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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 61

The whole college praises their dancing skill and coordination within each other

Pooja : wow amazing guys, hi i am Pooja

Sahil introduces himself

Pooja : you dance so great will you teach me also when you are free

Roo : hello he is singer okay not professional dancer (says in her jealousy)

Pooja ; okay fine why are you getting angry so much is he your boyfriend

Roo tells her to keep mouth shut

The marriage day is set for all couples within the next four days.

Shrishti : four days? di we have so much less time left how will we buy the wedding dress

Preeta : don’t worry it will be done, come on we have so much work to do

Tanya sorts her clothes when Kritika comes to meet her

Tanya : hey come on in (tells her smilingly)

Kritika : how are you now?

Tanya : I am fine what do you think? now I am getting married

Kritika : actually the other day I could not thank you because of you Akshay was saved and then everything sorted out

Tanya : please don’t be and I should be saying sorry to you

Kritika : for what?

Tanya (makes her sit) : actually on your wedding day with Akshay I was the one to tear the dress (holds her ears)

Kritika gets shocked

Tanya : you know I always considered Sameer more than my real brother and didn’t like how she behaved with him so

Kritika gives her angry look

Tanya : please forgive me I am so possessive for him that I took wrong way

Kritika (smiles back) : I am not at all angry with you but remember one thing nobody can take each other’s place but make that place

Both girls hug each other

Preeta and Shrishti goes to market when Sanju’s brother Neil corporator sees them.

Preeta calms Shrishti down

Neil : this is what girls should be like, what luck both trapped same families boys

Shrishti : what did you say?  say again

Preeta : let it be, dogs always bark come we are getting late

Shrishti : wait didi these people don’t understand meaning of decency (raises hand on the goon)

Neil gets furious at both girls trying to confront him bravely. Shrishti and Preeta gives them good hearing and leaves for their house

Preeta : how many times I told you not to mess up with those goons they are dangerous

Shrishti : so? I am not scared of them or anybody else alright

Preeta : keep your anger down for a while okay right now this marriage is on our head

Neil and his men drive rashly out on road when they crashes with Tanya’s car

Tanya : my headlights? idiot can’t you see who gave you license to drive

Neil : hey mind your language are you driving first time on roadside

Tanya : from face you look like idiot but now I think even your brain is empty, you broke my headlights (grabs stone)

Neil : hey what are you doing?

Tanya breaks his car front window

Neil : what the hell you did

Tanya : this is called tit for tat did your understand mentally unstable person (throws stone on his leg and leaves)

Neil : today’s day is bad but never mind I will settle scores with everybody

Tanya : I don’t know where such fools come in front of me, my poor car headlights

Prithvi join hands with Neil to revenge on Luthra brothers through their fiancé. He gives picture of Arora girls and Tanya

Neil : how do you know this girl? I met her in morning she have so much arrogance

Prithvi : once I have broken that attitude but she didn’t break now she will again come to my clutches

Neil : fine then done but that will be extra money

Prithvi : you will get your money (shakes hands with him)

Arora house

Sarla informs girls about jagratra prayer in the nearby neighborhood and also distribute the wedding cards.

Preeta : mom you go I am very tired

Shrishti : yes me too

Dadi ; okay you girls take rest but keep the door locked alright

Preeta : don’t worry you all go safely

Shrishti : wow didi

Preeta climbs on stairs to clean the something on the wall but soon is about to lose balance. She is saved by none other than Karan Luthra

Karan : baby doll see I saved you again, after long time I carried you in my arms

Preeta : how sweet now put me down please

“Should I “ Karan pushes her down little bit

Preeta : okay fine let your hands pain and I will not massage it later

Karan : thats not fair baby doll you are torturing this poor kid

Preeta : really and what that poor guy whom you tortured made him hit you, risked his work, and then punctured your own car only the Karan Luthra can get such annoying ideas

Shrishti : how romantic, Karan Sir what a pose

Preeta : shut up you are not not his number fan but instead his one of the stupid fan ever

Shrishti ; di, you insulted my choice Karan jiju please put her down right now

Karan : she is fooling you and came in her trap (drops Preeta on floor)

Preeta : oouch, you are seriously nuts who drops his would be wife like this

Karan : see I told you Shrishti she is crack why don’t you take her to psychiatrist

Shrishti : not again my ears are paining with your both bantering do one thing please save some fight for after marriage

Preeta is furious at him for dropping her while Karan enjoys seeing her reaction.

