Chandragupta Maurya 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ambikumar and Durdhara’s alliance is fixed

Chandragupta Maurya 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ambiraj says this is an indicator of Dhananand’s arrival. Dhananand and Amatya walk towards Selecus’s tents. Selecus, Ambiraj and Chandragupta have come out of their tents. All the soldiers point their arrows at Dhananand and Amatya. Selecus wonders what he wants.

Acharya says a guy like Dhananand can go to any extent to fulfil his wish. His arrival in the enemy’s tent at night is not a good sign for us. Chandragupta and Dhananand look at each other. Dhananand takes out his sword from its sheath and everyone else follows suit. Dhananand buries it in the ground and throws away the sheath. Others do the same. Dhananand says the time after sunset is to retrospect. I did the same and came here. Selecus asks him why he dint think to wait till evening. What is it? Amatya says wars happen

between kings in the battlefield and they converse alone. Will you? Selecus nods at Ambiraj who asks them to come. Selecus, Ambiraj and Ambikumar head inside the tent. Dhananand stops near Chandragupta. I want you to be present there too. He lead the war today after all! You would have lost otherwise, Selecus! I hope his presence wont be objectionable to you. Selecus nods. Chandragupta and Dhananand look at each other.

Dhananand’s eyes are fixated on Chandragupta. He asks Amatya to start the discussion. Amatya addresses everyone. Both the parties have been equally harmed in the war. Dhananand has fought and many wars in the past 5 years but something like this never happened before. Dhananand asks Chandragupta what his name is. Chandragupta introduces himself as Arya. Dhananand compliments the name.

Durjan Singh is none other Sthool. He tells Moora about Arya (Chandragupta). He fooled me first and then won over Ambikumar. He found himself a place in the battlefield. I thought he wont be able to survive but he turned out to be a great warrior! Moora is reminded of Chandragupta. Sthool keeps talking. Ambikumar’s life was in risk but Arya (Chandragupta) saved him in such a way that he ended up killing lot many soldiers on his own! Moora is curious to know more about Arya. Sthool speaks about the war but Moora asks him to speak about Arya. Sthool says he is too foolish. The war was about to end but I wonder what happened to him, he set Magadh’s flag on fire! It hurt Dhananand’s ego and he came in the battlefield himself. They fought with each other afterwards. I saw such a fight after too long! He was a strong competitor. Even I was watching in shock. One of them was about to lose but the conch played thereby announcing a break for the day! It was very difficult to get them away from each other. Moora stops in shock and recalls the Hawa Mahal fight between Chandragupta and Dhananand. Sthool notices her thus and moves her hand aside. You got hurt. Moora tells him she wants to meet Arya right away. She takes him with her.

Dhananand compliments Chandragupta. I loved how you fought in the war! Everyone has turned their attention to them so Dhananand tells them to resume talking. Amatya resumes. Both the parties have been affected. We have decided that we will strike a deal. Chandragupta is shocked but Dhananand stops him. Amatya says this is why we are here. We propose for peace. Ambiraj says even we thought of this but Selecus thought that Dhananand might not be in agreement to this. Amatya says he dint agree initially but he has a big heart. He moved seeing the plight of his soldiers and decided upon this. This way we will save many lives. Selecus asks Dhananand what he wants in return. Amatya says Takshshila was always yours and will always remain yours. We only want the land that you snatched and added to it – Pouravrashtra! It will prove out to be beneficial for both the parties. We will gain what we want and your people will be safe. We will never attack on Takshshila after this. Dhananand nods. Amatya asks Selecus if he accepts this proposal. Selecus looks at Ambiraj who nods at him. Chandragupta has observed their eye exchange. He mentally coaxes Selecus to say no. Selecus pours wine for Dhananand as he says yes. Chandragupta looks unhappy. Dhananand asks him why he seems unhappy with this decision. Do you love war more than life? Do you want more blood in your hands? Do you want to see more dead bodies? Chandragupta thinks he only wants to see 3 dead bodies! He does not reply to Dhananand. Selecus keeps a condition in return. We want Ambikumar to marry Durdhara. Dhananand throws away the glass in anger. How dare you!

Moora asks Sthool to hurry up. Sthool asks her why she wants to meet him. He is very cunning. Moora says he was about to kill our greatest enemy. This is why I want to meet him!

Dhananand asks Selecus if he wants his sister to marry Ambikumar. He holds his hand. How could you think I would give my sister’s hand in this weak hand? This hand is not even worth holding my sword! He twists Ambikumar’s hand and hits him in the elbow. Ambikumar screams out in pain. Everyone takes out their swords but Selecus pushes away Ambiraj’s sword. Amatya says I swear I would have killed everyone if Samrat had gotten hurt even a little. Ambiraj helps his son. Selecus says you hurt Ambiraj today. You can try to gain control over Takshshila tomorrow after gaining Pauravrashtra. This is why we have kept this condition. You are getting angry for no reason. This will be profitable for you only. You will get Pauravrashtra and Takshshila will also be yours in a way then. This alliance will bridge the relations too. I will be assured you will never attack Takshshila in future. Chandragupta is sure Dhananand will never marry his sister to a Kshatriya. Dhananand says yes for the alliance shocking Chandragupta. Dhananand asks Chandragupta if he isn’t happy with this proposal and alliance. I want to see you happy too! Chandragupta congratulates Magadh and Takshshila on this deal.

Moora hides as they see a soldier coming there. He tells Durjan about the deal. Dhananand will be welcomed grandly in Takshshila tomorrow. He leaves. Moora says his arrival here will wreak havoc on many. I wont let it happen! I will put an end to his chapter when he will come to Takshshila!

Will it be possible to sow a mango seed and expect that it will give me fruits the next year itself? No, it will happen at the right time! Similarly, don’t give up when you work hard yet fail. Keep going. Sometimes you gain success at the right time.

Precap: Acharya says it is time to create a united India. Chandragupta has to punish Dhananand for his misdeeds! Chandragupta is on his way.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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