Patiala Babes 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s first catering order

Patiala Babes 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rano and her family is tensed as Bobby informs their caterer is not coming as someone offered them more money. He said he brought some snacks. Rano offers it to Kittu’s family, but Kittu’s mother says that’s too oily and they can’t eat that. Kammu asks them to come to her home and she will prepare for them. Kittu’s mother tells Rano she better have done caterer’s settings for tonight function. She leaves with her family. Kittu waits there to ask Preet how her family can do such thing and then leaves.

Babita is working in kitchen. Minnie comes and asks why she’s working alone. Babita says others left as their work was done. She’s just doing preps for tomorrow. Minnie sits there to help her saying she’s finding new passion. Babita stops her

and asks her real passion is photography, right? Minnie says not anymore. Babita tells her that she won’t let her compromise. She can give exams again. Minnie recalls her hiding from Babita that she passed exam. Babita asks Minnie to take her photograph while cooking. She can then post on social media and do publicity of their cooking. She takes bunch of photographs and then asks her to pout. Babita feels shy, but does it. They both laugh. Minnie gets call from Bobby. She gets shocked.

Preet is not feeling well. Minnie, Babita come to see her. Minnie asks Preet to wake up. She’s crying. She gets up and hugs Minnie. Minnie asks what she has done to herself. Preet apologizes to Minnie. Bobby and his grandpa stop Rano from saying anything as only Minnie can handle Preet right now. Preet’s father comes and says Kittu’s family is refusing to postpone functions as they plan to go somewhere after engagement. Minnie asks what kind of people are them. Bobby says they are so selfish. Rano asks him to shut up and every girl has to do adjustments in marriage. She will rest and will be fine by evening. Grandpa says, but there is caterer problem as well. Preet says he threatened to break their rishta. Babita says she will do catering. She didn’t like what Rano said about Minnie and she’s also against this marriage, but as it’s their personal matter, she won’t say anything. She is just doing help for Preet.

Meeta’s parents are at Ashok’s house. Meeta’s mother gives her a necklace saying wear that in function she’s going to attend. Lovely says if Meeta goes with Ashok before marriage, then everyone will do gossip, and they can’t shut everyone’s mouth. Biji agrees saying someone might say something to Meeta and she doesn’t want her to be hurt. Meeta says she’ll stay back at home. Biji and Lovely go to get ready. Meeta’s father shows disappointment in her. He thought she was his pride, but here she has to hide in shame. It’s Ashok mistake, but his family made Meeta a culprit. They can go with him, but not with Meeta. Meeta’s mother calms him down.

Preet tells Minnie that she was so stupid and she hurt her so much. Minnie says that wouldn’t have helped, she wasn’t listening anything. She further says that she can’t believe she’s marrying selfish person like Kittu. Preet says she was scared and she is not brave like Babita and Minnie. She can’t face society’s taunts. Minnie says they had problem when they were with Ashok. But now they have to do some compromises, but they are very happy. They have self-respect which Kittu will never give to Preet. Everyone’s decision is in their hands only which decide whether they will be happy or no. She asks Preet to re-think about her decision.

Garndpa thanks Babita for coming to their rescue. He says Daddu was right that Babita is a diamond and Ashok did a huge mistake by rejecting her.

Minnie comes outside. Babita asks her to taste a dish she made. Minnie says perfect. She then helps Babita in all arrangements. They both look very happy.

Precap: Preet’s grandpa welcomes Ashok and his family. He praises Babita for providing catering service. Ashok feels uncomfortable. Babita asks what he would like to have, referring to him as “sir”.

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