“Preeta wait” Karan goes after her but suddenly slips on floor due to marbles under his feet

Shrishti : marbles? in our house didi

Preeta : I should ask you the same question in this house only you two have right to do such ridiculous ideas right

Tanya : wrong because when I am here nobody can compete me (shows them marbles)

Karan ; how dare you? my back hurts

Tanya : aww poor Karan Luthra, this is pay back to make my sister fall down

Karan : excuse me? she is my to be wife after three days

Tanya : oh hello she is my sister first be in your limits (shows him finger)

Karan : why not everything is yours, my fiancé my Rishab everybody (takes marbles from her hand)

Tanya (tries to take marbles from him) : give them back they are mine

Karan :  things that hurt me I don’t let it come near me give that

Preeta comes in between to stop them but instead become scapegoat.

Tanya : Preeta you come with me I need your help choosing dress

Karan : you cannot take her anywhere leave her hand

Tanya : no I will take her from here (grabs Preeta on her side)

Karan pouts

Preeta : wait Shristi is alone at home maybe next time please

Tanya : she is not kid right tall pole do you have any problem if I borrow your sister

Shrishti looks at Karan who signals her to nod yes

Tanya : I promise only one hour

Shrishti is about to say something but Tanya consider it as yes

Tanya : thank you

Preeta : Okay I will come with you, Shrishti close all the door properly, will be back soon

Shrishti : okay didi take care

Karan ; come I will drop you both

Tanya : no thank you by god’s grace I have car and I know how to drive properly

Karan : wrestler you are really thankless, I mean yesterday I helped you to pacify bro and here you are ruining my setting

Tanya ; so sad but I can’t help it, I really need her help please and anyway after marriage she is all yours (pulls his cheeks)

Karan : don’t ruin my cheeks now go

Preeta caresses his cheeks lovingly to soothe his little sadness

Karan : I will see you later bye

Preeta : bye

Tanya : I am so sorry but I need your help badly selecting the jewelry you know how bad I am with such things

Preeta : don’t worry I will help you but please make it quick you know Shrishti is alone my heart is feeling restless

Tanya : why

Preeta : I don’t know but I feel something bad is going to happen again

Tanya to gets scared hearing her words

Luthra house

The brothers does work out in Karan’s room

Rishab : come on shorty you really need work out

Sameer : bhai I can’t do this anymore it is so not working for me

Karan : Rishab who you are telling this ? Sammy at least learn something from your sister she is karate champion

Rishab recalls Tanya tell him everybody knew about her identity. He yells at both his kiddo brothers

Karan : bhai thats not our fault

Rishab ; really now hiding things from me have become part of your job and Sammy this time you were too much (runs after them)

Sameer : please spare your little innocent brother in all this mess, its none of my fault

Karan ; cheater (throws pillow at him) you are changing sides so quickly

Rishab ; why are you scolding him? both of you will get punishment for this

Karan : why don’t you say anything to your wife she is the one who created big suspense and throated us with knife

Rishab : did she really? (asks him softly)

Karan : ask Sammy, remember that day when he was about to tell you on dinner table but your wrestler wife showed us knife

Mahesh ; wow I am so proud of my daughter in law, what I could not do in years she did in moment

Karan : here comes her another fan, mom (shouts for Rakhi) come quickly

Rakhi : what happened ? why are you shouting

Karan ; mom tell us something are we really his kids? I mean 24/7 he remains our rival never behaves like our dad Rishab why are you quiet am I saying anything wrong

Rishab ; no no you are right mom this is not fair

Mahesh : and what are you both? mom’s beloved sons who leave no chance to bully your father (fakes crying )

Rakhi ; can somebody tell me first what is going.is there any drama going sequence coming, Sameer I have no hopes from this three they are always involved in their own mess, you say

Sameer : actually chachi Tanya

Rakhi : what about her?say without hesitating

Sameer : do you remember pinky the one in orphanage who fell down

Rakhi and Mahesh remains shocked hearing the name that still echoes in their mind

Mahesh : do you know where is she?

Sameer ; in between us (pauses again) Tanya

“What, she is our pinky, Maheshji did you hear she is the same girl whose death was guilt of burden for years” Rakhi gets overwhelmed

Mahesh : you all son of fool, why didn’t you tell us before

Rishab : dad you tell this to your favorite sons, they both didn’t tell me either

“Why” Rakhi twists their ears

Karan (in his mind): pinky because of you we have to hear so much just wait and watch I will return this interest back soon

Sameer : pinky where did you trapped us? everybody is behind us today, your poor brother is trapped from everywhere

Arora house

Tanya drops Preeta back at her home. She enters the house only to find it all scrambled, the things have broken.

