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SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 17

The most beautiful morning of SwaSanVeer arised..
The trio were sleeping on the comforter hugging each other..
As the sun rays peeped through the window.. Sanskar s sleep gor disturbed.. Rubbing his eyes cutely he saw SwaVeer and got shocked seeing them..
Scratching his head he remembered abt his marriage and his moments spent with Swara last night!..
Pulling his t shirt down he pulled out the curtains not to disturb SwaVeer s sleep..
Sanskar made weired faces seeing SwaVeer..
As Swara s legs were on Veer s stomach and Veer s legs on Swara s face..
Sanskar smiled and made their legs straight covering them with bedsheet..
Sanskar chuckled..”what unique creatures i Have got in my life” he thought..
Sanskar s face turned pale thinking something..
“God!! I just hope mom dad dont remembers this.. I will surely die” Sanskar said thinking something and made a cry face..
Swara wakes up slowly cutely rubbing her eyes..
And a wide smile spreads across her face remembering “their” moments!..
She smiled to herself “Gud morning Swara Sanskar Maheshwari!” She said to herself as shivers ran down her spine…
Gosh! It felt soo gud attaching his name with hers…
Just then she sees Sanskar sitting like a statue..
She snaps her hand infront of his but still he does not move..
” Sanskar what happened “Swara asked confused..
“ah.. Ah.. Nuthing” Sanskar Stamers and replied..
Swara looked at Sanskar suspiciously..
But then shrugged off..
“gud morning!” Swara said joyfully..
“hmm gud morning” Sanskar said trying to be normal..
Just while Veer woke up..
And smiled seeing the two most important persons in his life his MUMMA AND PAPA!
Veer just hugged SwaSan “gud morning mamma papa” he said in the most cutest voice ever!
SwaSan smiled looking at him.. Truely he was their little bundle of joy!
“Gud morning” SwaSan replied..
“mumma papa wht were u doing yesterday watching a movie haan tht too without me?” veer said cutely with a pout..
SwaSan looked at each other and smiled remembering their moments..
“sorry u know na how ur mamma is i said we will watch with Veer but she forced me..” Sanskar said trying to act innocent.. Teasing Swara…
Swara s mouth hung down listening Sanskar s lies…
“hawww such a big lier.. No veer u know na how much mamma loves u.. Papa is lyinh” Swara said frowning..
Veer just made a angry pout looking at Swara..
“no..i trust my papa u did this too many times mamma..”veer said.
Sanskar smirked naughtily and side hugged Veer..
While Swara was continuosly glaring Sanskar.. Giving him a” i will see u later “look!
“ohk.. Next time i will pakka see with u.. Forgive ur mamma this time.. Plzz?” Swara said melting him..
Veer smiled kissing Swara s cheeks.. “ohk last time next time we will see together ohk?” he said..
Swara nodded..
“haww veer this is cheating.. Where s my kiss?” sanskar asked..
Veer smiled kissing Sanskar s cheeks tightly…
Suddenly, they heard a knock..
Veer ran and opened the door..
“Dadiii” veer said and hugged Sujata!..
Sujata smiled seeing him.. “gud morning veer..” sujata said kissing his forehead..
“gud morning dadi” he replied sweetly..
“Swara Sanskar come fast ohk..”Sujata said and smirks seeing Sanskar..
While Sanskar gulped hard..
This was not noticed by SwaVeer..!
Swara went and gave Veer bath first.. Then she got ready.. While Sanskar was sleepimg.. Finally, our hero too got ready.. And the cutest family ever came down..

Sanskar 😘😘

Swara 😘 (dont u think VaHe looks damn hottt with each other?)
And veer was wearing clothes just like his papa!.

SwaSanVeer sat for having breakfasts..
SwaVeer got confused.. “maa y is no bf present?” Swara asked confused..
As always food is prepared ready by the servants..
Sujata smirked naughtily at Sanskar..
“woh kya hai na Swara..” just as Sujata was going to complete..
“ahh Maa im feeling stomach ache.. I think i should go and rest..” Sanskar said..
Swara got worried.. “o my God! Sanskar.. Come i will give u medicine” Swara said..
Sanskar just adored her.. Seeing her care..
Ram interuppted.. “mr Sanskar maheshwari.. U cant escape (making faces) even i had to do it..” Ram said making a crying face..
SujUtt chuckled..
SwaVeer looked at them confused..
“bhabhi in our family on the first day of marriage.. The husband should prepare wife s fav food! And then feed her.. Also he will whtever she says for the whole day..” uttara said..
Sanskar frowned..”ahh this is not done!” he said stomping his feet like a kid looking damm cuteee!
“oye chore.. A girl comes leaving her whole family to a mew house.. And u cant do this..”Sujata said..
Swara looked at them emotionally.. This family was really unique.. And she was sooo glad to be part of it..
Sanskar smiled understanding..
“so my dear wifey what do u want to have?” Sanskar asked like a gentleman..
RamSujUtt looked at him teasingly..
Swara was shocked by hearing wifey..
Sanskar looked at everyone shrugging his shoulders…
“i guess she is my wife only na.. So im calling her wifey.. Or would should i call her BEHNA?” Sanskar said sarcastically..
Sujata beat on Sanskar s shoulders lightly..
Swara glared Sanskar…
“ohk ohk so tell me what do u want?” Sanskar asked..
“umm chole puri” swara and veer said..
Sanskar smiled..
“but can u make it mr maheshwari.. Aisa na ho we have to be hungry for the whole day?” swara said teasing him..
Sanskar didnt say anything.. And went to the kitchen preparing…
SujRamUtt smiled to each other..
While all were having orange juice Sanskar came.. And served them chole puri..

SwaVeer s mouth watered seeing it..
Everyone started takimg their first bite…
Swara was soo shocked as it was the besttt chole puri she ever had..
Sanskar smiled seeing her expressions..
“howz it Swara?” Ram asked.
Swara smiled “the besttt chole puri iever had” Swara said genuinely..
Sanskar s heart fluttered hearing her compliment..
“papa how can u make soo perfect chole puri?” veer asked..
Swara too was looking at him.
Uttara rolled her eyes… “ofcourse it will be tasty.. As its ordered from RESTAURANT” Uttara said..
Sanskar bit his tongue..
SujRam and SwaVeer looked at Sanskar..
“but how do u know uttu?” sujata asked..
“maa this is ordered from Chennai dhaba.. Where bhai took me soo many times.. And it tastes the same..”uttara said..
Everyone glared Sanskar while he smiled sheepishly..
“how will I know how to make it han..? But for the ritual i have made maggi!” Sanskar said excitedly..
SujRam and Swara slapped their foreheads..
“ohk atleast feed her now!” ram said..
Sanskar just looked him for a minute… Sitting beside Swara.. Sanskar made Swara ate the maggi s morsels first then chole puri..
Swara unknowingly blushed by this gesture..
While the whole family was busy teasing them.. and had their food..laughing talking and giggling..
#happy ramadan! Will continue tommorow what do u want next??

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