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SwaSan- Inseperable souls! Few shots Intro by Samaira

Heyaa guys as Our Angel us coming to an end i thought of writing another story..
This is completely different from Sr track and also its full of mystery!.. Which i hv never written before.. So plz give it a try..
Let s start:-
Gadodia family*
Swara Gadodia- 27 yr old bold, beautiful young businesswoman and is very rich! Her life changed 3 yrs ago due to some incident.. Her life is no less than a thriller film! She was bubbly and talkative before but now she is completely changed..
Hates her best friend Riddhi alott!
Shekhar gadodia- Father of Swaragini loves both of them equally.. But for him self respect matters alott and can do anything for it!
Sumi gadodia- mother of Swaragini and wife of shekhar.. Hates him due to some reason.. Is currently paralyzed and on wheelchair.. Her life changed 3 yrs ago!
Ragini gadodia – sweet simple 24 old girl.. Loves her Swara di alott!.. And wants her to be just like before.. Going to get married to laksh
No dadi and dida!
Dp and Ap maheshwari- respectable and rich people of kolkata loves their son laksh alott.. Very broad minded
Laksh maheshwari – 28 yr old bestie of Sanskar.. And is going to marry ragini..whome he loves alott!
*No uttara here
Ram and Sujata maheshwari- best friend of dp loves his family alott.. Living in london since 25 yrs.. They come to india frequently loves their son Sanskar more than anything.. Just wanting him to be same like how he was 3 yrs ago! But simxe 3 yrs they have stopped visiting india
Sanskar maheshwari- 29 yr old dashing hot guy.. Very rich buisnessman.. Loves his daughter myra more than anything.. His life changed 3 yrs ago.. Close to riddhi
Myra Sanskar Maheswari-3 yr old daughter of Sanskar.. She is life of the house.. Veryyy cute.. Loves Sanskar more than anyhting.. Close to sujata and ram.. Loves her Riddi maasi alot..

Riddhi kapoor- 27 yr old cute hot woman.. She is bold and beautiful works with Sanskar.. Loves myra alott.. She is like daughter of sujata ram and sister of Sanskar.. Her life changed 3 yrs ago.. From being bubbly nd talkative she is serious now… Lives in Maheshwari mansion..

(played by jenny my first girl crush 😘😘😍😍)
Howzz it??
SwaSan s past is obviously realted to each other..

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