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Tu Aashiqui 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahaan gets attacked

Tu Aashiqui 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Reyansh telling Ahaan and Pankti to think about concert. Pankti asks him to manage the work, she will come. Reyansh says okay, but don’t disappoint me, I have got expectations from you. He goes. Anita waits for Monty. She says why didn’t he come, did he change his mind, he is my only support now. Monty comes and gives her a bag. She says sorry, I flowed in emotions. He says I have fulfilled the deal. She says you will not lie, I will check money once. She smiles seeing the money. He asks is this money enough for Poorva’s freedom. Anita says Poorva has my blessings too. He says mum can give life for daughters. He goes. Poorva comes and asks what happening. Anita says nothing, just a business deal. Poorva says I know about it, you can’t sell me, I m going to return money to

Monty. Anita asks her not to do so. Poorva shouts enough and leaves. Anita worries.

Reyansh publicizes Ahaan and Pankti’s voice. He presents Romeo 2018 Ahaan and rising star winner Pankti. Everyone claps. Anita cries at the bar and shares her sorrow. Waiter hears her and serves the drink. He asks don’t you have anything, how will you pay the bill. She asks is there nothing except money, get me a drink, I will get money and then I will buy this bar. He says I can’t give you a drink, sorry. She snatches drink. Vikram comes and asks waiter to call manager to serve Anita. He says I can help you with money, I want Poorva, but we have to remove Monty from our way. Ahaan says we won’t disappoint anyone. He sings Tu wafaa hai meri…… He dances with the fans. Pankti sings with him.

Anita welcomes Vikram home. He asks her about her decision. She says tell me plan later, why shall I trust you. He smiles and signs the cheque for her. She smiles. He says I guess this is enough. She says style is like your dad. He tells her plan. He sees Poorva and Pankti’s pic. He takes Poorva’s pic. She asks why are you after Poorva, you can get any nice girl. He asks her not to use her mind. He goes. She says he threatens like JD, he is surely JD’s son.

Ahaan says now the next song is for my love, for Pankti, my life. He sings Tu Aashiqui. Pankti sees someone with remote and worries. She goes to see the hooded man. She sees someone and apologize. The man had pushed Ahaan to stop him from boarding the bus. Ahaan removes his jacket and throws it over towards Pankti. She catches it and smiles. The man presses the remote button. Reyansh sees him and rushes. He throws away the jacket. Pankti gets shocked seeing the blast. Pankti gets scared and hugs Reyansh. He smiles. She thanks him for keeping friendship. He says I have to keep friendship. She says indeed. He worries that his facial mask if coming off.

Reyansh goes and removes his mask. He sings Babu ji dheere chalna… and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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