“Shrishti where are you” Preeta calls her name with panic in whole house

She goes outside but could not find her sister

Her phone rings

“Hello Karan” Preeta starts crying

Karan : Preeta are you okay? what happened

Rishab and Sameer who are in same room gets worried too

Preeta : Karan, I can’t find Shrishti everything is messed up in house (cannot say further)

Karan : you don’t panic I am coming there

Sameer : bhai is everything okay

Karan ; Preeta is saying Shrishti is not at home and her phone is also not reachable

Rishab : wait I will also come come with you

Luthra family rushes at Arora house quickly

Rakhi : should we complain to police

Rishab : but mom we don’t know what happened exactly let go there and check first

Karan prays for both girl’s safety as well as Sameer

While leaving from college Roo’s car tyre gets punctured. She calls the driver to get the mechanic

Roo ; god I am getting late and this stupid tyre (sees Sahil going to his car)

She runs inside his car before he could leave

Sahil : excuse me where are you going

Roo : Luthra house, thats where I live, did you forgot already, thats okay everybody have memory issues

Sahil (rubs his head) : is this new way to ask for lift great Ms attitude

Roo ; now come I am getting late, its almost 7 mom will kill me

Sahil : oh hello first you gate crashed in my car and now dominating me

Roo : what type of boy are you? here an alone girl is asking you for help and you are are showing attitude how mean

Sahil : shut up with your FM (starts the car)

In car Roo turns on the radio. Both fights for their favorite music. Kritika who is on live plays Sahil’s favorite song unknowingly

Sahil : what is your problem? this is my car so music will be my choice

Roo : but I am your guest and you should respect my choice too (touches his hand on recorder)

Sahil : I don’t know which crazy logic you use, I mean which book have such ideas

Roo : this is Ruchika Luthra’s logic so back off

Sahil : so much attitude but brain is fully empty, listen my favorite RJ Kritika show is coming so don’t you dare touch it again, you should learn something from her

Roo : no way I want to become like her (curses Kritika in mind)

Sahil : she always plays my favorite song so you will keep your hands away from that

Hai Kash Kash Yu Hota

Har Sham Sath Tu Hota

Chup Chap Dil Na Yu Rota

Har Sham Sath Tu Hota

Gujara Ho Tere Bin Gujara

Ab Mushkil Hai Lagta

Najara Ho Tera Hi Najara

Ab Har Din Hai Lagta

Hale Dil Tujhko Sunata Dil Agar

Ye Bol Pata Bakhuda

Tujhko Hai Chahta Ja

Tere Sang Jo Pal Bitata

Waqt Se Mai Wo Mang Lata

Yad Karke Mushkurata

Tu Meri Rah Ka Sitara

Tere Bina Hu Mai Aawara

Jab Bhi Tanhai Ne Sataya

Tujhko Besakhta Pukara

Chahat Hai Meri Lapanah

Par Meri Ja Dil Me Hu Rakhta

“Kritika di I won’t spare you for this” Roo threatens her for not letting her listen to her favorite song on another station

One of the tempo driver beeps loud horn to Sahil while on road

Sahil ; what the hell

Roo ; who is this going in such speed

Sahil : do you think he is my relative? go and take blessings

Roo : god you are so irritating

Sahil : when god was giving senses I think he forgot to add some in your brain

On the traffic lights, Roo sees a small glimpse of Shrishti in the tempo

Roo ; can you follow that tempo

Sahil : do I look like driver to you, Luthra house is on the right side

Roo : please I saw Shrishti in that van, she is in trouble please

“Shrishti are you sure” Sahil asks her

Roo : I think I saw her but please whats the harm in following them

Sahil : they will get alert if we follow them don’t worry let me think of another way

Luthra house

Tanya comes to meet Rishab but sees nobody in the house

Tanya : Girish where is everybody uncle aunty Sameer Karan

Girish : everybody went out, I don’t I just came from outside too driver told me they went somewhere

Tanya : something is fishy, none of the three is picking up my calls so strange (keeps calling Rishab)

Girish ; but Dadi is resting upstairs

Tanya : thank you

Precap : Prithvi demands for Tanya in return of Shrishti’s life

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