will meet Naina and Sameer. Nirmala ji tells her that they just came. You take care of everyone. You got them Kesar milk but dint even give water to Shubham. Preeti goes to bring water.

Rakesh counts the steps in the room and hits his head on the wall. No more than 3 people can stay in this hall! He calls out to Sameer and Naina loudly. This hall ends up in 7 steps! The same goes for every room and especially bathroom! Preeti’s house is so nice but look at our house! We will vacate this place tomorrow itself. We wont stay here. Sameer notices Nirmala ji from his window and asks her to come over for some time. Papa ji wants to talk to you. Rakesh says what will I say to her and why. It is your fault! Sameer reasons that Anand gave her the responsibility to find them a house. Talk to her.

Nirmala ji asks Rakesh if he forgot something again. Eat almonds in the morning. Sameer seconds her. He thinks that this house it small. Rakesh denies. Naina gestures at Sameer as to what he did but he smiles. Rakesh says the house is smaller than our house in Ahmedabad. She says so many people come to Mumbai every day with different dreams. Big dreams are seen in every small house here! This was what I could find in your budget. The rent of our house is twice as much as yours! Shall I? He denies. We will manage. Cold wind comes from this window. It is fine. She leaves.

Naina and Sameer are smiling. Rakesh tells Sameer he will send the stuff upstairs. Sameer offers to go but he tells him to set everything here. Sameer goes to change. Naina is trying to set things when Sameer enters. He is reminded of their first night. He holds her hands and looks at her romantically. She tells him to help her set up the house.

Rakesh and the tempo driver are lifting an almirah. Rakesh asks him to turn it around. Don’t use your brain.

Sameer fixes his and Naina’s photo. He again pulls her towards him.

Tempo driver turns the almirah around in a way because of which Rakesh gets stuck behind an almirah. Naina and Sameer hear his voice. She wants to check on Rakesh as he might otherwise bother the entire society. Sameer again pulls her closer. This time her hair gets stuck in his shirt’s button. He says even Ganpati ji does not want you to leave me. She tries to free herself but it is difficult. Rakesh continues to shout. A guy comes out of his house and asks Rakesh to shift the almirah. You kept it in the way. Rakesh calls him strange. I am stuck here and you are asking me to shift the almirah! Help! Naina’s hair is still stuck.

Precap: Rakesh empties his pant and the key falls down. He pretends to exercise as Sameer comes there to get water from himself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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