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Porus 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Senses Outsider Trying To Help Barsin

Porus 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alexander walks towards window. Barsin and her family gets tensed. Laachi tells Puru that as he told her, Alexandre has sensed other person’s presence in room. Alexander tells Barsin that her father has sent a letter and reads that king Darius wants to reconcile with king Alexander and wants to offer him 50% of his wealth and dynasty plus his daughter’s hand in marriage, hope he accepts his offer. Alexander says Darius is a coward who ran away, he does not deserve to be called king as he lost his crown to me, now I am a king of Faras. He will drag coward Darius and punish him. He asks if they must be thinking how he knows where Darius is. He looks at letter carefully and says this paper is made in very dry place and smelling its unique ink and imprint on paper says it is from Bactria, so

Darius is hiding in Bactria. He asks Ephastian to write a letter to coward Darius to submit himself within 1 month, else he will come there and kill him brutally. He badmouth about Darius and continues. Puru asks Laachi to get ready to follow Alexander to reach Darius. Darius asks Barsin and family to get ready for celebration, but before that, he wants to do some important work. He walks towards window and notices footsteps. Puru and Laachi hide further. Alexander leaves with Ephastian.

In Pourav rastra, Kanishk fumes looking at Puru’s head gear and reminiscing Bamni announcing Puru as crown prince and future king. He throws head gear angrily. Shivdutt walks in and picking it says Kanishk is future king and will be crown prince always, he has planned something with which Bamni himself will dismiss Puru from crown prince’s title. He dorns headgear on Kanishk and asks to be ready to become future king.

Puru with his team notices Alexander’s war tactics, his style, his soldiers, weapons, etc., says spearhead is made of wood and heavy metal sharp arrow edge which is very light and can kill enemy in 1 go. Ambhi Kumar says Alexander’s soldiers don’t wear heavy war gear, so they are swift in attacking their enemy and win. Laachi shows metal used in weapons. Puru says they have to teach all this to their soldiers. Alexander’s soldier’s corner them and gather them among other Farsi citizens. Epthastian addresses that their god/king Alexander will address them shortly.

Alexander walks with Barsin and asks why did not she attend celebration when he sent message. She says her sister fell unconscious. Alexander asks why did not she come after she got well, why only one window was open and why she was not nervous at all. Barsin gets nervous hearing all this. Alexander says he wants to know her experience about visiting Bharath, but before that let us meet citizens. He takes Barsin to venue and sits on chair. Ephastian asks citizens to kiss their god’s feet. Hasti says Alexander has gone mad with power. Puru says he wants to see Barsin’s changing expression and wants to know who is helping her, he has sensed someone is helping her.

Precap: Epthastian forces Farsi citizens to kiss their god/their king.
A boy resists. Alexander orders to kill the boy to teach his parents and other citizens a lesson.

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