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SwaSan true soulmates!! By Samaira 2 shots (pt-2a)

Sanskar s body went numb sensing someone hugging him.. He turned in a swift and found the girl sticking to him like glue on his chest.. And hair falling on her face hiding it..
Sanskar s heart beat raised and started to remove the hair strands.. And there she is SWARA!
Sanskar s happiness has no bounds his eyes became glassy..
“Swara” Sanskar said with care and love..
Swara who was hugging him crying slowly parted away..
And looked at Sanskar confused..
“who Swara?” Swara said shocking Sanskar..
Actually shocking would be a very easy word to describe his condition..
Swara notices Sanskar s tears..
And wipes it like a innconent kid.. “plz dont cry..” Swara said innconently..
Sanskar didnt knew whats happening.. He was just standing like a lifeless body showing no emotions!!
Before he could say or ask anything a guy comes running..
“doll dolll” The guy screams..
“Adii” Sanskar said..
The guy looked at Sanskar and smiled with tears..
Without saying anything he hugged Sanskar..
Sanskar also responded..
Breaking the hug.. “kutte kamine where were u han..u know how much i tried to find u.. After kavita s death!” Adi said…

Harshad chopda as Adi or say aditya! He is a psycatrist

Sanskar looked at him with tears and guilt.. Adi Sanskar were besties! No no not besites.. But brothers!!
But after kavita s death Sanskar being broken left.. Without informing adi too..
” im sorry “Sanskar said..
Adi jus hugged him again..
” its ohk yaar.. Plzz dont go anywhere.. I missed u “adi said emotionally..
Sanskar broke the hug and nodded..
Just then adi s eyes fell on Swara again..
” doll y did u run again han? “aditya said in fake anger..
Swara pouted..” wht would i do han dost.. Thet were giving me curerents na..”Swara said cutely..
Adi felt bad..” they wont promise.. Come back”Adi pleaded..
Swara nodded like a obedient child..
Sanskar who was listening this was looking horrified!!
“Adii… How.. How do u know her..? And y is she behaving like this?” Sanskar asked in a scared tone..
Adi sighed. “Sanskar i have no idea abt her.. I found her NEAR RIVER lying like a lifeless body 7 days back.. A And when she got consciousness I found out tht  she has lost her MENTAL BALANCE and i then admitted in my hospital.. As im Also a psycatrist there.. She is living there only !” aditya said..
Sanskar stumbled and fell on the ground with a thud..
Aditya looked at him worried..
” Sanskarrr “he screamed..” what happened to u han and how do u know her.. “aditya asked not able to get anything..
By the time Swara was gone in the hospital again.. Which was near highway only..
Sanskar cried like a baby hugging aditya..
After some time composing himself he narrated adi everything his plan, his conspiracy abt ragini and everything..
Adi was looking at him shockingly..
“Sanskar i didnt expect this from u.. But im happy.. Tht atleast u realized.. Nd tht nagin” adi said and started cursing Ragini!
Sanskar looked down in guilt.. “how can we recover her?” sanskar said..
“see Sanskar.. Being a psycatrist i can just say tht.. Its just a temporary one..she has got some extreme shock.. Thts y.. She needs care and love..” aditya said calmly..
Sanskar was just listening quitely.. He never imagined even in his dreams to find Swara like this!!
“and Sanskar i would suggest u to take her with u.. (sighs heavily) u know na how r these patients treated in india.. They r given electric shocks and all..” aditya said..
Sanskar looked at him sadly.. “yes.. And she will get alright and i know tht..” Sanskar said with determination..
Adi looked at his friend keenly.. His emotions and his behavior.. Yes there was guilt but more than tht LOVE AND CARE could be seen!
“Sanskar after hearing whole story i dont think ur family will allow to keep Swara with u.. And (making bad faces) keepimg with het mother and OWN family is dangerous according to me..” aditya said..
Sanskar knew he was right..
And then smiled thinking something..
“kya hua bhai where r u lost?” adi asked..
“u just do the formalities and take me to Swara… Rest i will do..” Sanskar said..
Adi silently nodded trusting his friend..
Soon, AdiSan reached the hospital..
Sanskar saw Swara playing with the duppata..
“doll now u have to go with Sanskar..” Adi said.. Side hugging her like a brother..
Both AdiSwa had grown a very gud bond in these days..
Swara looked at Sanskar in fear.. “will u hurt me?” She asked..
“no i wont.. Swara..” Sanskar says emotionally..
Swara looked here and there.. “who is Swara” she asked cutely..
“ur name is Swara..” Sanskar said..
To which she nodded happily..
“will u be my dost?” Sanskar siad forwarding his hand..
Adi had warned Sanskar.. Tht swara s condition is not gud.. And he has to make Swara confortable around him also behavr like a child with her.. Not as an adult!
Swara happily forwarded her hand..
“yeaaa i got a new friend adii bhai” swara said happily..
Adi nodded smilingly..
“what is ur name dost??” Swara said trying to remember..
“Sanskar..” he said..
“san..sans..sansk..SANSKU”Swara said happily..
Adi and Sanskar laughrd seeing her saying his namr with so difficulty..
” yes Sansku”Sanskar said seeing her happy..
Adi smiled at both..
“now doll u will go with ur dost ohk?” adi said politely..
“ohk..”Swara nodded silently..
Though she looked sad which was easily guessed by AdiSan..
” wht happened Swara “Sanskar asked worried..
Swara didn’t said anything but hugged adi..
” i will miss u bhai”she said like a kid..
Adi smiled with tears.. And pecked her forehead.. “i will come and meet u once in a week ohk?” adi said diverting her attention..
Swara just smilef “promise?” she asked with hope..
“yess promise..” adi said..
Sanskar just smiled seeing their bond..!
#to be continued..

Precap- SwaSan marriage!

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