Sitara 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mystery guy held captive by Hariyali and Vishkanya’s

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Albeli raises a dagger from behind. Vrinda is shocked and signals her against it. Albeli gives in reluctantly. Vrinda tells Viraj she liked how brave he has been today. You will have to do something if you want to save your family or Hariyali. You wont gain anything by saying all this in front of us! Keep it to yourself and leave. Viraj says you are too proud of your powers. Remember that everything evil ends one day! He leaves. Vrinda asks Albeli if she is mad. Who told you to attack Viraj? Our plan would have been ruined then. Albeli says we couldn’t have found any other chance to kill him otherwise. Vrinda reminds her that Hariyali is more powerful than them. She will kill us if she finds out that we killed him! His death should look like an accident, not murder! Albeli nods. Vrinda says we have to think

through before doing anything.

Yamini gives water to Rani Sa. She is shocked to see Sitara as she enters. Everyone is taken aback as well to see her in her Vishkanya avatar. Sitara is in tears. I had no other option to save my family. Viraj’s life was in risk and I couldn’t do anything! I had to gain my powers again to save everyone. I promised Baba I will protect the royal family always. Rani Sa says I can understand. You have been through a lot for all of us. Yamini and Padmini second her. You would have thought well before doing anything. Rani Sa nods. You do so much for Viraj. I pray that you both are back together soon. My son cannot find a better wife than you! No one could have done what you have done for us and Viraj. I wont let you go away from us this time. I will try to clear the misunderstandings between you and Viraj. Sitara says I am a Vishkanya. Rani Sa says it does not matter anymore. I know that you have a pure soul and love my son immensely. A mother does not want anything else from her DIL. Sitara is overwhelmed and hugs her MIL.

Vrinda says how Sitara can turn into a Vishkanya again. It cannot be! Albeli nods. A Vishkanya cannot turn into one again once she loses her powers. Surili says Sitara can do anything. She must have done something. Hariyali says nothing can give her the power to become a Vishkanya again. Even you wont have those powers! Vrinda agrees. Hariyali says the one who is helping Sitara is stronger than all 3 of you. Vrinda says that mystery guy is helping Sitara right now. Surili says he is facing us time and again and defeating us. Hariyali decides to kill Sitara. We have to get her out of our way and then we will tackle that mystery guy. Just follow my plan. Sitara will die and that guy will be revealed too!

Viraj comes to his room and throws Sitara’s stuff from their cupboard. He finds their photo amongst it and gets emotional. Sad song plays. He thinks of all that day. Sitara enters and notices him thus. Why is there so much distance in your heart when this photo is causing you so much pain? He replies that these aren’t tears of love but of hatred and anger. This is of your cheating! She tells him that he cannot hide his love even if he tries to. He calls his tears the witness of how she made fun of his love. You hid the truth of your being Vishkanya and later said that you aren’t a Vishkanya. I doubt if all your I love you’s are also true or not! She stops him from tearing the photo but he tells her not to touch her. He tears it in two pieces. Sitara thanks him for opening her eyes. You made me realise that the relation where you have to prove your love is worthless. I promise you I wont come before you ever to prove my truth! I will never apologize to you and wont ask you to accept me ever. The day you realise I was right, you can come to me. They share an eye lock as sad song plays. She walks out of the room.

Hariyali and Vishkanya’s smile. They have kept a mannequin caught in Hariyali’s mesh there. They remark that the mystery guy wont be able to stop himself now as his Sitara is their captive now. Albeli slaps the mannequin. Hariyali tells everyone to hide. Our game will up if that mystery guy sees us. They hide. Storm appears as the mystery guy comes there. The mannequin has its back to him. He worriedly walks towards it. Vrinda nods at Hariyali who shoots an arrow at him. He ducks so as to save himself from her attacks. Vrinda attacks him from the other side but he saves himself. He gets hit eventually by the Vishkanya’s and passes out on the floor. Hariyali mocks him for getting caught himself when he came to save Sitara. Albeli and Surili ask him to get up as he is so powerful. Hariyali removes his mask. It isn’t Viraj but some other guy! They tie him to a pillar with Hariyali’s mesh. You forced us to do all this! He gains conscious. Vrinda says we have no enmity with you. We only wish to know who you are and why are you helping Sitara. He struggles to free himself but fails. Hariyali tells him that his silence will only increase the pain. Tell us everything! She makes him look at her. They are suddenly attacked by arrows and hide to save themselves. The mystery guy looks towards the door. Sitara enters in her Vishkanya avatar. The mystery guy looks relieved. Sitara attacks Vishkanya’s but Hariyali attacks her. Sitara has to duck every time so as to save herself. She attacks Hariyali this time who hides. Sitara’s attention is diverted towards the mystery guy for a second when Hariyali catches her in her mesh.

Precap: Vrinda stabs Sitara with an arrow. Sitara falls on the floor. Mystery guy is stunned to see her thus.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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