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The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 5

Pragya had to attend a party which was organized by her Boss. She was reluctant to go as she got an information from her colleague that Abhi will be there too.

However, she had no choice as she didn’t want to show herself as a person who was affected by his presence.

At the party house,

Pragya was feeling restless by looking around for his arrival.

Her colleague “Why are you looking around?” Pragya “Nothing…..just…..”

Her colleague “Okay, you know something? I just got to know that Abhi is the nephew of our Boss. It’s good that you drop the idea of following him.”

Pragya “I followed him only because of that reason.”

Her colleague in surprised tone “What? You followed him after knowing he is related to our Boss? How daring you are Pragya!”

Pragya looking at the direction he is coming “This is not daring as compared to what he does.”

She sees him stop walking when he sees her.

Pragya looks at another direction and he the walk towards her.

The more he gets nearer to her she gets worried and stands up to walk away.

Her colleague “Where do you want to go?”

Pragya “I will be back in a while.”

She informs it as fast as she could to her colleague and walks into the crowd that is gathered at the party.

Abhi who sees this smirks and goes to his uncle.

Sometime later,

Abhi comes to where Pragya was standing.

She didn’t notice him as she texting someone.

Abhi “Is that your Boyfriend?”

Pragya jerked hearing his voice all of a sudden.

Pragya “Why do you have to stand beside me?”

Abhi “This is not your place my dear. This is my uncle’s party and I can stand at anywhere I want.”

Pragya “Oh…. Then why not you stand on my head as well?”

Abhi “I don’t have any issues. But will you be able to bear it?”

Pragya didn’t replied anything. She walked away with a stern face.

Abhi smirked in response and goes to take a drink for himself.

“How could he talk like that? And why is he looking at me all the time?” She thought by looking at his direction.

Abhi looks away when she looks at him.

Confused by his behaviour, she walks towards a pillar and also at the same time crosses Abhi.

He stops her by holding her hand.

Pragya” Why are you behaving differently?”

Abhi grins and in response Pragya” “Let me go! I don’t want to see you as I am not following you anymore.”

Abhi in his husky tone “I know that….but….it’s hot here and you deserve to be cool with the chillness of a swimming pool. By the way, you seem to be bothered by my presence.”

Pragya gasps to what he says and he said “You crossing my life doesn’t make my life crossed.”

Pragya “I didn’t cross your life too. I was
here for something else and never knew you are here as well.”

Abhi smirks and looks behind her. He knew she was approaching towards them. In the next moment, he kneeled in a position to propose Pragya. This made Pragya taken aback and looking at him in complete shock.

Abhi pulled her down and whispered “I need your help now. I have a lady leech to handle now.”

Pragya “If you are intending to propose me now, then I will definitely say NO to it.”

Abhi “You don’t have to say anything. Just hug me and run away. That’s all.”

Pragya “Kya??? How can I??”

Abhi in the next moment hugged her and she tried to move away but his grip was very strong.

After a while, he breaks the hug. Pragya pushed him away before standing up and running away.

Abhi stands up and tells to the people who was looking at them as “She is my girlfriend. Got carried away in her beauty and had to hug her.”

The people around there gave a teasing smile and he didn’t care about that.

His intention got fulfilled. The lady leech had fumed in jealously and walked away.

But to Pragya, it was different. Although she is used to casual hugs by her male colleagues. This hug of his was different. Even though, the hug was for a few minutes….. She couldn’t deny it was the most endearing hug ever in her life. Yes she was angry at him!! She was angry that he hugged her for help. But she was never angry for his hug.

Unable to hide her feelings towards him, she murmurs “Dil legaya ji koi dil legaya, jate jate meetha gham degaya….. (He stole my heart and while leaving gave such a sweet sorrow.)

She sees him leaving the party with his angry look that she now never fails to identify it.

She know she have to be wondering why he got angry now. But her mind was very occupied with his hug and made her smile insanely.

Bulbul “Look Mr Abhi, this is too overwhelming. Why do you have to help someone’s sister and that too the someone who followed you and caused disturbance!!”

Abhi “Yes she followed me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t follow her right?”

Bulbul shook her head and found Abhi complicated.

Bulbul “Then why were you emotional that day to warn my sister and asked me to ensure her safety?”

Abhi grins and Bulbul looks confused.

To be continued……

I am extremely sorry for not uploading it last weekend. I was unable to type due to my laziness. Weekends are precious to me in doing nothing and last week I was lazy to the core. This is also typed from few days. I think I am getting old so bear with my snail like short and slow updates. Thank you for reading and sorry again.

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